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  1. 16 hours ago, Wag Tag said:

    2016 19 HS commits 2017 18 HS commits

    I’m not sure what you’re going off of with those numbers. You don’t get 25 HS signees per class. You get 25 total initial counters. Which includes D1 scholarship transfers, JUCOs, and walking places on scholarship before playing 2 full seasons as a walkon.

    In 2016, in addition to HS commits, we also signed Bryce English, Alec Morris, Dee Baulkman, EJ Ejiya, Darius Turner, Josh Wheeler, and TJ Henson in that class. And in 2017 we had some more jucos, plus some blue shirts who we signed late in 2016 that counted towards the 2017 class like Eric Jenkins.

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  2. 1 hour ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    Billy is spot on. Seth did great first class. Hambone Bussey fine we're all conference talent. But the next classes struggled. Now you see the main contributers are seniors or freshman.  Next year may be rough. But after that we should be good. 

    While the first class had good players, we got so many jucos that it’s hurting us now, because of the 25 player per class limit. If we had focused on more high school signees we may have not been as good in year one or year two, but we’d have deeper, more experienced senior and junior classes.

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  3. 41 minutes ago, Cooley said:

    I absolutely hate discussions about player and class rankings. This means nothing to me. personally. We seem to get higher marks because kids these day commit to UNT sooner than some other programs.

    That’s not true at all. Players generally get rated higher because they have more offers. And we are getting higher rated players because we are beating out a lot of quality programs for these kids (2019 and 2020 classes).


    Being told that a particular class is full of 3 stars doesn't get me excited. Let's see how they actually perform. (where was Mason Fine with the star system?) 

    Harry, some others, and I have been pointing out that if you’re just looking at star ratings as black and white, you’re doing it wrong. Just saying 2-Star or 3-Star doesn’t give any detail. 3-Star has become so easy to attain under the composite system because ESPN gives them out to basically anyone committed. There is such a wide range of prospects that all fit within the three star range (80-89). An 80 will likely have one or two FBS offers while an 88 will usually have 10+ P5 offers. Both are technically 3-stars.

    You have to delineate between an 80-82 type player and an 82+ type recruit, for example. 

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  4. 19 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    As I stated above, rankings are based primarily on offers. 

    This is true to a good degree. But another problem with what Harry mentioned is people often stop at 3-stars when seeing how a player is rated. 247 has greatly expanded the delineation between 3-stars by classifying everyone between 80 and 90 a 3-star.

    An 89 will almost assuredly have 5+ P5 offers, while an 80 could have just one. But for people who stop at 3-Star, it seems the same. Which leads to Harry’s point that we can’t use 3-Star as the bar for a quality UNT recruit anymore. Maybe more like 82.5 or some arbitrary number. Or offer lists.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Harry said:

    If there is anything to be taken from the Houston game, it is that we HAVE to stop using the 3-star system as our comfort zone in recruiting.  The 3-star ranking is flawed and very subjective.   3-star rankings are not an accurate enough gauge of prospects ability or rankings.  OFFERS are the best way to determine where you are.  If a player has REAL offers it means something.   Being able to say our entire class is all three stars was nice for a couple of years but I would rather sign a ton of 2-star guys that had significant, REAL (not dependent on x) offers from other good programs.  Also, the recruiting services undervalue transfers who they originally gave high rankings to out of high school so that really doesn't give an accurate assessment either.


    ESPN has had a lot to do with the dilution of the 3-Star rating. Look back at a lot of CUSA classes and ESPN would basically give a 3-Star rating to anyone who committed before the season started.

    It was like their way of saying “see, we pay attention to recruits outside the top 300 in the country,” when it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that they don’t. It was lazy and greatly reduced the weight behind a 3-Star composite rating on 247, which has become the industry standard. A lot of people on this board have gotten excited about 3-stars who were only rated as such because of ESPN doing what I mentioned.

    But yeah, always look at the offer lists.

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  6. I’ve brought this up before, but looking back at this class is really interesting to me. The 2016 class, Littrell’s first, was ranked 8th in CUSA. I get that he had little time to put it together, but even still new coaches usually see a bump in recruiting right away by being able to pitch a new program and early playing time.

    There were definitely some big hits in this class, and a lot of transfers. This class should be making up the foundation of this roster as Seniors and Redshirt Juniors, but there are only 10 of them left (which includes Bryce English).

    We’re definitely feeling the effects of going so JUCO/transfer heavy right off the bat, as well as not recruiting that well in general. There just isn’t enough there for us to take that big step forward we were hoping for, but there may be enough there for us to win the division, which is where the focus needs to be.


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  7. 9 minutes ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

    All of this could happen on a dime. And we're trending toward it more so than we are away from it happening. 

    If I'm a Texas HS football player and I have a SMU - UNT - UH offer on the table, where do you do? And not just from the 2019 W/L, but the trajectory and trend of each program AND staff. Seems pretty simple who's getting one lined first. 

    You’re right. It’s dangerously close to starting down that slippery slope. Just like in 2017, conference play presents a huge opportunity. Except this time there is much more at stake

  8. Here’s what it would take for me to be worried about the future of Littrell here and consider moving on:

    - Finish 7-5 or worse with no West Division Title and another bowl loss

    - Lose the momentum on this 2020 class and have guys decommit

    - Lose momentum with the 2021 class and get back to middle/back middle of CUSA

    - Fail to adequately replace Fine and take another step back in the 2020 season

    While it seems like that would take a lot, it’s also dangerously close if things actually spiral. I think we finish the season strong and are in the hunt, if not still front runners for that West Division title. But that happening is also imperative for the future of this program and recruiting.

    We really need to finish this class strong and keep the recruiting momentum going for the 2021 class this offseason. Putting together 3 straight strong classes will give us a chance to reach the heights we mistakingly thought this group had a shot at.

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  9. Just now, shootermcgavin44 said:

    Espn3 is an easy option for anyone with a smart TV. Why can’t UNT get their streaming games on a legit network 

    It’s CBS. It’s similar quality (I’d argue better), same accessibility, and if you have a smart TV you can just download the Facebook app and search it and it’s there, without even needing to create an account or pay a subscription. 

    CBS Sports network is what channel a lot of CUSA games were on back when cable was King. It’s the same thing, just the modern situation.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, shootermcgavin44 said:

    So it’s just acceptable? Oh ho hum, huge game for the program no need to be on tv. Small time college athletics 

    Still didn’t answer my question. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not it’s acceptable. It’s logical. Traditional cable stations are on their way out, and casual fans across the country don’t tune in en masse to watch Conference USA games. Streaming makes a lot more sense in 2019. 

    And by the way, you didn’t need to create a Facebook account to watch the game.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, shootermcgavin44 said:

    Nothing screams mediocre small time college athletics like having to create a burner Facebook account to watch your schools biggest game of the year SMH 🤦‍♂️

    And what do you suppose they do about it? 

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  12. 4 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    I get what @BillySee58 is saying, but our offense returned everyone except Mayfield, Guyton, Murray and Harrell. 

    I know technically we returned him, but don’t forget Woodworth. His loss, along with Murray and Mayfield (2 Mccarney signees and a grad transfer), has really exposed our inability to sign and develop quality high school offensive linemen. Which is something I’ve been saying still hasn’t improved much in quality despite our recent uptick in overall recruiting.

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