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  1. My wife ('09), brother-in-law ('11), and I ('08/'12) would really enjoy getting together for a Houston watching party. We all live in Spring, but I think something around downtown would be best. I didn't grow up around here, and am relatively new to Houston, so I don't know of any potential bars that would be a good spot, or if there is anywhere around here with a UNT connection, but I think getting together would be great.
  2. Here's a link to the game for those of us not stateside. http://www.vipleague.sx/american-football/258690/1/north-texas-at-rice-live-stream-online.html
  3. If anybody is looking for a streaming link, this one seems to be working... http://www.vipleague.sx/american-football/246564/1/smu-vs-north-texas-live-stream-online.html
  4. Just got this one to work... http://coolsport.se/stream18-cricket-live-streaming.html
  5. This is great, looks like he is doing a good job living up to his name!
  6. "...has a hankerchief in his back pocket, he must have a cold, but he's pressing on regardless..." hilarious stuff, nice find.
  7. Hell yeah! Nice work, and Go Mean Green.
  8. Here is a link to the Heart of Dallas commemorative ball made by Big Game. http://www.biggameusa.com/shop/display-footballs/heart-of-dallas-football/ I'm really liking the Texas Heritage themed footballs they make for display (http://www.biggameusa.com/product-category/display-footballs/). I would definitely buy a UNT football if they threw the logo on one you could toss around, like these made for Tulane (http://imgur.com/c7hcgpc).
  9. He did make a solid contribution in the win, and all season for that matter. Best of luck on the path forward...
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