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  1. What other parking options are there for us without decals?
  2. Like many alumni, I went to high school in Dallas County and worked in Dallas County after graduating from NTSU. There has been so little coverage of North Texas athletics in the Dallas media, coupled with little to no communication from the alumni association, that I was simply not able to keep up with North Texas athletics. At different times, I had season tickets to Cowboys, Mavericks, and mini plan with Rangers. It was not until my office relocation to Denton County did I get caught up with UNT. All that to say, our huge alumni base in DFW outside of the Denton area is not aware of UNT athletics. Last week I learned that a casual acquaintance here in Flower Mound graduated the same time I did. He asked if we were still in the Missouri Valley Conference! I will make sure he stays informed from now on.
  3. I was there. Did not miss many BB games as a student.
  4. I agree that video / score boards on the floor were awkward, and were hard to fully see from many seats. Also wished they had player stats on a video board somewhere to keep track of player fouls.
  5. Not me. Thinking down Friday and back Sunday.
  6. Chatting about attendance, I was curious enough to pull SMU home games this year and compare to UNT. SMU total 119,131, average 19,855 (cap. 32,000), high 9/9 24,638 vs NT, low 11/25 14,209 vs Tulane NT total 134,174, average 22,362 (cap. 30,850), high 11/18 26,392 vs Army, low 10/28 18,872 vs Old Dominion I especially like that SMU's highest turnout was against UNT.
  7. I turned in 8 - 5. Did not assume 14 games due to a conference championship game. I am also OK with beating Rice and exceeding my submitted expectation.
  8. They will be in Austin for first round game against Texas.
  9. I thought it was great. I lost feed once, but that is neighborhood Spectrum issue. Picture quality was great. I watched first half on desktop while resolving a wi-fi driver issue on laptop. I watched second half on big screen TV. Lot of crowd shots, especially NT green section. They really gave NT a lot of credit, often showing stamdings and mentioned our record against teams that won bowl games last year. Interviews with Seth and Mason at the end. I loved the broadcast, of course the win made it much sweeter.
  10. Just saw that game will be televised through Facebook as part of a 15 game series this season. Search Facebook Stadium Live.
  11. I count 64 teams at FBS level with four or more wins already, and another 32 with three wins. Assuming all four-win teams are in, that means only half of those three-win teams will get one of the eighty slots.
  12. On the previous series, when NT turned over the ball on downs, UTSA called a timeout before either third or fourth down to reset their defense. Our offense was in no hurry, possibly thinking it needed to score and leave no time for UTSA. Looking back, that time out by UTSA was huge.
  13. One of the ESPN writers has Western Kentucky versus UCF in the bowl that is moving to Frisco on December 20.
  14. Congrove Computer Rankings: 63-UTSA, 75-FAU, 76-UNT ESPN: 80-FAU, 81-UTSA, 91-UNT
  15. http://www.collegefootballpoll.com/rankings/
  16. Looking forward to including the 2018 NT team in this discussion with the number of freshmen and sophomores in the current two-deep. How Littrell replaces Wilson, T. Moore, Flusche, Jenkins, and McClain will be key.
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