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  1. This time last year close followers of NT football saw a schedule that was going to be difficult in the first half of the season and a bit easier in the second half. Folks should keep that in mind when they see reports of how much the team improved during the season. I don't doubt the team improved, but don't overlook how the schedule played into that.
  2. CBS has the same six at the bottom, with LaTech next to last above FIU. They have top five as UTSA, UAB, WKU, UTEP, and UNT. Of non-conference opponents, SMU is just behind UAB, Memphis is three notches above UTEP, and UNLV falls about halfway between LaTech and FIU. If results followed all that (they never do), NT ends up 6-6 plus a bowl game. Anything better would have to include win at Memphis or UTEP plus taking care of business at home conference games plus Texas Southern.
  3. We have four of those on the schedule - all at home. That means we get the other four of the top five on the road. Need to take care of business at home and win some of those road games to have a decent conference record.
  4. Unless the NCAA puts a reasonable cap on this soon, college football as we know it may not survive.
  5. Under current alignment, here are average rankings for these conferences: C-USA, 81.9 (east 86.3, west 77.4) Sun Belt, 82.3 AAC, 67.5 (average of the 8 programs not moving to Big 12 is 84.75) Here are average rankings after announced realignments (ignoring current FCS): C-USA, 70.9 (drop three programs over 100, gaining Liberty 45 and NM State 87, will change when 2 FCS move in) Sun Belt, 87 AAC, 82.2 (3 drops to Big 12 average 21.3) So, Conference-USA was weakening just as UNT moved into it. History is repeating as we move to AAC, but we will not have Judy as commissioner!
  6. As of now, Memphis stays in AAC - East, so they become a conference opponent as frequent as what we experienced with C-USA eastern division opponents. If expected alignment holds, we get Tulsa, Tulane, and Navy at home on alternate years.
  7. Leaning toward Memphis (did that as a student in 1967) and Birmingham. We went to a game in San Antonio a few years back, and I didn't like the seats (narrow leg room and no cup holders). San Antonio is fun so I might consider that.
  8. Sure, only Houston, SMU, and Memphis had 20 or more wins. That said, I think only Tulane and USF had losing records in non-conference games.
  9. Is there any consideration for bringing Liberty, New Mexico State, Jacksonville State, or Sam Houston State into Conference USA now instead of waiting?
  10. C-USA Schedule: Oct 15 - UNT at Marshall / Oct 22 - Southern Miss at UNT SBC Schedule: Oct 12 (Wed) - Louisiana at Marshall / Oct 22 - Southern Miss at Texas State Now if C-USA prevailed on the schedule, just how welcome would Marshall, Old Dominion, and Southern Miss be at C-USA host games?
  11. My tix are still not loaded to my account, and we are more than two hours away. No response from ticket office, so WB gets the next email.
  12. Here it is Friday evening, and my tix for Saturday are not loaded to my account yet.
  13. Thought I would chime in here: Fouts Field, 1960-2010 Skelly Stadium (Tulsa), 1966 Liberty Bowl Memorial (Memphis), 1967 War Memorial (Little Rock vs. Arkansas), 1968 Texas Stadium, 1970's Apogee, since 2011 Cotton Bowl Stadium, 2013 & 2016 DKR - Austin, 2014 Ford (SMU) - 2015,2017,2019 Alamodome (UTSA), 2016 Aggie Memorial (Albuquerque), 2018 Toyota Stadium (Frisco), 2021
  14. UTSA versus San Diego State in that game. Don't you mean cream of chicken soup left over from that one?
  15. If the NCAA decided that eligible teams at .500 or better can go to a bowl game, then let’s go with it. Bonuses for the team include extra practice, exposure, matchup with a team they don’t normally face, and (sometimes) travel to a different venue. Regarding the new bowl, ESPN Events has already said DFW area. Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin Counties already have bowl games; so Denton County would seem to provide the fairest balance. Apogee is a fantastic venue for football, and probably better than many stadiums that are hosting games.
  16. And at tight end, Jason Pirtle is a senior. We have Jake Roberts, but need to see more from the others on the roster.
  17. We need a stronger arm at QB. Aune was often short on long passes, forcing receivers to slow down and allowing defenders to catch up.
  18. Hopefully Shorter! Also Burns (SO), Burns (SO), and Ward (R-FR). Perhaps Brown (FR) steps up. Need Roberts to fill Pirtle's shoes at TE.
  19. Look what TCU did today for an answer. Once it was decided to look for a new coach, Patterson stepped down. With that loyalty to the starting QB no longer a factor. Freshman Chandler Morris started and upset 8th ranked Baylor.
  20. Anybody else notice there were NO TURNOVERS in this game. Also, our run-run-run offense in overtime worked beautifully.
  21. It seems that Judy has been asleep for several years.
  22. The TV timeouts seemed excessively long Saturday, but surely Seth has better things to do than walk over and complain to the TV timeout signal guy on the sideline like he did in the fourth quarter.
  23. Aside what was a good game for most of the afternoon, I thought the Green Brigade was outstanding. I love the pre-game set, but Saturday's halftime was outstanding!
  24. Did not understand why that was not grounding. Would have been nice if a defensive player caught it!
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