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  1. And at tight end, Jason Pirtle is a senior. We have Jake Roberts, but need to see more from the others on the roster.
  2. We need a stronger arm at QB. Aune was often short on long passes, forcing receivers to slow down and allowing defenders to catch up.
  3. Hopefully Shorter! Also Burns (SO), Burns (SO), and Ward (R-FR). Perhaps Brown (FR) steps up. Need Roberts to fill Pirtle's shoes at TE.
  4. Look what TCU did today for an answer. Once it was decided to look for a new coach, Patterson stepped down. With that loyalty to the starting QB no longer a factor. Freshman Chandler Morris started and upset 8th ranked Baylor.
  5. Anybody else notice there were NO TURNOVERS in this game. Also, our run-run-run offense in overtime worked beautifully.
  6. It seems that Judy has been asleep for several years.
  7. The TV timeouts seemed excessively long Saturday, but surely Seth has better things to do than walk over and complain to the TV timeout signal guy on the sideline like he did in the fourth quarter.
  8. Aside what was a good game for most of the afternoon, I thought the Green Brigade was outstanding. I love the pre-game set, but Saturday's halftime was outstanding!
  9. Did not understand why that was not grounding. Would have been nice if a defensive player caught it!
  10. Looks like a 4-8 season at best. Rice has given up most points in conference. USM and FIU are 1-6 and beatable. BUT, all three are on the road. Expect losses (or miracles) at home against UTEP (6-1, gasp!) and undefeated (gasp again) UTSA. At least, we don't need to consider possible bowl game dates during the holidays. UPDATE: NT opens 2.5 point underdog to Rice.
  11. Liberty had a lot of folks there in the visitor section and throughout the reserved side.
  12. Basketball winning in round 1 of NCAA plus success in soccer, volleyball, golf, softball, and other sports weakens the AAC? Not buying that for a moment.
  13. Football and especially basketball games against our former MVC rivals.
  14. Our recruiting classes were highly ranked among C-USA teams the last few years. What does that tell you?
  15. We lose if we wear retro uniforms. Otherwise, Expect a close game.
  16. As much as I love the look from the last half of the sixties when I was a student, I cannot recall the last time NT beat an FBS opponent while wearing any part of a retro uniform. Get out the current wardrobe and stick with it.
  17. Maybe they do not want to remember how crappy Ford is compared to Apogee.
  18. When your recruiting classes are rated strong (or even best) for several years and you still lose games, you have to point to coaching - head coach and/or coordinators.
  19. With no control on dollars paid to players for "incidentals," the college game is going semi-pro.
  20. or attempt six fourth down conversions, including a mid-field fourth and nine.
  21. Actually, I wish our first play last night was a run up the middle instead of that interception.
  22. The concourses at Ford are too narrow for pop-up vendors. They would just add to the pedestrian traffic jam.
  23. The Conference USA Football Championship was moved up to Friday night, December 3.
  24. Thanks for sharing. I missed this one due to conflict, but went to the previous three games NT played at Ford. Have you been to Apogee? Very wide concourse and awesome variety of concessions. Parking at the old Fouts Field site and taking the pedestrian bridge across I-35 is easy.
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