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  1. I don't know how many of you spend time on the C-USA board, but I do, and it's commonly pointed out that C-USA is the worst of the FBS conferences. The days of Houston and UCF are gone. Conference USA is now the Sun Belt 2.0 and the new Sun Belt is actually a higher rated conference by most analyses. I am happy to play other Texas schools as much as anyone, but when those Texas schools are UT offspring schools (UTSA and UTEP) it just gives off a very small-time vibe and Rice just isn't committed to a winning football program. I'd much rather be in a stronger conference whose name actually commands some respect from causal fans. C-USA is a doormat conference and I know that we haven't even won it yet, which also makes us a doormat, but if we're talking about bettering our athletics programs, the Mountain West is a big step in the right direction. Away attendance is a small factor, in my opinion. For those advocating C-USA over the Mountain West, is C-USA the conference we want to be associated with? It can be argued whether or not the Orlando Sentinel and other publications are accurate in their predictions and evaluations, but the point is, this is how our conference is perceived, and perception is extremely important. Is this the best we can hope for? Average Orlando Sentinel Countdown Ratings Per Conference (As of 7/3/2019) SEC 32.21 PAC-12 42.33 B1G 46.04 BIG-12 47.20 ACC 48.32 AAC 71.09 MWC 79.62 SBC 93.05 MAC 98.33 C-USA 99.64
  2. He can state that he turned down KSU without mentioning KSU specifically...
  3. What a stupid post. Nothing more to be said.
  4. To each his own. I love everything I've eaten at both Punk's and Ibiza, but I'm biased so I'll admit my opinion isn't 100% objective.
  5. Try Ibiza. My uncle is the owner/chef there and they have some excellent food. The octopus is outstanding. https://www.ibizafoodandwinebar.com/ EDIT: I just read where you said "probably nothing expensive." He has a less expensive restaurant with some great southern food too (also, it's only a 9-minute, 0.5 mile walk from Rice Stadium): https://www.punkssimplesouthernfood.com/
  6. Rangers!!!! 7 Goals and 10 minutes to go?! I don't even know what to do right now!

  7. RT @NYRangers: #NYR Stats: The Rangers are now the only @NHL team who has at least 20 road wins in 4 of the last 5 seasons!

  8. Hmm...no Cowboys fans today...#weird

  9. Sad to leave Philly. It's an awesome city I'll definitely be visiting again. On the bright side...New York is nothing to complain about!

  10. I've been watching for him. Number 35?
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