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  1. 10Eagle10's post in UT tickets now available was marked as the answer   
    from rws69 in the season ticket thread:

    the North Texas allotment is officially in section 32. Apparently we have eighty rows in that section...I'm guessing that's the whole section.

    Just an update for those who are wanting to make the trip down to the capital and want to sit in or near the Mean Green section.

    Can't wait!! GMG
  2. 10Eagle10's post in Ridiculously early 2013 predictions was marked as the answer   
    shameless plug, but can I get some love for that 9 win prediction over 49 weeks ago?!?! It's almost time to start a ridiculously early 2014 prediction thread...
  3. 10Eagle10's post in CUSA Bowls was marked as the answer   
    1. Liberty Bowl
    2. Cotton Bowl (located in the Heart of Dallas)
    3. Military Bowl

    my list is pretty much the same order as the payout, except I'd probably drop Hawaii to 6 and bump the other two up. Another bad thing about the Hawaii Bowl is that it's a whole week before the Cotton Bowl, which takes away a few extra practices. Liberty (SEC), Cotton (B1G), and Military (ACC) are also desirable because they are pitted against the big 5 conferences. In a time where the B1G/PAC/SEC/ACC/B12 are getting out of contracts with the CUSA/AAC/MWC/MAC/SB, this is a great opportunity to get a good win vs. a name opponent.

    While I agree with most of the positives about playing in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day, the one drawback is that it's on ESPNU in a time period where three other games are on (a total of 4). I'll be at the game unless it's Beef o'Bradys or Hawaii so it's not for my viewing pleasure that I voice this drawback. My thought process is that I want the entire country tuned in to see the Mean Green, and the Cotton Bowl might not give us this, but other than that, the Cotton Bowl is great.

    For reference, I'm providing the game dates and times (Central):

    New Orleans - Saturday, December 21 @ 8 PM
    Beef 'O' Brady's - Monday, December 23 @ 1 PM
    Hawaii - Tuesday, December 24 @ 7 PM
    Military - Friday, December 27 @ 1:30 PM
    Liberty - Tuesday, December 31 @ 3 PM
    Heart of Dallas - Wednesday, January 1 @ 11 AM
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