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  1. 2 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    from the article:

    A charter member of Conference USA since 1995, Southern Miss applied and was accepted into the Sun Belt on Friday. The Golden Eagles will begin play in their new conference in 2023, sources said.

    I knew when I typed that, that there would be someone who responded with this exact thing.


    my point is that they are excited about joining the Sun Belt. Sure we were excited about joining the sun belt over 20 years ago, not 2021.


    if it makes you feel better though, I can edit my original post to say “can you imagine being excited about joining the Sun Belt in 2023?” It’s no less depressing

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  2. Looks the Athletic Department is trying to get students out to the game by giving attendees first shot at the $20 HoD tickets. It's worth a shot and I applaud the effort. 

    I would be interested to know how many purchase tickets and of those who do, how many stay for at least part of the game...

  3. Fellow GMG denizens,

    While I disagree with him about the HoD bowl ranking, he does state in the story that the "bowl rankings" are based on the combined computer ranking of the two bowl participants. This is why the two semifinals are ranked #1 and #2 (because #1 seed v #4 seed = 5 and #2 seed v #3 seed = 5). It's like golf and the lowest score gets a better ranking.

    Again, I disagree with the ranking based on my own bias and the pure entertainment value of this game versus other games, but based on his stated criteria it is "accurate". I mean only three teams qualified via APR and two of them are playing each other in the HoD bowl (Army and North Texas). And yes, I do realize that if Army beats Navy this weekend that Army will be qualified the normal way. 

    CBS Sports writers tend to a much better job than the hacks over at ESPN. I'm sure I wasted my breath (and fingers) defending some dude I don't even know, but I just wanted to point out that he did base his rankings on some specific data instead of just hating on us.


  4. 25 minutes ago, ChristopherRyanWilkes said:

    I mentioned it in another thread but basically right now I believe the unfilled ones are Armed Forces, Vegas, Quick Lane, and St Petersburg. The outliers right now are UNT, MissSt, and Army. One more will be decided Saturday. 

    Awesome. Thanks, Christopher!

    I'm gonna sketch out some quick pros-cons for each of the 4.

    LV: pros - on ABC (when was the lay time we played on a network AND in an almost exclusive time slot); Vegas, baby!  Cons- less time to spread out those 15 extra practices; vs MW

    St Pete: pros - vs ACC (P5) team; Florida beach, baby! Con - day after Christmas, early game

    QL: pro - vs ACC. Cons - day after Christmas, Detroit

    Armed Forces: pro - Dec 23 in FW. Attendance. Con - having to play in TCU stadium. Navy will have tape on how we defend their offense.

    i would be good with all of the options except Quick Lane. Luckily, I bet our administration agrees and will not choose that one.


    Cerebus, thanks for your reply as well. I counted Army as #76 since they are ahead of us no matter what. I had already typed too much and didn't want to add all of that in my OP. 

    how would you rank the possibilities?

  5. I read through several threads on here and couldn't find what I was looking for. My apologies if this has already been discussed, please point me in the right direction if such a post already exists.


    There are currently 76 bowl eligible teams. Assuming USA and LaLa lose (which I realize they probably won't), that leaves 4 bowl openings. We are 1st in line after the 76.

    The first 76 teams are placed in bowls based on their previous conference tie-ins. However, the APR teams get to pick whichever bowl they want from the ones that have have openings in order of score (we have first pick).

    the question: which four bowls will have openings based on the 76 filling their prearranged tie-ins?

    For example, the Big 12 will be short one team. Which bowl will be unfiled for them?

  6. Some stats for those who are interested:

    Black Helmet 2016: 1-1 (Win - Rice, Loss - WKU)

    Green Jersey 2016: 2-3 (Wins - BC, Marshall; Losses - SMU, MUTS, LT); 2-3 home record so far

    Black Pants 2016: 0-1 (Loss - WKU)

    As pointed out above, this is the first time we've worn this specific combo.


    More "fun" facts for anyone still reading:

    Green helmets: 1-0 vs Army. Why have we only worn the green helmets once this year? Bust those babies back out!

    Our primary lid is the white helmet. We are 2-5 in those. 


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  7. I don't want to start a new thread for what follows so this seems like the best place to put this.


    If Fine is out and Alec Morris gets the nod and is struggling, I'd love to see Quinn Shanbour get a shot. He is always in tune during the games and practices, and I enjoy looking for him in the Beyond the Green episodes - I have a feeling that he has a great grasp of the offense. I mean this dude threw 37 TD's as a senior at Heritage Hall and only 4 INTs. I'm hoping that Morris is firing on all cylinders, but if not, I really think Shanbour could be like Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday or Shane Falco in The Replacements. Also, Mox in Varsity Blues and Sunshine in Remember the Titans. 

    Okay, maybe I've watched too many movies, but I believe

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