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  1. This is just a sympathy post so you are not alone. There is a party at my house at noon tomorrow to see the u17s. You in Rob? Bring my Newcastle jersey!!!!!
  2. The official media day release form the UNT website..................someone is missing.........damn They also listed Michael Hickmon as a returning statistical leader?????????????????? UNT media day release
  3. 96, sorry you could not disagree more, but there is more to some stories than meet the eye. Yes he quit the team, and yes he was lucky to be allowed back. I think he saw it more as a second chance and an opportunity to redeem himself. He knew he could not be the primary back, and would not always be on the field , but he made the most of it, and we benefitted. As far as blocking, he was not the best. I will not argue, but I think we have had worse........#72.. I just think a bold ststement like " he had a bad attitude" is a bit harsh. This is not where this thread is supposed to go, end of discussion for me.
  4. He has not passed on, just graduated.
  5. Bad attitude? What are you referring to? I saw nothing but a good don't quit attitude. He had his ups and downs, but he stuck it out came from behind and helped the team.Mike definately left his mark during the NM game. I don't think Harry took a shot at Hickmon, on the contrary. If you feel he was not a good blocker than you should ask KG who benefitted from some great MH blocks.
  6. I am aware that softball is different than baseball, my question is why the "skinned" infield?
  7. Coach,on the other board people were questioning the move to an all dirt infield, could you explain this to us softball challenged fans.
  8. It goes deeper than that. This issue was exausted on the this board last month. Basically the Delta lodge wanted the city to foot most of the bill while the Delta Lodge had beenn raking it in and did not give to charity what the said they were going to give. As far as helping Fry Street businesses, ask the owners of the bars on and around Fry Street and you will see that they are happy to see it go.
  9. Evan here, graduated in '97 with a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I am a Supervisor in the International Department at UPS in Dallas. (I know it really matches my degree). I live in Frisco with my very understanding wife Desiree (Dez) and my 2 month old son Cullen. Dez was my High school sweetheart, but she went to that other school in Austin that wears Orange polyester, I forgave her. She is a CPA for an investment firm in Dallas. Born and raised in Beeville Texas, (think South Texas). I was trying to decide on a college in '93 when a score popped up on ESPN at work and I saw a new choice getting pummeled by Nebraska. My boss at the time said " hey there is a school you should transfer to" I went for a visit, loved it, and moved to Denton. A good friend of mine worked as a trainer for the football team, so I got free tickets for all the away games. Some great road trips. I have been a fan ever since. I can tell you that I got so involved because of two people. Harry had put together a pretty good web site, and I was hooked ever since. What ever happened to Potty? If you understand, you have been here a while. I met Mean Rob at the first Mean Green event back in 98? and then my interest turned to fanaticism. Season ticket holder since 97 and a donor since.........don't get me started
  10. I can't believe there is 4 pages worth of this topic. Let it rest.......But just an FYI Alabama had green and purple flags
  11. For the UNT fight song try WWW.fightsongs.com UNT is listed under other schools.
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