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  1. If we lose we get ULL... if we win we get Denver. Who wold you rather play? I might prefer to rest our starters get Trey and Forrest some experience and go into hot springs healthy and well rested for ULL.
  2. I have been saying this for a while... this is a huge make or break moment for UNT hoops. We are on the verge of something huge but it could all fall apart. SMU, TCU, and Baylor are all programs which threaten UNTS recruiting classes and dominance in the DFW area. Hell even UTA is growing! Its time for the AD to step up to the plate. We could keep Mitchel, Jones, Williams, and get into a new conference. OR. We could lose our top three freshmen and be stuck in the belt. This summer is going to be huge. I believe we could become a mid major power house, but it is now in the hands of the AD.
  3. We def need that depth on our team! I also think that Trey and Forrest have not filled the shoes, much less met expectations. We do need those 2 to get their S%#& in line next year. I guess if anything it has given Alzee and Brandon the time to shine... Next year will look pretty good if Mitchel stays. If not do we even bother signing a player? There are not very many good ones left....
  4. UNT getting some publicity on channel 8.... talking about Tony's mishapps at Pinkston.... making up 4 years in 2 days. Im just wondering they they had to throw that and UNT in there with a story about a felon who was form Pinkston...
  5. 45 fouls tonight! 45!!!! That is just ridiculous!
  6. Ton Mitchel has nothing on this kid! http://www.wimp.com/basementbasketball/
  7. I still have yet to understand how I can watch a high school girls basketball team, but not UNT on there! It really must be the set up of the s in pit. I have heard some things in passing about the area seeming empty and not good for television. I still do not get why KTXU 21 could not carry some more games!
  8. Well its a day away and my radio will be tuned! Any word on if it will be broadcasted on espn3?
  9. I am in agreement. The pit is a great place to watch a game, but does not have the college basketball atmosphere I have felt in other arenas in Oklahoma, Texas or on the east coast. Funds are tight, but a new arena would really help this program. Just my two cents.
  10. But all of the above are in a better conference or have a nicer facility.... Its time to take advantage of what we have in Mitchel and build on this program... a new arena ... a new conference would be a great start!
  11. No Mitchel... I have been watching these mock drafts from day one and always assumed he would stay and this still confirms what I think. We will have one more year of T-Mitch with Williams and Jones! We just need to do something about our conference and our arena... SMU, TCU, Baylor, and now UTA all have a leg up on us in the area... I get around the area (hear things via people) and it is really looking harder and harder to contend in the metroplex with what UTA has done and the SMU/TCU moves. UNT needs to get on the ball and take full advantage of having Mitchel!
  12. Im interested to see what the starting line ups will look like. I feel like everyone but Trey and Forrest can definitely contribute in a big way. Its going to be a lot of minutes on Mitchel and Alzee. Especially if we do not get a bye.
  13. What really gets me is that if you average our six conferences losses together it comes out to 3 points a game! A few free throws or a three pointer here or there and we are undefeated in conference play. This is what continues to give me hope come hot springs. 45% from the free throw line last game will never happen again. Tony will lead us to the promise land.
  14. I needed something to do in this miserable rain and I was already on espn looking at the match up
  15. After a heart breaking loss to another good belt team it is time to hit the road and take the next two games! We should definitely hit the boards in this game and dominate the glass!
  16. That is what Brandon Walton is for. He just had a off night.... And I mean a really off night.
  17. That was my point... but I got the feeling that some people on here thought he was a number 2 on a team. (Granted we need that right about now). He will have another good night or two especially in the tourney, I know this for sure!
  18. My point was he has always been lucky to be on a good team. He is not a go to guy. next year with Jones, Williams, Alzee (Hopefully Mitchel) he will be much better. He is a good player but not a star player. I love his intensity though. Every player on our team needs his mindset!
  19. I just want to win out and get into the tourney healthy! Zo and Ked are just too beat up, though Zo had a really nice night. Franklin is quickly falling off the radar and performing how he use to when he was just a at best decent contributor in highschool or at OSU. He was just always lucky to be on a good team. I still like the lineup up of Alzee, Hall, Mitchel, Niko/Ked/Zo/Holmen interchangeable.
  20. Pretty weak.... lowest turn out in a while for a fun game, amazing halftime show and spirit sleeves
  21. We will break 100 tomorrow night and I will enjoy my Frosty while I get my car washed!
  22. http://www.theauraradio.com/ Founder of the aura radio show
  23. Yes some of it is about production but like most late draft pics he will ride the pine. You are acting like he would be a start or garner 20 minutes a night!
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