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    That is fine... I was just commenting that I had seen him at two other games in the same seats and then got accused of being a liar... which is false. I dont care, he could go to every MAVS playoff game. I do not care what he does in his free time or with his money... I just care when people di not tell the truth
  2. Andrew


    I could care less who he is.... I watched every single game and saw him on tv at two other games... if he wants to lie that is fine, I know the truth and I am not budding. I know for a 100% fact that I have seen him at the OKC series and the Portland series on tv just to the left of the MAVS bench. If someone wants to lie that is fine by me that is their problem. If you would like, go find the series and watch them in their entirety online
  3. Andrew


    because he was in fact on the tv two other times.... in the same seats. Thats all I have to say because I know I am right
  4. Andrew


    in the same seats...
  5. Andrew


    ..... very true, in fact he has been on tv two other times once in the OKC series and once in the Portland series
  6. Andrew


    He has been at every MAVS home game throughout the playoffs to the left behind the bench....
  7. rumor is he is leaving to play a Duke...
  8. two open scholarships and we need two bigs now!
  9. Williams is not a PF... he is a SG.... why would he play the 4...? Holmen would go back down low before Williams does... especially in the ncaa
  10. start.....? Alzee Franklin Holmen Edwards Hogans as of what I have last heard
  11. he is on track to play after the next semester... although Vito posted in on of his articles a month or s ago that he could play even sooner... I had not heard that, and have not seen any evidence for it... so I would assume he is still on track for being ready by/after next fall... and hopefully plays the 2012-2013 season as well, especially since right now we cannot find a fit for our final scholarship....
  12. This idea has been talked about for years and years... but TCU moving to the Big East and well the UMS being stubborn as usual it will not get done.... and ESPN? They would have no viewership for it
  13. That was in reply to why ESPN would not broadcast the tournament... and its not just us but why would espn broadcast UTA or SMU...? Where is the market for that game outside of the dfw area? TCU might garner some interest since they jumped ship to the big boy conference for basketball. That tournament would be the easiest part of their schedule and they would still lose
  14. ok... or you could go with that really long answer... either way.... no
  15. yes.... espn would pick up..... (rolls eyes) Maybe when we get in with tech ut and tamu
  16. True, but I have 100% confidence without a doubt that we can win the sunbelt next year! We really need help down low! Holmen can play with his back to the basket and so can Franklin and Williams, but both of thos guys are just 6' 6". Hogans needs some help under the basket for next year! I do have faith the Edwards will be a much bigger force next year. I just do not know how many minutes he can play. Shaw may be more athletic but I am liking Millers body down in the post. We need to push guys around next year. Especially in the small undersized sunbelt
  17. Don't we need a big man now? Would Miller not be a better fit at his size and to our knowledge no medical issues. We wont start the year with T-Mich, there is talk or red shirting Robinson; this leaves us with who to play post? Hogans, Edwards, Holeman. Who else... Franklin? Knox? We need the size now if we are going to get the size
  18. plus 1! what a great find! how does midland get so many great bigs?
  19. That is the reason Jordan did not want to play with Jarion. Though granted now after what has been said I am sure most people would not want to play with them. No 4 star recruit wants to go sit on the bench and play 10 minutes a night...
  20. Also... I think about where our minutes will go. We cannot have a team stacked with 4 star recruits.... We need those hustle guys who are happy playing 3 or 4 minutes tops a game. That is where I see Edwards and Knox next year. And most likely Franklin, Norris, and Walton as well. When T-mich plays one has to assume that he, Williams, Hogans, Holman and Jones will get those big 30 to 35 minutes per game (which I am not a huge fan of)...
  21. I see Franklin as a Alonzo Edwards... a lot of potential and hype of of high school but maybe just not built for the college game. I hope I am wrong... and most likely I am. UNT will def be a much better fit and we could see some improvements over his past two years. Im still holding off on Dwight Miller.
  22. Heck between the age of 18-20 Rodman grew 9 inches!!! I would give Robinson 2 or 3.....
  23. I would agree overall if his numbers carry over from highschool, but I feel Williams is more built for college already. Not just size wise but basketball iq and court smart. I am still very high on Jones as well and even Robinson when he develops. Im curious to see how tall he is when he comes. Being listed at 6-10 at age 17... figure he could hit 7 foot....
  24. HAHA We can hold back a year... snag him along with Prince and some other nice top state recruit. And redshirt Forrest Robinson anyone? Wouldn't hurt.... let him develop and if we pick up Miller we will be well stocked on bigs and other position already. Next year then bring in Prince and Robinson as freshman
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