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  1. dmaxel

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    This is a picture of a potential render (not final design) of what a renovated Willis would look like. All links to where I got this picture from no longer seem to work, but hey I at least still had the picture.
  2. dmaxel

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I believe that the NCAA limits the amount of practices that a team may conduct between their last regular-season game and their bowl game. The only advantage we'd get by having a later bowl game is more rest in between practices.
  3. dmaxel

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    We would have the best UNT showing to the SERVPRO bowl and the bowl in Shreveport, in that order. Anywhere else, the showing would be laughable.
  4. Hover over that acronym with your mouse and the site will tell you. 😉
  5. dmaxel

    What the hell is wrong with CUSA refs

    Surely there's got to be other CUSA teams who have had this many struggles with the refs? So far I feel like it's just fallen on deaf ears and CUSA doesn't give two craps on doing something about it.
  6. dmaxel

    What the hell is wrong with CUSA refs

    And that was offsides!!!!
  7. They blew the play dead before the ball was picked up!!!
  8. dmaxel


    Pro tip: if you use Gmail for your email, you can create multiple email addresses based off of your existing one and all mail sent to it will still go to your regular inbox. Example: your normal address is You can tell Sling/Fubo your address is, and you'll still get the emails sent to it (important since a lot require you to verify the address). Need another address for a new trial? Maybe use next. Just add a "+whatever_here" before the @.
  9. dmaxel

    BEIN on DISH

    BeIN is part of the $5 Sports extra. That is independent of the Orange and Blue packages, which contain ESPN and Fox Sports respectively (the combo package that has both is $40).
  10. dmaxel

    Just for the record

    This isn't a problem unique to UNT. It's a problem you see all across DFW -- no matter the team, most people are fair-weather fans. To those same fans, our game against USM was "just another game" and didn't have anything special enough about it that the casual fan would notice in the 2 seconds they take to consider going to the game. Was it a well-known or highly-ranked team? The average fan doesn't care much about USM, and they're not highly-ranked. Did this game have a special label, such as "homecoming" or "xxxx championship"? Nope, not that either. All they know is that its a game they're not drawn to, and it's (supposedly) going to rain. That's all they need to make a decision.
  11. dmaxel

    Praise for Mason Fine (and how far we've come)

    Shanbour should start since he's definitely the one who knows the system way better than Bean/Martin/etc (no dig on them, but they're all still too new). I have no problem with the others coming in at some point during the game, thanks to the new rule that allows them to be in 4 games without sacrificing the redshirt. We used one game for some of them, and I don't think we'll desire their services in close games. Why not against UTEP if we have a cushion?
  12. dmaxel

    North Texas Chant

    It was by far my favorite moment of the whole game. Definitely the loudest I've ever heard it in the 6 going on 7 years of every home game that I've been to. Even funnier was that this started completely on its own -- whenever the cheerleaders wanted to get it started during a timeout, everyone was too busy booing the refs for the 2-point conversion.
  13. dmaxel

    New Mason Fine Website

    Anyone is able to buy that domain and then just point it to the already-existing site. Don't have to wait on UNT to make it happen. 😉
  14. For those who say to keep this donation in mind when buying your next car -- someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the McNatts sell their dealerships? That's why they all got renamed to "Honda of Denton", etc.
  15. dmaxel

    ABC7 (Arkansas News) picks the MEAN GREEN

    Why did they have to use that ugly old logo for us? It takes 0.01 seconds to look up what any of our current logos are.