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  1. For those who say to keep this donation in mind when buying your next car -- someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the McNatts sell their dealerships? That's why they all got renamed to "Honda of Denton", etc.
  2. dmaxel

    ABC7 (Arkansas News) picks the MEAN GREEN

    Why did they have to use that ugly old logo for us? It takes 0.01 seconds to look up what any of our current logos are.
  3. dmaxel

    Getting Ready to Ball

    Ah, I hadn't seen his tweet yet so that makes perfect sense. As for why they can't fly out of Denton, I'd have to research that. My initial guess will be that something about the Denton airport is lacking facilities-wise, whether it be the runway length for a jet airliner or some other reason. Denton Airport's largest plane are still tiny Cessna Citation jets (and the like). UPDATE: Runway length probably isn't it, as the shortest runway that I can find where an A320 still operates from is 5600 ft. Denton's runway is 7000 ft.
  4. dmaxel

    Getting Ready to Ball

    Ok fair, I was just curious because I'm an AvGeek and usually those charter flights still show up on sites like those As just mentioned, usually charter flights show up too, and I have it searching from the whole Dallas area. I do also know that our flights to FAU were via Allegiant charter from FTW Alliance. EDIT: Actually, since I just remembered Allegiant and FTW Alliance, I think I found it:
  5. dmaxel

    Getting Ready to Ball

    Any idea which flight that is? My best guess is that it's an American Eagle/Envoy flight, but they have several flights.
  6. Me + 2 others. Driving up Saturday morning and staying the night at a hotel in some town north of Fayetteville. Not sure exactly where, I wasn't the one who made the reservations.
  7. I'm surprised not even a subset of the band is traveling considering they already have busses to bring students to the game.
  8. dmaxel

    TV for this week?

    Just a helpful tidbit, if you sign up for ESPN+ using your computer rather than your phone, there's a chance that they'll give you a 30-day trial instead of just a 7-day one. I got lucky and was given a 30-day one by doing so.
  9. Stadium's Website: Stadium via Facebook: Source:
  10. dmaxel

    Direct TV dumps beIN Sportz???

    It's not AT&T's fault. They're one of several providers that have dropped beIN in the past week, including Comcast. I think Sling TV still has it, for those who really need it.
  11. Does Apogee's official capacity of 30,850 include just seats or also standing room? If not, and we did ever get close to a sellout, we could provide standing room tickets? There's loads of concourse space under the secondary little screen and inbetween the lower and upper levels all around the stadium.
  12. dmaxel

    Ok Tailgating techies

    I also (personally) found YouTube TV to be less buggy than DirecTV NOW. It might not have the big channel selection compared to the top DTV NOW package, but it has grown a lot and covers just about all of my sports needs.
  13. dmaxel

    Ok Tailgating techies

    Looks like you're right: If DirecTV NOW has all/most of the channels you care to see (they do have quite a lot!), it may be worthwhile to drop regular DirecTV and switch to that instead. Everything's moving towards the Internet anyways. I personally have YouTube TV and it's been a fantastic service over more traditional TV choices.
  14. dmaxel

    Ok Tailgating techies

    Yes, cell providers make upgrades all the time. Even if the signal level remains the same, capacity can be improved through a variety of (very technical) means. But yes, your experience will be very different when everything's empty compared to game day. If you have an unlimited plan, you shouldn't have to worry about how much data you use on your phone. I know they say that over 22GB they can deprioritize you, but I haven't noticed that actually affect me any in the DFW area. I guess long story short, you have options. 🙂 Sucks though that the DirecTV NOW app doesn't allow HDMI -- I guess AT&T wants to make you feel like you can do a lot, but not to the point where you can milk it.
  15. dmaxel

    Ok Tailgating techies

    According to this, DirecTV Now will not give you free data if you use a Chromecast (falls under the same category as Apple TV). So HDMI cable is the best choice (sadly, as it's far from ideal) to where you don't have to worry about your data usage. I would've suggested possibly getting T-Mobile back when they had a plan with unlimited hotspot, but they recently removed that option. 😞