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  1. That would require a ton of advertising from both UNT and SMU, and I don't think SMU would want to put any effort into that. All I can say is that if Wren is able to convince the AAC and SMU it's a good idea, he deserves a lifetime contract.
  2. This, plus it would free up a non-conference slot in our schedule for a new series. It would be benefits galore for us, but the AAC would only have little gain from adding us, and SMU would likely try to block anyways.
  3. Not just a "lowly" 4-star recruit either (I think those start around .90 ratings...). He had a .97!!
  4. FYI, his older brother has already committed to UT.
  5. How the heck is this already a thing?? Oh, also:
  6. I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Ashton outside of the BTG episodes, but I have a friend who once had him in a class and she had nothing but great things to say about him. Your time at UNT has been much appreciated by all of us, Ashton.
  7. Not going to lie, I imagine Littrell vs. Orgeron would be pretty entertaining.
  8. This is a picture of a potential render (not final design) of what a renovated Willis would look like. All links to where I got this picture from no longer seem to work, but hey I at least still had the picture.
  9. I believe that the NCAA limits the amount of practices that a team may conduct between their last regular-season game and their bowl game. The only advantage we'd get by having a later bowl game is more rest in between practices.
  10. We would have the best UNT showing to the SERVPRO bowl and the bowl in Shreveport, in that order. Anywhere else, the showing would be laughable.
  11. Hover over that acronym with your mouse and the site will tell you. 😉
  12. Surely there's got to be other CUSA teams who have had this many struggles with the refs? So far I feel like it's just fallen on deaf ears and CUSA doesn't give two craps on doing something about it.
  13. They blew the play dead before the ball was picked up!!!
  14. dmaxel


    Pro tip: if you use Gmail for your email, you can create multiple email addresses based off of your existing one and all mail sent to it will still go to your regular inbox. Example: your normal address is gmg@gmail.com. You can tell Sling/Fubo your address is gmg+sling@gmail.com, and you'll still get the emails sent to it (important since a lot require you to verify the address). Need another address for a new trial? Maybe use gmg+fubo@gmail.com next. Just add a "+whatever_here" before the @.
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