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  1. Or somebody that is available he liked that KU didn’t offer.
  2. I agree and one DT, OT, then best available. Juco or TRANSFER
  3. What were our choices? A FBS DC or a P5 position coach? I believe Seth leaned from Reeder no more FBS. Again this is a coach with P5 position coach, P5 DC and a inter P5 HC. Why has KU kept him, maybe because he is a good coach and maybe because he is a good recruiter. The most important function for the DC at UNT is recruiting and evaluating talent. Congrats to all. GMG
  4. Congrats to all. P5 position coach, P5 DC and a P5 inter HC. Plus a strong recruiter. Solid hire! GMG
  5. Davontae may have the best offer list that I have seen for a commit. I was wondering if he would be our highest rated player in our history that we have signed based off your measurements? Thanks
  6. This is what I expect to happen on both sides of the ball. As mentioned it is going to take in the $500k range and a jack up in assistant pay.
  7. Man how far has FSU fallen , that they have to get players from the G5’s! They are going to be waiting a long time for a turn around!
  8. We all know Lane loves the transfer portal.He could be a possible for Duffy? I know they signed 3 last class with the Allen kid. Wonder if they might have some players moving on?
  9. La Tech and FAU has had success getting these types of players no reason we shouldn’t! He wants to start! Love this guy out of HS a hell of an athlete!
  10. Hope non of us bitch when a scholarship is pulled! GMG
  11. It is what they did this year. Kinda like what have u done for me lately. Seth has a winning season next year he will be hot again.
  12. We would be sold out on national television! This is what will attract attention from others! GMG
  13. Just saw Morris and Applewhite mentioned as candidates. Either would be solid for UTSA.
  14. Definitely the most athletic with size Cas has had. Bell is going to be a major stud with his size, vertical and speed! Very exciting!
  15. Didn’t hear Lane’s name last year after 5-7! Now look!
  16. Rather be in a bowl game and loose than not be in one! Winning record matters, just ask the teams that don’t have one! Trajectory may be the most important aspect of our team. With the IPF , recruiting classes, and the funds to replace AC and DC there should be no excuses for a loosing season! Gmg
  17. Playoffs would be an additional revenue stream for these conferences. I think every division in football has a playoff except us! Even in high school.
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