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  1. Turbines are cool right next to the grass practice fields!
  2. Especially with it being the first game!
  3. More graphics are coming for the stadium!
  4. Hope they are passing out Kleenex’s Sr night! I will need one!
  5. The team is flying and staying in Jackson.
  6. I think he is already on the practice squad!
  7. App State has definitely been on the up swing. They also seem to have nice Athletic Facilities. Bet they would like to move up?
  8. Shorter at 6’2” 215lbs one of the fastest if not the fastest guy on the team! I can see him being a physically dominant player.
  9. My dream is Mason signed by the Cowboys with the 5th pick. There could not be a better back up or practice squad qb. I have always thought Mason with his heritage and talent would kill it in the Canadian league. This could be a second option for him. As we know he will make the most of any opportunity!
  10. I feel our O line is going to be a strength this year. I believe we could have a dominant running game.
  11. As UNT has picked up their social media involving recruits, they have also pick it up majorly for the fans. The facebook and twitter post with video of players and coaches has been great. It gives an inside look and a personal view of the coaches and players. Congrats to all involved. GMG
  12. Eh defense. After seeing him play last season, just stack the box. With his running style they better have a good back up. GMG
  13. Hambone!! Make it happen big guy!
  14. Man oh man was I fortunate to be at this game! Listen to the crowd noise! To hear the loudest crowd chant of North — Texas in their stadium is one I will never forget! Let’s win it all this year! GMG
  15. Who knows what happened at KSU? I promise he is not going to take Illini or Syracuse. I don’t believe he will take a bottom feeder just to get a P5 job. Now Ole Miss could be interesting.
  16. Two more again today. This many, this early has never happened before? Look for it to continue through the season.
  17. As with Seth it is going to take a special offer for Wren to leave. He is also close to family, making good money and loves the Argyle area for his kids. Let’s all enjoy the ride. GMG
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