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  1. Fleck has taken a Western Michigan program and has turned it around quickly. What was really a surprise to me was his recruiting classes. Number one in the Mac since he started and even ranked above Nebraska and Oregon at times and stealing recruits away from schools like Michigan State! This is a high energy guy that has been a W/R coach at the college and pro level. How? Fleck Forbes Article 1. Great teams change on a daily basis. 2. Recruiting requires a Great first impression. 3. Develop a culture that shapes leaders. How important will it be to have a younger HIGH energy guy? Experience, track record, HIGH ENERGY!
  2. Played and coached under Leach. Now coaches at Tech. Young and a over achiever on the field. His experience is greater than K. Briles? If not HC maybe an OC?
  3. Tony Levine...I like. His recruits are doing well at Houston.
  4. Ok let me read his resume? Always has coached under his dad and has 1 year of experience as an OC? You want buzz or a coach!
  5. Three years in the $500,000 t0 $600,000 range. New OC DC $350.000 to $400,000 range. Bump all assistant coaches salary. Hire a local HS coach that runs the same offense make him QB coach. Good article on Kitna last week. Could be a maybe if he wins a few more games.
  6. It makes you wonder who was controlling what under Mac and Dodge.
  7. Coach up the talent we can get! How many times has this been said by UNT supporters? It looks like it is happening. Just look at the stats of Chico's offense next to Mac's this year. I hope he wins 2-3 more and makes us take a look!
  8. A defensive player recommends the offensive co ord? Trice must of been impressed from what he saw as a player. How much did Mac hold back a Chico offense and how much did the run first of Mac make QBs say no thanks. Just look at the stats of Chico compared to Mac, pretty impressive in a short period of time. His energy is a huge plus. It is always mentioned to coach up the talent we can get. That is happening. I hope he can win 2 - 3 more games, then we really take a look at Chico. Sign him for 3 yrs, $500,000 to $600,000 range with the requirement of a new OC and DC, in the $350,00 to $ 400,00 range! Bump for up for all Assistant Coaches. Go Chico! Make it a tough decision for us!
  9. Some of the names mentioned that are or have been head coach above the high school level with some Texas ties. Dino Babers, Tony Levine, Fritze, Brad Smiley, Chris Thorsen, KC Wheeler, Colby Carthel any others? I really like Dino and Levine. Who do you like that has been a head coach?
  10. Well at least I know now based on RV and the Pres. my opinion is in the minority AGAIN! Maybe I am missing something so I would like to invite the RV majority supporters to please explain why to keep RV. Maybe I will change my mind based on information I am not aware of. Let's go RV'ing!
  11. He is a proven winner! I am for hiring a guy that has successful HC EXPERIENCE. The downside is name recognition and age. Also has he been out of the Texas recruiting to long? He looks solid!
  12. You want a coach that has been an assistant at a successful program and can recruit! Oh and DOES NOT NEED HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE! What about TONY! How is that working for U!
  13. Tony Levine. HC success can recruit local. No brainer!
  14. Yea low level! Like bottom 10!
  15. This guy had HC success at UH. Knows the High School market. (UH players of today recruited by Levine) is at a good age with great experience! Could be perfect?
  16. How does Houston, Cincy, Tulsa, Bowling Green hit on coaches? When they make the hire they are not usually big names, but they have a number of successes that move to the next level! Is it a statistical issue like Baseball has become?
  17. 800K to 1m... Substantial increases to OC-DC and assist! No way less than what Mac was making!
  18. Offer Base of $800k to $1m! Increase Assist Coaches 20%. Hire a successful high school coach that runs the spred and put at QB coach. Build an indoor practice facility! Frig'n Ark State and ULL can do it we can!!! We have to offer more! Look hard at Dino Babers! How does Bowling Green do it?
  19. I do like Thornsen. But it made not be the splash we are looking for!
  20. Politics baby! Who gives the most gets the ear of the decision maker. But I also believe the 17 care for their school. Maybe they had the input to fire MAC! I bet those three alums they gave over $1m each at halftime, with nobody in the stands said something! GOOD!
  21. Must be between 38 and 45. Must have be or has been a successful as a head coach on the college level, any level. ( Freeze before ASU) must be or has been an offensive co. at a big time school. Will attract QBs! Recruiter
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