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  1. Disagree. If we would of hired Meach they would of pulled the $ for Cumbie. Seth must of nailed the interview!
  2. Captain of the 2000 Natl Champ team as a fullback!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Seth's resume is awesome. He was obviously more impressive with the interview than Meach. I think this was Meach's job to loose and he did. After Mac I think youth is also a big pluse. Watch the videos and he says over and over again about changing and adapting the scheme to his players talents.
  4. Take a look at Kerry Cooks and Diron Reynolds at OU. Maybe DC?
  5. You are Wrong sir! Check out the info and watch a few videos. He is responsible for the offense and play calling during the game!
  6. Jinks OC? Kitna qb coach? Hire a Director of High School Relations!
  7. Now that Prez Smac has hired the next football coach who should he hire for BB?
  8. Two years ago who would of thought UNT would fire a coach mid way in the season and eat 2 years worth of salary? Two years ago who would of thought UNT would be hiring an OC from a top 12 ranked team and not a position coach? The change that has taken place is Prez. Smac! Why not North Texas~
  9. It makes sense he has not been offered the job. Only way he says no to UNT is if Patterson is looking to move on and he gets the HC which i dont see happening! TCU can offer Cumbie stability and the $. Texas can only offer one. Next Texas coach is Herman!
  10. Read a piece where Patterson and Gundy would be on the short list for Georgia! Speculation
  11. I believe all the people that work in Denton should live in Denton! All the people the live in Denton should work in Denton! In the contract!
  12. Gotta love it!!! Lets get this done so we can start talking about the new BB COACH!
  13. We are already at the bottom. Texas is still trying to find the bottom. Strong will be gone by next year!
  14. Nope, because as an OC or DC you are coaching and making decisions during the game>
  15. Luper or Jinks would be great! I would also like him to look at Jon Kitna for Qb coach. Success in high school and the pros with 2 tours with the COWBOYS!
  16. I got a great job, but I have been offered a promotion for more $ from another company. Of course I am going to due diligence on the company and my new boss. These guys know whats going on with the position and you wonder how much the Pres. is involved! You loose credibility with me when you state you will not support the new hire and you fell like YOU need to inform him of what is going on! It is about time we forget the past and create a positive future!
  17. It is not only bump up salaries of assistant coaches, but also fill newly created positions. A lot of schools now have a Director of High School Relations, Director of Recruiting, and Director Player Personnel. I would also like to see a Qb coach!
  18. Great find. His resume is impressive and is still a young guy!
  19. Uh, Uh 2014 Broyles Award Finalist! Pick as one of the top 5 assistant coaches in the COUNTRY! Kiffin also nominated won by Herman! BAM!!!
  20. You can Google sir! Hired by Patterson, Broyles Award finalist in 2014, Kiffin also on the list won by Herman. Turned down past opportunities, because he wanted his kids to finish school. Was in charge of the Obs at Houston which included recruiting. The resume is outstanding!
  21. He would be great. I admire Patterson more than any coach in football. He has done more with less than anybody I can think of. Him hiring Meacham is big endorsement for me! Meacham was in charge of Qb recruiting at Houston and that worked out pretty good! I think he could be the one because of his age and our location to his family. He has turned down moves before because of his kids and school. He is really going to have the high school contacts and coaching contacts. A comparison to Benford is stupid , because an OC or DC coaches during the live game!
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