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  1. CUSA west is the best of both worlds. A step up n conf with regional competition. I would like to travel to some away games. MWC is the next best option but they need to get a few schools n our time zone. It will be nice for UNT TO HAVE OPTIONS !!!
  2. Luv it !!! Everbody wear shades tonight at the Dan show !! Sat.... Big Mac night !!
  3. Every body wear shades !! To kool for school !!! Luv it !
  4. How proud and excited I am to b part of Mean Green Nation ! Awesome coach and young men ! Thank you .
  5. New proven coach and staff. State of the arts facility ! Football program that has turned the corner ! Great school n a great location ! Please call CUSA West. I'm ready to sign my letter of intent !!!
  6. Mine r the triplets !!! The 3 frosh offensive line. Awesome !!!!
  7. How about the throw and catch to Mr. Delgado n the back of the enzone !!! Big time !!!!
  8. U r dead on. Give me CUSA west with regional competition to fill up stadiums and create rivalries . Then create a championship game with CUSA east. To play the champion of MWC. The Bowls have become a sham. Playoffs is forcasted to make 10 times the money. Also UT is getting public funds for education system, when does it get to the point that funds r cut because of the revenue generated and past to other public universities based on need. This is on the horizon just like it was with Robin Hood n Texas Public schools.
  9. I disagree the NCAA has a code of conduct for the college coaches. This happened with the knowledge of the head coach and an assistant coach ,unfortunately u could label this as an ongoing criminal enterprise, as we all know with this type of pervert they never rehabilitated . The crime also took place at the athletic facilities with their knowledge. Also I believe the father of McQuery has committed a crime by not reporting. The legal problems for Penn State the university will b huge . U have now rolled the admin into the ongoing criminal enterprise !
  10. Apogee.... Fill her up !!!! GMG!!!
  11. Big East will announce next week . CUSA will announce the following week . CUSA west will b UTEP, UNT, Tulsa, Rice , La Tech , Tulane and maybe Memphis. CUSA east will add both FIU and FAU . Troy could come into play because of the problems at UAB. For the west this creates local competition to fill stadiums and would slash travel cost for the athletic department. We would b n a conference were u could drive or fly SWA. U will have a CUSA playoff and champion, that will play the MWC champion at Jerry's place. Forget AQ how good and enjoyable would this conf b for the athletes and fans !!! GMG
  12. U going to fill the stadium with Rutgers or Uconn ??? Good luck with that !!
  13. As Boise is demanding another school in the west I feel UTEP, Tulsa, Rice is doing the same . We r the only logical choice for a travel partner to these schools. Again look at UTEP, Tulsa, Rice, UNT, La Tech, and Tulane n the west. Travel to help fill stadiums and low travel cost for the teams. Band could b at every game !!
  14. Compare SMU when it got accepted to CUSA to where UNT is today. We r a slam dunk !!
  15. CUSA is going to walk away from Florida and DFW so they can be strong in Memphis and Birmingham !! Not going to happen. Do we bring the DFW market like SMU did....yes. You will never have a presence n a market if u r not n it !! CUSA west .. UNT , UTEP, RICE, TULSA, La TECH, Memphis..revenue is from TV and filling the stadiums!!!! Create regional competition were fans can travel to the games and save on travel expense ! We could send our band to all of these locations.
  16. Memphis is going to fly to DFW and catch a connecting flight to Laramie !!! It not going to happen ! Forget DFW and Florida because we have the Birmingham market ! The goal n these conferences has to be fill up stadiums ! That is done by regional competition. UTEP is pushing for UNT and La Tech ! Both conf need to form an east division and west division. West... Tulsa , Unt, Rice, Utep, La Tech , Memphis. Then have a CUSA champion and a MWC champion. They play at Jerrys Place for a championship.
  17. U cant have 2 playoff games within a conf. Can u have a championship game between two conf. ?
  18. Why ? So they can travel cross country to play a game. Oh yea and keep the Wyoming market and forget DFW and FLORIDA !!! Get real.
  19. Timing !! They better get what they can get now. DFW is opened now who is knocking on the door . Hopefully CUSA AND MWC. Go to 12 u would create more regional comp. and actually save on travel cost and create a Championship game more $. Eq Tulsa to Denton or to Marshall ! This could b our homerun !!
  20. For us to be attractive for a conf we have to have a potential mkt. With SMU gone we now have DFW as one of our bargaining chips. The champion of CUSA MWC gets an AQ !! The future is a playoff n college football.
  21. Get off the sofa and drive to Tulsa, Houston, Sheveport . Southwest to Little Rock and drive to Memphis ( go thru Jonesboro sorry ark state ) Southwest to New Orleans and El Paso. As they will come to our market !!!
  22. This is awesome ! UNT, Tulsa, Rice, Utep, Memphis, La Tech, Tulane n CUSA west. CUSA playoff with the CUSA east and then a playoff with the MWC. We could come out better than the SMU move by having travel partners to fill up stadiums !!
  23. How proud do u feel !! Awesome !!!
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