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  1. How would you rate positions that need to see the greatest improvement? 1. Qb, 2. Linebacker, thought this would be a strength, is the Florida kid still here? 3. DT, 4. DE, can we please set the edge 5. OL, like the new signee
  2. Very exciting! The key is to upgrade the talent level at all positions and then let the coaching takeover. As stated there is a good chance he is more talented than any Qbs on the roster.
  3. Hope he waits till he visits with Graham!
  4. Awesome! The size difference in the lines is crazy! GMG
  5. Don't need to impress YOU and WE do care! A KID fighting thru his knee issues to perform at that level was very inspiring! What have YOU done lately?
  6. Look at USC!!! We may not get 5 star guys but we should develop all conf players.
  7. Uh he had done it! Look at his stats and the schools he did it with! Indiana, NC! Is this hard on going to replace the RV hard on? Happy Holidays fellow alumni. (It is kinda a special day)
  8. Doing a great job at UALR! Proven consistent winner. Keep an eye on him.
  9. Fritz was an assistant coach at one time? Oh wait NO he was born a Head Coach!!! Geeeeez
  10. UH game opening night and I am in my Club Level seats with my college sweetheart with 28,000 other fans watching frig'n NTSU! (my age) Goal stand against Rice when 22,000 fans sounded like 40,000 plus! Lost my voice. HOD, not just the game and great weather but the night before downtown Dallas was GREEN and WHITE! What are some of your great football memories? Happy Holidays GMG!
  11. This is the type of recruiting battles we should win. Billy with Fran resigning do they have any verbals we would want to flip? A lot of 3 stars but not many offers.
  12. I would think they would already have someone lined up. What about recruiting?
  13. You sure loose credibility when you try put blame on people that YOU know had no impact on the decision! Pick your battles! Oh I just realized this is that 90 guy!
  14. Well you R never going to get your pledge money back so I guess you on this blog for life! Why is there excitement, because MAC is gone!! With a new offense and Graham recruiting OB's I believe we will solve that problem! I also believe this staff will not be out worked by anybody!
  15. Arky Qb is one impressive athlete!
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