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  1. Lance finally has his break out game and runs for 120+. Final score: NT - 31. IU - 24
  2. The only triple digit numbers this weekend worth anything will be Lance running like the wind through UH defense. I expect big numbers from Lance!
  3. Makes me want to suit up and hit someone! Very cool!
  4. It certanly is not our stadium and the color of the shirt is wrong! Plus the shirt looks horrible!
  5. It's really too bad for Dunbar. I bet he would have liked to have some blocking. I only remember one play where he actualy had a hole to run through! O-line looks terrible!
  6. Obviously 14 pt spread wasn't enough.
  7. I'm really tired of the same ol' thing year after year. What is up with the tackling or lack of! They are making us look pretty silly!
  8. I can't believe this! I've been waiting all day. Come on!
  9. I'm new to the forum and 98 grad and live in Austin and would like to watch the game tomorrow as well. Hopefully there will be somewhere to watch!
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