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  1. Thompson better get his act together or it's going to be a long season. Kind of like the ones were all used to!
  2. Any updates? Wish I could watch the game.
  3. Great job Craig! Mean Green Proud
  4. I really don't get to go to many home games and this one sucked! I'll be back for the Tuesday night game though and hope its a better outcome! Still very disappointing.
  5. Three of us will be traveling from Austin. First home game this year!
  6. I'll be there as well for the game. Can't wait!
  7. I'm driving up from Austin on Saturday. Will there be any issues getting tickets?
  8. He'll definately get noticed when he runs back the opening kickoff!!!
  9. I'm also a North Texas grad living in Austin. Look forward to meeting some of you guys. I'll have check out the Silo on 7th!
  10. He needs to get some reps or might not have a chance with any team!
  11. I'm going with Coleman Feeley. I think he will surprise some folks this year!
  12. He really needs to have a good performance when he gets in! Turn some heads Lance!
  13. Sounds like he's turning some heads! Good luck to Lance!
  14. I agree, we need a new look with the new conference. Start with something new. SOW my vote!
  15. I was wondering the same thing! I wish this could get nailed down and completed.
  16. I would like one as well, but live in Austin! Will they be available again at a later date?
  17. I'm missing my company Christmas party to attend!
  18. I hope Dunbar does well enough to get that rushing title this weekend! That would probably = a win also!
  19. Until we win this is what we have to deal with. I say we win this weekend!
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