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  1. Bad news, the rehab on my knee not going so well and per Docs orders and PT. it looks like I'm a no go for the game. I guess I'll have to wait Til next year. Sorry! Good luck white team!
  2. Okay, I'm in! I should be good to go by then. XL shirt.
  3. I would like to but recuperating from knee surgery after the football game in April. Meniscus and Micro fracture surgery doesn't bode well for this game. Maybe I'll be ready for next year.
  4. I really hope Brian gets a chance somewhere. Maybe to my Cardinals god knows they need the help!
  5. That's was a lot of fun even though we didn't pull out the win. Good times! See you at next years game.
  6. Can't wait to attend this years event. My buddy got me a cool jersey from last year and I hope to get more stuff this year!
  7. I guess I didn't mention in my earler entry that I would like to play in the game. Thanks,
  8. KRAM 1 I'm in and an XL shirt. Do I need to sign up anywhere else?
  9. Did the Cowboys cut him? I know he was on their practice squad and is he on the Raiders roster or practice squad?
  10. I'm right there with you! Hopefully, we'll at least play well!
  11. Powers never impressed me much! To me he was rarely utilized in this very predictable offense!
  12. We're setting up this game perfect for them to win. Why wouldn't we try a quick pass?
  13. I really don't know what to think or what team will show up! I'll hope for a Mean Gren win of 27-24.
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