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  1. As long as we go bowling at the end of the year. Dont care where it is!
  2. It least we don't have to deal with this next year! Well maybe!!!
  3. We have running backs, USE THEM!!!
  4. We are horrible. Thompson I mean!
  5. We are horrible. Thompson I mean!
  6. Defense looks pretty good. Hopefully we'll get it together in the second half!
  7. I sure don't like the feel of this game!
  8. Do you put your address in the box or just your city?
  9. I have a bad feeling on this game. I hope I'm wrong and we stay healthy!
  10. Great news! Hope the hot hand continues next weekend. Congrats!
  11. I can't believe how bad this team looks.
  12. DT needs to sit the second half. It's in his head now. Looks to be done!
  13. I think Thompson has another good game and we get a pick six for the defense! NT 30 Cats 21
  14. I thought we were discussing Brian Waters! Congrats to another MG in the NFL
  15. The score will be NT 31 Idaho 3
  16. I'm in for one of the helmets as well and I won't get in trouble with the wife! Hope there selling them?
  17. Coconino High School in Flagstaff Arizona. Graduated 1982 and played two plus years of varsity and honorable mention tailback. At the time we were a 2A school which would be equivalent of a 4A Texas school.
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