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  1. Thank you for the updates this morning. Josh Greer sounds like he played pretty well!
  2. Got my #21 yesterday. Awesome!
  3. I can't wait for the game in Austin. Since I live here in Austin it will be another game I get to see next year. Planning on at least going to six games next year including the UTSA game in San Antonio!
  4. I need one to add to my collection sitting next to the flying worm helmet worn at the home opener!
  5. That looks awesome! Go get a win today guys.
  6. Glad to see it turning around. Back to the fun discussions of winning and Bowl games!
  7. It stinks when you live out of town. They don't offer much NT stuff in Austin!
  8. I agree with the last statement Itzcuauhtli talks about above: ''there is no substitution for victory, and starting now, we must not let statement games like this go through our fingers'' This is a huge statement game and we need to finish it with a WIN!!!
  9. Let's have an injury free butt kicking game! Go Mean Green!
  10. Commentators not speaking very highly of Thompson and all his accuracy problems with his throws. Mr. Hyde today.
  11. I don't believe the running game is the answer. Come on!
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