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  1. We're the homecoming team for sure! Wow what a difference a week makes.
  2. Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth. I grew up in Flagstaff and spent many weekends on the lake!
  3. I grew up in Flagstaff and went to football games with my dad at that stadium. It sure has changed. I'd love this look at North Texas!
  4. All around great person. Hope he gets some carries or at least some passes thrown his way this weekend!
  5. I actually hope this happens. I'll already be in Tucson for the holidays and will definitely go!
  6. Finally, I really wish they'd use him more!
  7. I'm going with the MG and a close win! Hope I'm right on this!
  8. NT for sure #1 then the Arizona Wildcats, I grew up in Arizona and have always followed the Wildcats and back in the Tedy Bruschi days and the Desert Swarm defense!
  9. A good friend of mine just left Illinois to take a coaching job with Pitt as their tight ends coach. Happens a lot!
  10. That's very typical of the way we start games. Great job guys!
  11. I'll try and swing by as well after work! Great place to watch the Mean Green and the food is awesome!
  12. Very nice and I hope they play as well as that helmet looks!
  13. I just hope we don't give up a TD on the first or second play. It seems like we've done that the past few years from what I remember!
  14. What a cool video! I hope he makes the team.
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