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  1. This team has given up and it’s not even halftime. Disgusted!
  2. How much will this game hurt with recruiting and the current guys that have signed? Also, NO way do we win 6 games this year. What a shame!
  3. Awesome, I may swing by and watch the Mean Green win!
  4. So will Nate Brooks for the Cardinals, #41 Go Cards!
  5. We’re not anywhere on the same planet as USU. This is going to be a long day!
  6. Agreed,this will be a great challenge for the Meangreen
  7. What the heck with all the missed tackles!! Pathetic tackling.
  8. Way to go and let them back into it! Now there gaining confidence! Nice job!
  9. O-line got taken to the wood shed tonight! What a shame.
  10. Trying everything possible to tank this one!
  11. I think CSU win last weekend hurts our chances. They'll be ready UA 28 NT 21 I really hope I'm wrong
  12. Arkansas will be ready and pissed. This will be a very tough game. Hope we can come out with a win.
  13. We're the homecoming team for sure! Wow what a difference a week makes.
  14. Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth. I grew up in Flagstaff and spent many weekends on the lake!
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