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  1. Do you actually think people will be excited about this? There will still be an unbelievable amount of negativity tonight and tomorrow.
  2. It sounds loud on the radio.
  3. Obviously, you missed my sarcasm. I've been repeatedly accused and bashed on this board for having low expectations or being an apologist and accepting failure. I just for once felt like reverberating the overreaction on the board which entertains me for hours.
  4. Tell me, o wise soothsayer. Where have you received evidence of such conspiracy? While you're at it, can you score me some information about JFK and other shenanigans that are possibly being covered up? The freshman is playing because he's a freshman, with 4 years allotted to him. Build the future.
  5. F it. Fire him. Better yet, let's take him outback and burn him at the stake. I expected a blowout win at Alabama, and at least a 41 point win over Houston. The fact that we are not the 14th team in the SEC is absolutely a failure in my eyes. I truly had visions of crashing the BCS party this year, and the fact that we might not even go to a bowl game means we need to fire everybody, take out a number of mortgages on Apogee, hire Urban Meyer and hire players to play at UNT. Don't we have a dude who just gave millions of dollars to UNT? Hit him up and tell him we need a solid starting 22 next year.
  6. I can dig your enthusiasm, and I do think that the manic depressive disorder which plagues most posters on the board does breach the overkill threshold. What I do see is an uber-passionate group of fans on this board, and does get carried away at times. Frustration boils over at times, and of course, just like since we can't bitch about movies and share porn on the internet like we used to, we use this website to voice our displeasure, or at times, pleasure towards the football team. Make no mistake, brother, we're all heavy supporters of our team, most of us are financial donors to Mean Green Club and other organizations set up to assist the football program, however, we do want to see a winning product.
  7. Why the hell are we running? Why is McNulty in the game? Why isn't Osborne playing? Seriously, I'm outraged.
  8. Our defense was playing ok, but what exactly are we trying to accomplish with our offensive scheme? Seriously, I don't see exactly what they're trying to do. But their announcers, are garbage. Seriously, they forget our school name, mascot, can't get our coach's name right, and what the hell is that sound after the replays?
  9. Hope the kid finds his way in whatever direction life takes him. So much talent, so little results. Heartbreaking.
  10. It is a HUGE game- who would have thought that we'd be seeing this in the first year. Even if we don't go bowling this year, if we can walk away with an opportunity to go 500 or better this year, it would be a ridiculous turnaround, even against Sun Belt conference competition. Not only are we playing for this year, we also are setting ourselves up nicely for recruiting. This is huge on SO MANY LEVELS. More and more, the money RV ponied up to get this cat is paying off. Not to mention, if we come back to Denton for homecoming with back to back wins, an opportunity to get to 500 and homecoming- what a crowd and ravenous home field advantage he'd have! So I might have to see if there is a flight from Lawton to Layfayette- anyone else tempted to brave the hostile crowd?
  11. In my time, MTS was the big rival- we absolutely hated them and a friend of mine who I met at OCS said they detested us. I suppose it was due to their perceived rule over the belt that never came to fruition. It got nasty. REALLY nasty. But, after we faded, it just ceased. At the same time, the New Mexico State game was always pretty ferocious. We also had a great series, or at least competitive one, against TCU. We have a great plug with SMU because of their "Cash over Trash" perception, plus they always seem to be bagging on us even when they have bigger things to worry about. Houston is intriguing, because of both schools being considered afterthoughts in mainstream Tx football. If we can somehow start beating Tulsa, it could be a mini red river shootout, but there has to be victories by both sides to be considered a rivalry. In short, rivalries happen when you don't expect them to. If we take care of business, this kind of thing will take care of itself.
  12. Didn't realize he was a walk on. I have mixed feelings on the 4th down call, primarily because I like how we went for the throat, but I do remember me saying we have the 3 points in the bag. I'm just glad to see that our guys do seem to be evolving. Progress is progress, but I think this is a huge measuring stick this coming weekend. Is it on ESPN3?
  13. I bought the game on pay-per-view last night- couldn't make it out there, I'm sad to say, but this game should have been 38-17. A fourth down pass was placed right on the money into the back of the end zone, I was about to cheer and scare the bejesus out of my dog, when the receiver dropped it. Then it hit me, DT is throwing the ball with zip and authority, but who the hell is catching them? I stopped counting dropped passes last night, because I was getting more and more angry with each one. Honestly, outside of Chancellor, I'm not sure we have a legitimate receiving threat, based on relative consistency. Has anyone else noticed this problem? I think obviously this is Thompson's team, and glad for it as he is growing up, Lance Dunbar got going, the offensive line is playing well considering their relative youth, and the defense is ridiculously aggressive. Our kicker is nailing 50+ yard field goals and our punter is lights out. Our team is growing up right before our eyes, but without talented receivers that can catch on a regular basis, nobody is going to respect our passing game and continue to box up Dunbar. Just throwing that out there to see if anyone shares the same sentiments about positions that absolutely MUST be filled when we hit the recruiting trail- which, does anyone know of any receiving talent we have signed for next year? I'm sure there are a number of kids down in Arlington Martin that may want to play at Apogee.
  14. If you're not happy with the coach's decision, perhaps you should have applied for the job. I'm sure with your NCAA whatever year experience on PS3 and building UNT to the most prestigious team in the land will serve you well. Last time I checked, this dude knows what he's doing. We do not, as we are grasping at straws and assuming we would make better decisions. Or, if you don't like the idea of you being in the hot seat, perhaps you can create a "circle of champions" similar to what SMU did, buy out McCarney, and hire a big name out of work head coach at a maximum salary that would cripple the athletic department for years. Don't be surprised, though, if Tulsa wins C-USA. The teams that matter the most and will map out our progress more accurately will be the Sun Belt team. Obviously, we can't do anything about FIU, but we can sure as hell beat the rest of the teams. Apologies for being somewhat snippy this morning, but the complaining has become out of hand. It was comical at first, but crucifying a coach for not making the decision you would have made is a bit ridiculous.
  15. We need to win now because of conference realignment issues? Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if it's not remaining in the sun belt, it's going to be some conglomerate of sun belt like teams in the WAC. It would have taken a miracle, one Jimmy Johnson would not be able to accomplish to get us into C-USA at this point. We're not moving- the major conferences will laugh at us, and one year of winning after six years of pathetic football doesn't give us the credibility for respectable mid majors. Everyone needs to take a step away from the ledge- you're being very un-dude.
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