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  1. Odufuwho?…. Odufuwa!
  2. So many times this year we have trouble finishing games. We get into foul trouble early and it effects us down the stretch.
  3. Defensively we are too aggressive sometimes.
  4. Zhighlil McMillan is 50/50 on returning.
  5. Unbelievable people think he should get another year. Not many schools would even think about keeping a DC with those stats. of course UNT is one of them that would. Defensively, it literally can’t get much worse.
  6. Let’s flip the question Would any D1 school hire Caponi?
  7. I hear Rogers will be entering the portal as well.
  8. I’m having trouble believing morris can make the tough decisions. Rogers was clearly the qb from the start and our defense is terrible.
  9. We have to get past this mentality! we had a losing season. That is nothing to be excited/proud/or encouraged about.
  10. Unbelievable. One of the worse in the country and still has a job. Must be nice.
  11. Caponi should have been gone already. we fired Seth bc we wanted better. THIS ISN'T BETTER.
  12. I heard and thought the same thing. He needs to prove he can make the hard decisions. 2 qbs didn’t work and this DC isn’t going to work.
  13. Morris has to get a failing grade. Sorry 5 wins doesn’t cut it for me. It doesn’t matter if it is a new coach or a coach who has been here years. Standards have to be higher.
  14. Exactly! Morris should be on a very short leash. how many times are you going are you going to do that?
  15. mgfan


    Early take, but you may not be wrong when everything is said and done.
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