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  1. chomp's post in The Wheeler hit was not intentional was marked as the answer   
    As someone who has attended his fair share of both Mean Green and Gator games, I was going to restrain myself from chiming in, but here goes: the entire Del Rio incident was an example of how unfortunate things can sometimes happen even when people are just doing their jobs. Wheeler was just doing his job trying to get to Del Rio. Between getting around the Gator OL and trying to get the sack, I can't possibly see how Wheeler could have possibly had the time or physical ability to plan out making a specific hit to injure Del Rio. McElwain was also doing his job, he is in his second year, has a new, unproven QB, and needs to get both the team and the Gator fanbase to buy in to him. Raising a ruckus after the Del Rio injury seemed like exactly the thing to do to show a young Gator team that their coach has their back. This is all the more important for a time that has to travel to Tennessee next week and will do so with an even less proven QB. Littrell has the same job as McElwain, show his team and Mean Green fans that he will fight for them and get them ready for bigger battles down the road. Standing up to McElwain was exactly the way to do that. No need for anyone to hate anyone here. That is why Georgia fans exist, for everyone to hate.
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