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  1. Lifer is right. While he has the right to say or do anything within the bounds of reason he should exercise a good taste and do that as part of a protest group. He is representing a group which I daresay does not endorse disrespect for the flag or the country. Many posters on this board have served in the military in time of war. I know that I am, and I believe that most do all they can to honor the flag and our comrades who died to maintain the right of free speech. But just as this contemptable person has his right to turn his back on the flag, Rudy has the right to voice his displeasur
  2. It was my understanding that after sitting out a year that he would have a year of eligibility left. To me that means that he is not eligible until the second semester (Jan. 2004) but would also be elibigle for the fall semester of that year. Even if that is true, I don't know how JJ would feel about using a player that could not go to the end of the year with the team.
  3. I don't see how Jerry could be the best owner in the NFL. Isn't it the job of the owner to select and hire the General Manager? He does have Dallas' best interest at heart, as long as it will make money. There is a fine line between and owner doing nothing and one that is too meddlesome. Mr. Jones crossed the line on day one bur he does have a right to protect his investment. He soes do many things right. Let's hope that the hiring of Parcells is another one of his right moves.
  4. I have talked to Coach Bell much more than to any of our current coaches and I find him to be a fine man, as well as a fine coach. I'm glad that he's back. He has ties to the Houston area but to this area as well. In many ways it's good to have a former player as a coach and recruiter. Speaking of that, former UNT defensive lineman Nelson Barnes, late of the Nebraska staff, is now available (at least I haven't heard of a recent job offer). I think that he'd be a good offensive line coach. As for Tulsa being one of the bottom five 1-A football programs, that's true. I will predict that t
  5. I, too, like the name but there are two problems with their getting it. (Blank) State University is usually reserved for the number one, 1-A or two university in the state. It has historically been THE agricultural college in the state. If anyone were to be granted that name it should be Texas A&M. Then, assuming A&M were to give up that right, Southwest Texas State is a part of the 'Texas State University System'. They would need to be designated the flagship university to be able to use Texas State University by itself. If approved, it would rightly be called "Texas State U
  6. Although, sadly, this wouldn't do you any good this spring semester, I think that one thing that would help would be to organize several departments into a School or College of Communication. Combine Journalism, Radio, TV and Film and Public Relatiions into one school with a dean. That would allow for planning and give the communications area more clout than individual departments will ever have. I'd also like to see Channel 2 moved to the campus (where it was originally licensed) and run by students. I believe that these changes would help Chancellor Jackson obtain more operating funds.
  7. MGW, the Mid-American is also a 1-A football conference. The "upper major" conferences are the Top 10 rated basketball conferences. I believe that we are about 13 or 14 in some polls but the margin is razor thin to the 10th rated conference. The addition of Utah State would probably raise us to 11 but Idaho would drag us back down again. Now if we could just get Tulsa.....
  8. Shaneb, I agree with your assessment about spreading the main campus to too many locations. The closer our schools are the more cohesive we'll become. The downtown Fort Worth property will be much more expensive than any Denton property. Admittedly, this is a graduate school but most graduate schools are on campus. I believe that's the case with every public college in Texas. Does anyone know differently? One possible drawback on moving the law school is that TWU might be snubbed by the Fort Worth community for allowing the institution to be moved. It would be omething akin to selling a
  9. I also think that the men will have about 20 wins. The women lost too much. They have some good players but little experience. I would guess about 12 wins with most of them coming in conference.
  10. At the TCU game, JJ was gracious enough to call to me as I walked past him in the concession line. Not only was he there, but he said that most of his team was also. I also saw about six of them together at Fouts. Johnny said that they spend a lot of time together and are getting to know each other's personality, abilities, etc. That should be a good thing. We talked briefly about this year's team. He brought up Justin Leonard's name as looking very good. He is pleased with everyone's ability and enthusiasm. Of course, right now all that the coaching staff can do is observe their picku
  11. Uh...Rick, you mad e Freudian slip. I hope that we play JOHNNY ball this coming season. Johnny Jones is the head coach. I agree with CPC's analysis and I hope that he will return often.
  12. There really isn't a fast way to get to Denton at rush hour. The fastest way from NW Hwy and the tollway would be to take the tollway north to George Bush Turnpike and exit west. Exit at 35-E to go north (currently that's the end of the GBT) that will put you in north Carrollton. The trip up 35-E from there should be 20-45 minutes, depending on traffic. There is only one parking garage on campus, at present. It is located east of the Union building on Welch, between Chestnut and Prairie. There are plans within the next few years to add four more, including two between the Coliseum (Sup
  13. Cooley, I hope that you will learn to love him. I don't know who the rating group was that put him in Texas' Top Twenty, but if was Texas Hoops, or one of similar quality, they don't usually miss on their Top 30-40. He may be raw but I feel good about this coaching staff making him a solid player. As far as growing 2-3 inches over a summer, that's very possible. I grew six inches one summer. Of course, I started from a bas of 5-8. But it definitely can be done. In fact, I beleive that Michael DeGrate grew two inches this past summer. I always respect your knowledge of basketball play
  14. That's great news, especially as it apllies to the funding formula. I do have a question. Are the UNT System Center at Dallas students included for free admission to athletic and fine arts events? If so, do we actively solicit their attendance at any of these events?
  15. I think it will depend on what they run. If they run a conventional 1-2-3-4-5, then I'd expect Jelly to be the #5 with 6-11 Justin Leonard as his backup. But I also think that you may see many times that there are two power forwards....Michael DeGrate and Will Smith in there without Masters. Unjel's forte in the past has been shot-blocking, rebounds, then scoring. I don't see a lot of change from that. Even if he played regularly, I would still see him as the fifth scorer among the starters. It seems to me that his biggest improvement has been defensively. In short, will he be a for
  16. Chief, I agree with you and RV about ignoring your own school to write about an opponent. Pregame mention of outstanding players and statistics or synopses of opponents accomplishments are fine but postgame should be about those from your own school and their efforts (or lack thereof). I do draw the line at calling the writer or sports editor an imbecile. We have received more better-written and favorable articles this year in comparison to last. I look at this as just a case of not being aware of the protocol. I doubt that you'll find the chief editor extolling the virtues of the Daily
  17. Yes, the athletics site also lists September 8 as the date for the UNT/TWU game.
  18. Dr. Al Hurley has done some great things for the University of North Texas and I do not begrudge naming a building for he and his wife. He led the improvements in academics and is the chief architect of the UNT System. My preferences would have been to (1) rename the General Academics Building the Hurley Academics Building or (2) change the name of the College of Arts & Sciences to the Hurley College of Arts & Sciences or (3) name the next new academic building for the Hurleys. I don't really object to naming the Administration for them UNLESS they try to do away with the McConnel
  19. I think that the newly paved street shown is either Chestnut or Sycamore, an east-west street. Old Avenue D is a north-south street and should be just to the right of the image. Anyway, the new pavement will help greatly in gaining access to this new building, which will be a magnificent campus improvement. I like the way that the campus is beginning to take shape; residential, athletics and recreational to the south and west and academics to the north and east.
  20. Reb, why is there a goalie problem? What happened to Housden, last year's goalie?
  21. By my count there were supposed to be 21 returning players (including 3 goalies) from last year's conference champion. We also signed several freshmen. Are they included in your total of 14 (excluding goalies?)? If so, that's inconceivable. As far as academics (keeping players eligible), I believe that is the responsibility of Kristi Easley. She should have advised Coach Hedlund of grade problems of current players so that he could recruit to compensate for those lost to academics. The five top scorers (besides your daughter Elaine) were Marin, Pina, Mitchell and Uselton. Will any of th
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong LoveMG, but I believe that one foot is squeezing a football (nearly in two) and the other is holding the Mean Green banner.
  23. For those of you that may not have seen it, there is a master plan that addresses some of your concerns. Click on the illustrative plan for an overview of what the new campus will look like in 2015. Other topics will address increased campus housing, landscaping, traffic, etc. There will be some modifications due to the acquisition of the TI property, for example. The research park suggested for the east side of I-35 will now be located at the North Campus. Anyway, it makes interesting reading and you'll find that many of the suggestions have already been implemented. My Webpage
  24. The article refers to accreditation for UNTHSC's School of Public Health. As pointed out in the posting the school must offer a master's degree in the six disciplines listed, plus a doctorate in at least one. Texas Tech either does not have a School of Public Health at their medical school or it has not yet been accredited. MDs and DOs take the same test for licensing and are the only two doctors authorized to practice medicine in Texas. DOs perform surgery, specialize, and have family practices similarly to MDs. In some cases DOs and MDs are members of the same partnership. The major di
  25. Harry, won't the name change since academics have not been mentioned as being housed in the new facility? From the posting by Mo Green (Denny Kalk), it appears that the academic center will be in the space vacated by the athletic offices, weight room and locker rooms. Does anyone else know if the above is true? Something will be needed to fill that space and the whole idea makes perfect sense to me.
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