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  1. They have some interesting topics on conference re-alignment. Jump in the discussion! Can someone provide another link to Delphi SBC Forum on the next post after this one? Thanks in advance...
  2. Hope its a doozy of a post! Wasn't it Hazel who used to say, uh, "doozy?"
  3. UNT's men's basketball team has traveled to Los Angeles to play the UCLA Bruins in (is it) Paulley Pavillion. We lost...
  4. I think it may have been a body double as his cheeks seemed more pooched out than Saddams; that is, unless Saddam has suddenly contracted a case of the mumps! Get all of em' so there will be no doubt!
  5. Watching CNN and hoping for a quick solution to THE PROBLEM.
  6. There has even been talk in the Fort Worth Star Telegram of the UH System as a possible hook-up for UTA if they left the UT System. Funny thing is they have a robotics center in one bldg in east Fort Worth that they call UT-Arlington at Fort Worth. BUT......could you only imagine if they were in the UH System what they'd call that campus? How about, uh, the University of Houston at Arlington at Fort Worth! Better stick with the UT System, Movin Mav's folks!
  7. Speaking of KNTU, I still don't understand why a 100,000 (is it killowatts?) power station cannot be picked up in Parker County.
  8. Now.............step by step, how do I change my avatar? Great work, AustinTalon !
  9. I believe UNT will build a domed football stadium before UTA drops from the UT System. They are just (wisely) positioning themselves to get more of the Permanent University Fund monies it appears; also, to make sure UT-Dallas doesn't get all the "chicken salad" (so to speak). I am more curious how UNT is faring in the Texas legislature these days, though, anyone heard anything on that? Still trying to figure out who and what put this state in a $10 billion deficit in the first place?
  10. UTA's superiority over UNT is a new concept to these ears. I guess I would just need to see some stats on UTA's academic "superiority" with comparative programs. Do such statistics exist? Of course, they do have us beat in architecture (UNT has no architectural school). In light of former UTA President Witt's comments about UNT, would it be that those of us from the Mean Green Nation might now want to call him, uh, dim-Witt?
  11. Dallas Green (who I believe has lived in both Denton & Lewisville) may be better qualified to answer that question than anyone. But lets not forget thru all this, that 99.9% of us are pro-Denton and only want to see the city that is home to our alma mater have only good things happen to it. We all want Denton to get more than its fair share of the pie that is being served and passed around the Metroplex.
  12. According to one of our posters who has been around the Mean Green Scene for over 50 years, UTA has an engineering school only because North Texas (ab-NORMAL-ly) turned an engineering school down when legislators in Austin asked us if we wanted one. (The J.C. Matthews curse at work again and I have heard that story from others thru the years, also). UTA was also not too happy when UNT-Dallas came on the scene; but I am not so sure NTSU was all that happy when UT-Dallas (Richardson) was added in our backyard as well and many years earlier. This new UT Chancellor Mark Yudof (a non Texan) concerns me with his (seemed) "step on who you need to step on" most aggressive tactics that I'm afraid will (ultimately) not benefit UNT-Denton in the long run, IMHO. They also seem to not be benefitting UTA according to the report. UTA has been even making noise about joining the TAMU System, Texas Tech System or the UH System (UH-Arlington? How weird). Strangely, the UNT System was never mentioned by UTA officials, but I'm sure the creation of UNT-Dallas probably had much to do with that as that might on a smaller scale put them in the same scenario they are presently in now.
  13. To Whom It May Concern: For a university that has inhabited a city for 113 years and been its largest employer (and a top revenue producer for that city's businesses) for most of those 113 years, I am sorry, but that list seems to be almost too small to even print; except it does give many of us "former" Dentonites an idea of who to do business with when we make our trips into town. Still even stranger is that I've been asking for 2 years on this board what hotel/motel in Denton supports UNT so I could do business with that Denton hotel/motel and I don't even see a Super8 Motel listed on the above list. The Radisson? Why not the, uh, Radisson for heaven's sake? Don't they mostly survive because of UNT conferences, sporting events, musical events, ect, ect, ect? Why is the Radisson not on that Mean Green Business Directory list. It just defies all logic why the are not on that list. And no, meanrob, I didn't see any businesses from Lewisville but why should we? UNT/Denton has avoided this very progressive city like it had the bubonic plague or something. Surely (and hopefully) not jealousy working here? God, I hope we're not down to that level among grown responsible citizens and civic leaders. UNT is located in Denton so UNT & Denton officials should be initiating the invites for its lakeside neighbors to come visit its northern neighbor. ????? I just wonder what kind of promotion, though, UNT could initiate (113 years later) with the Greater Lewisville folks specifically in mind, a complete focus on the lake city folks (not just its NT Exes either) to first of all make them feel welcome, and then make them feel as if they were an important cog in the wheel of Denton County's largest university and even its athletic program? Hmmm? Wonder if someone could come up with a viable idea that would finally make Denton's neighbor to the south feel as if they were a vital part of Mean Green Country? Seems it would make $ense for UNT and Denton to lead the way in such an endeavor. Seems UNT and Denton could even make a profit from such a new relationship with the lakeside city with almost equal population and just 18 minutes from the Denton city limits. On another matter on the other thread that apparently had some kind of technical difficulties today:>), well, uh, a city has to have what many call a good business climate for a prospective business to even make a simple inquiry about a city for its business to even consider . My source who is a broker who lives between Krum and Sanger and one who had some influence on this WalMart Dist. Center location said the WalMart folks would not even talk to Denton because of its well known anti-business climate. My friend (the broker), anyway, his father used to be CEO/President/majority stock holder of Central Freight Lines and he and I used to go to Cowboy games years ago, park his Cadillac inside the Central Freight Lines fenced in parking lot (then lock the gate) and walk over to Texas Stadium for the game. Unfortunately, he and his family are all Baylor grads and contributors. So much for all this, though, but my take on this forever has been what is good for UNT is good for Denton; what is good for Denton is good for UNT, and thats just about the way it is, IMHO, of course.
  14. Exile? You've already forgotten writing off this message board and all of us posters who don't quite agree with everything you say a few weeks ago because not everything posted is in accordance to "the world according to meanrob--Denton's self appointed ambassador?" I've heard folks from KTCK 1310 The Ticket talk about crowds at Fry Street meeting those high estimates. Corby Davidson is a regular at FSF and he talks about it the time of year it takes place. I was surprised to hear that they were that high myself, but if you say the are not that high, meanrob, I am $ure we can take that to the bank. I also do remember and was amused on how (so obvious to others than myself BTW); anyway, that you get so pi$$ed at other people's opinions on this board, make your usual hit and run comment and then leave for weeks at a time; sort of a take your ball home and don't come back and play atttitude if things aren't quite posted the way you seem to think they should be? And to quote another GMG.com poster on your here now--gone tomorrow approach on this board (and I quote): "What is meanrob's goals and objectives of even coming on this board if its always of a confrontational nature and always being pissed at other people's post? Also, trying to belittle all who try to opinionate about a college town that most of us used to live in a few years ourselves? Come on meanrob, you and I know what this is all about now don't we?
  15. Probably is something in that water, meanrob, but it sure isn't from the same fountain you are drinking from. Welcome back from your self imposed exile; and how many of those have there been?
  16. Sounded like the 2 just agreed to disagree... But on Denton's lack of aggressiveness to help create a more solid tax base for its own citizenry and just not being aggressive in other areas, here are just a few examples: What Denton County city about 1/10'th the size of our alma mater's city got the WalMart Distribution Center over Denton? Boy, I am sure that Sanger Chamber of Commerce is a real dynamo of an operation but good gosh, Denton, you let Sanger beat you on that one!?!?!?!? I understand that Fry Street Fair has drawn anywhere from 25K to 40K in year's past. Tell me any other city who would even admit that they lose money with that many people in their town for a full day? (I'd be too embarrassed to admit to such). Hell, even KTCK 1310 "The Ticket's" Corby got excited about coming up to Denton for Fry Street Fair. The Denia neighborhood? They want to know why all this new construction over at the former Eagle Point golf course is necessary? duh$?$?$? Others who have been around Denton a few decades know exactly what I am talking about here. Maybe a few of them will cite some examples here. But I am not going to get into a pis$$ing contest over this because there are many on this board other than myself who know that Denton has not been the most aggressive Metroplex city in getting new industry. Just get a copy of the Dallas Business Journal weekly tabloid and just read for yourself what is going on but is not going on in Denton. It will make your head spin at all the activity but hardly any of it when it comes to our alma mater's home city. Frisco is getting a $300 million sports complex? You think someone from the City of Frisco may have told Mr. Tom Hicks that they were open for discussion? Oh well...
  17. Why are they even calling it Fry Street Fair if its not even going to be held in the same city/county that Fry Street is located is my main question? Sometimes, I think there are elements in certain drinking fountains up there that massively destroy brain cells that a certain element in Denton are privvy too. <>*<> You know, though, on my sainted mothers final resting place and in my heart of hearts, I want great things to happen to one of the finest places to live in Texas (or the USA for that matter); and that is, DENTON, TEXAS, USA! I just don't think some of the people up there (general citizenry and students) are allowing some of the great things that could be happening up there to, uh, happen.
  18. Fry Street could mean to UNT what 6'th Street is to UT if there were a handful of people up there being creative about what to do with that area rather than feuding with each other and the city of Denton (and visa-versa). More money just leaving Denton...Not the first or the last time (unfortunately). This has got to change eventually. Time and new faces will make it change and I believe that with all my heart. Some up there (it seems) would rather be right than rich. If you go with what they call right, that is. Anyone now have a small clue as to why we need to have GREATER LEWISVILLE NIGHT AT FOUTS FIELD for the Baylor/UNT game now? Some thing (or a few somebodies) in Denton just keeps the town from being progressive and relevant to what is happening now in towns that are known as "college towns." Many of our best and greatest Mean Green fans are from Denton and get as frustrated with all this as much as we non-Dentonites do. I don't know where the communications broke down between the Delta Lodge folks and City of Denton, but its a loss of revenue for the city at the top of the golden triangle. What a shame! PS Could Fry Street Fair have been moved over to Fouts Field's humongous east parking lot area, also near the PEB while using UNT's 3 football practice fields (since Spring Football is over with next week)? Aren't we going to be at new football practice fields next Spring anyhow?
  19. This is old news to most of you (and officials at UNT), but Mr. Rainboldt has a very successful company in Fort Worth; in fact, former UNT football great/UNT Athletic Hall of Famer, the late Ray Renfro was one of Rainboldt's employees for years (as someone once told me). Be nice if Mr. Rainboldt could win a bid on some of the future new construction going on at UNT as he has at other times; specifically on 2 or 3 particular facilties we all want to see built real soon.
  20. The hospital officials saw a great need to have a hospital built near UNT's new "House of Pain," I presume.
  21. 2 chile rellanos, 1 chicken taquita, 2 tamales, rice/beans, 2 beef echiladas, 1 taco, 1 bean tostado (only one helping--no flagraising except for tea and 4 sopapillas for dessert). And now yall know how I keep my "boyish" figure!
  22. Maybe one of our good board administrators will want to link this great article from today's FW Star Telegram Business Section: Mr. Oyster is the new owner of the multi-unit (multi-state) Panchos Mexican Buffet and is given most of the credit for pulling it out of its financial woes a couple or so years ago.
  23. More dorm space for UNT freshmen means even larger freshmen classes than we have been setting recent records. Anyone have the reasoning on this?
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