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  1. 1 hour ago, Zeleny' Orel said:

    Second most improved defense in the nation says it all!

    Some of us who were aware of Phil Bennett’s work ethic at Baylor were amazed that he was even available when SL hired him. Some of us called it a hiring coup matter a fact. 

      Littrell is now 31 & 31 at North Texas.   Most UNT coaches I’ve seen hired at UNT in 5 decades were way under .500 in their year 6.  Let’s call progress as we see it.  I think our fans need to understand we are not going to hire a combInation of Elmer Gantry & Tom Landry in Denton.  Neither is most of the G-5 & lower echelon P-5 for that matter.  

    Our favorite school has named things after coaches who were way under .500 when they left Denton. “If ‘ifs’ & butt’ were candy & nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas” but...had we had Phil Bennett last year Seth Littrell would have not been on the hot seat at all this year.  

    A good tell-tell  for SL is that most of the Mean Green Football Lettermen group want him back as do the majority of his present players from all accounts. (Had he been terminated there was always a chance for some kind of a boycott or portal transfer blitzkrieg out of the MG Village & that’s what one Denton County alum told me just today).  

    Let’s just play the game & win our fair share with a bowl win or 2 or 3, too?


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  2. 1 hour ago, ADLER said:

    I think Wren's position is that he evaluates every single one of his coaches after the end of their season. Has anyone known him to waver on this?

    I believe Wren is brilliant in his capacity as Athletic Director, and he certainly has more riding on this than any of us. I'll support Wren's conclusion 100% with whatever he decides.


     Our university is still larger than any one person on its payroll.   Sitting & standing in the rain yesterday (for over 3 hours) was one of the most satisfying things I’ve experienced in 48 years of watching Mean Green football.  
     Haven’t seen so many happy people since Mason Fine’s “the Drive” & a Mean Green win over #20 ranked Purdue last March at the NCAA’s Big Dance.  
    Yes, the steady rain kept the crowd away yesterday, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone wearing every shade of green on & off the football field & across Texas with all who ever attended our school.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Rick Herold said:

    This one should be for the players not the fans who gave up on them 6 weeks ago!  I hope they get a Warm Weather Bowl to a new area for players and Coaches.  They deserve it!

    Amen, Rick, albeit full disclosure ▶️I had given up that hope.  


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  4. 13 hours ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Lol.  Kinda like us rolling into the Myrtle Beach Bowl last year with a 4-win record against a ranked App St?  It’s just what we’re good at.

    Yet how could AD Wren Baker have ever said “We’ve been invited to that new bowl game in Myrtle Beach, but our “D” is just not ready for prime time?” 
    He knew it—we knew it, but you could have never say “we ain’t going” to last years team.   
    (I do think we’d all agree Defense Coordinator Phil Bennett’s 2021 “D” is ready to roll, bab’ee)!CACB6231-02F3-4F2B-90BD-4E956CA5C9AC.jpeg.5e3903ac3d7f020ae8affd11d6a452fe.jpeg9E212810-9940-47D4-ABDC-992EFAEE626B.jpeg.588774e774c092f8fc21ee82d27b089e.jpeg


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  5. We’d all love the Armed Forces Bowl since we know we’d see a sea of apple green in Amon Carter Stadium, on the TCU campus &  all over Cowtown but—UNT vs UH?  I would hope not with UH as the opponent.  Emmitt is right—it could be the recipe for a bowl disaster.  

    Some think we compare to UH in so many ways, but knowing some things about the school off Houston’s Cullen Blvd we still don’t compare in other strategic athletic ways.
    We are still not in UH’s league in recruiting.  One reason UT’s DKRoyal helped get UH into the old SWC was because he wanted Coog’ville recruiting under the same SWC rules & guidelines as UT. Some in the SWC thought UH to be rogue.  (I didn’t as I was as big a Coog fan there was growing up near G-Town). 

    Still.....UH vs UNT?   I think UH’s  last trip to Apogee Stadium in 2019 is Exhibit A for the recruiting comparison of UH vs our favorite school.  In all actuality, that seems a main concern with many on GMG when it concerns SL as far as the question—can he get us to an AAC level of recruiting?  If he stays in tact, there would be no choice for that. ▶️ Maybe he already has with the promise of our present young UNT team (as seen yesterday vs UTSA) yet we the all time smartest fans in the NCAA (sarc’) just don’t know it yet?🙄 

    ❇️••• Below pic taken an hour ago on my way to 7-11 for that first cup here in Parker County, Texas, America near Weatherford.  




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  6. 18 hours ago, Mean Green Matt said:

    Well KNTU actually has decent range. I’m in the frisco area and the KNTU signal is clearer than KHYI. 

    Both stations fade in & out in the West’O Plex & out toward Weatherford.  

  7. Here in Denton-Texas-America!

    Not a sprinkle of rain & last weather report I heard early this morning was that any rain is going Eastward. (Intermittent light sprinkles at worst is what the ghost of Harold Taft just told me). 

     It’s nearly  10:00 am now & haven’t heard the latest weather report.  

    Just left Denton Walmart (University Dr)  &
    here some stuff they had on racks. Each item is $17.99    
    ••• Car window flags are $8.99

       GO MEAN GREEN !


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  8. Remember  going to Southwest Conference football games when the souvenir football programs (at each school) had a full page of about 25 radio stations in Texas that were broadcasting said SWC school’s football games?

     If UNT’s campus radio station 88.1 KNTU FM were a clear channel type station our DFW (& beyond) broadcasting woes would be over.  

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  9. Still wish Stone Cold would be at Apogee this Saturday.  Maybe all he needs is an invitation?

    Some of us saw him play linebacker for UNT & Coach Corky Nelson.

    In the one hour A & E Network documentary on Stone Cold Steve Austin (aka Steve Williams) there is a film clip that shows him dropping a TCU quarterback for a loss.  (As I recall, that game was won by the Mean Green).D2EAE614-7B37-4344-8B34-CAA9F5FD20C5.jpeg.a86539b45b95a4cdb0402cb21d78faf8.jpeg

  10. 3 Keys To A Win vs the 15’th ranked UTSA Roadrunners. 

    (1) •••The Mean Green “D” must force turnovers & even score a TD or 2 with a picked up fumble or a pick 6 or both.
    (2)••• UTSA’s skill players are ahead of ours as a unit.  UNT needs a career game from Austin Aune & his young receiving corp will be a big key to that.  
    (3)••• Torrey needs to have almost 200 yards rushing in this game & the 3 young RB’s have to contribute as they have in recent games.  

    Attendance?  UNT has usually built to good  attendance numbers when the Mean Green have a few early season wins under their belt. Well, we know that is out of the question for now so............with 42,000 UNT students on a holiday break, Denton & Denton County folk will need to fill the gap. 

     We all just need to overlook all the negativity of the situation during this “slow start” season; we all need to understand that this is a rivalry game & you can throw out each team’s W/L records & then — just go bat shit crazy over this Mean Green football team much like San Antonio has over a deserving UTSA Roadrunners team. 

    ••• UNT vs UTSA could be lots of fun for any area college football fan.  Read somewhere today one DFW sports media guy was imploring all area  college FB fans to get out to Apogee to watch this game.  In fact, he said he & his family were coming.  

    ••• Finally, this game could be a back & forth shootout much like our bowl-clinching game vs the Aggies of New Mexico State when we won at the end & thousands rushed Fouts Field to tear down the goal  post.  (See pic) 

    (Didn’t UNT beat the University of Cincinnati Bearcats in the New Orleans Bowl only weeks later)?


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  11. 20 hours ago, Jonnyeagle said:

    No I heard that Seth is still mad at Sonny for stealing Trey Siggurs.

    Is that urban tale stuff or actually true?  

    And yes, Siggers would have by now moved from UNT’s 3’rd string to the role the Mustangs have for him now.  


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  12. An 💡 idea!😱

    Combine the 2 bands this Saturday at fabulous Apogee Stadium  (as we did with the UH Pride of Houston in 2019). 
     Then———-fly in actor Hugh Jackman as a special guest soloist & he perform a piece from Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man!” 
    It would be a show-stopper! 😱🙄

    (Just kiddin’ of course) 

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  13. 5 hours ago, RBP79 said:


    Seth will be here next year regardless of the out come of the UTSA game. Wren has said (paraphrase)..."I'm paid to be the one who doesn't get excited..." or something like that..

    Look at the AAC announcement when he and Neal were happy as a puppy with two peters.

    Agree for the most part.

    Still trying to cough out the UAB disaster at Apogee which has been stuck in my craw.  If Littrell is released I believe it will be that one game that would have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  I am a typical American, though, & pull for the underdog & want a happy ending for all but—I don’t think that will be possible in this scenario.  

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  14. 46 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    Attention all

    It is UTSA week, which means be ready for a lot of ridiculous tweets made by utsa fans in response to me…

    While some might not make sense, we have to remember they graduated from a glorified community college. 

    ...but of course, SMU calls us that, too. 😆

    Intercollegiate banter?  It’s what grown-ups do trying to re-capture their college days when life was much simpler?  Every time I hit the Denton City Limits I become a 20 year old all over again.  After about 4 -5 hours on campus & at Apogee & after I leave Denton I’m feeling my age (again) which is
    _ _ years old.🙄

    (Just enjoy the moments this Saturday  & none of us should really take ourselves too serious)? 



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  15. 35 minutes ago, TripleGrad said:

    A very bad team is making our bad team look good.  I fear too many folks are going to be fooled into high hopes for next week.

    Most are realistic I think.  USM played them pretty close, though.  Didn’t we beat USM?

    I know some who want us to lose thinking that will seal Littrell’s fate.  I think Smatresk & Wren Baker have already decided—win or lose this Saturday.  

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  16. 1 hour ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    I’d like something similar to this at App. State adjacent to an expanded Athletic Center & Apogee Stadium.
    I can’t wait to see Wren Baker’s rendering  of what he wants to do with the aforementioned.
    We are fortunate to have him, Neal Smatresk & others leading our parade in 🇺🇸Denton-Texas-America!🇺🇸




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