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  1. Guess those 2 fellers preaching a real need to expand Apogee a few years ago knew what they were talking about, eh?😆

    Some people call it vision.


    1. ADLER


      Yeah. Stadium size, more than actual attendance, seems to be a determining factor for potential between the 'haves', and the 'have nots'.

      Now, Littrell should be terminated immediately if he loses either one of our first two games and a national search announced. We'd of course still have to eat his 2023 pay, but it would finally show a commitment to improve and give us the opportunity to find an excellent coach and give him a chance to assemble his staff and start recruiting evaluations. Look how well it worked for WKU and watch how USC improves this year.

  2. Jeff, here is what we need to happen on the Apogee Student Side to be able to schedule Big 12 schools in Denton.  This is a rendering from UNC- Charlotte.9689D31D-128C-4BDF-9086-610A1BE03BEE.jpeg.87589b8b3742799f2fddb11eebb0eeb5.jpeg
    Y’all stay safe now, ya’ hear?😊

    Jim Plummer aka PMG

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