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  1. Just got them from the HoD website... Didn't know about the revenue thing... Where is section 5 relative to everything else?? Hope I'm near other green people...
  2. How is the OOC schedule note firmly in place? Why is this such an issue? New stadium, team on the rise, in the metroplex.... There should be literally no problem getting a team. This should have been planned and settle years ago. I'm honestly a little shocked that there isn't a game for this spot. Am I wildly out of line here?
  3. I was also there! Definitely a good place to watch the away games.
  4. No... As much as I think Dr. Williams would love having hoards of UNT fanboys critique a band that has already been recognized as the best band in college football... I'm using my Veto on this one.
  5. Man... Look at that handsome guy in the hardhat and bow tie!
  6. Though I was quite happy with the return, the entire time that the play was being lined up, I kept asking my buddy why they still had Brelan in there!!?? No need to get our best people out there on a punt return that had no impact on the game at all, since all the damage had been done.
  7. Keep Hey Baby!!! He "auctions" off who conducts it every game, and I have a nice winning streak going. Also, no band trips this year. But I totally agree- the green hats are 1000x's better than the tan hats I rocked when I was in the GB.
  8. Hey man! Some of us like getting to come down and conduct Hey Baby!! But really, It's not very "hyped", but it's one of the things that the Green Brigade and surrounding students/alumni know is going to come every game. Beginning of the 4th quarter means "Hey Baby"... And it has for the last decade at least.
  9. I like this one! It's old school. There's a super sweet banner with this logo at Rooster's that I want to steal.
  10. This is pretty much the only team that I wanted to see in the CUSA with us. I love to hate them so much! This hate stems all the way back to the 2007 Thanksgiving Weekend football game. Staying in the same hotel as their basketball team in Mobile in 2008 was also good fun. And the recent on the court battles we've had in the conference tourny certainly helped too. What is a hilltopper?
  11. Well played sir... -- Additionally, how would police/SWAT officers know who is the gunman and who is a vigilante citizen? Just more thoughts and questions that I don't have the answers to.
  12. Who would -1 this? It's completely right. Convenient store inventory is completely different than the students I teach every day. I am completely opposed to teachers carrying guns. Does anybody want the 60 year old English teacher carrying? I sure as heck don't.
  13. Indoor track is a thing? Raise your hand if you knew this existed?
  14. I personally feel like I made off like a bandit at the one last year. I intend on doing the same this year.
  15. ... Hold on... (carry the one.. add to that... move the decimal...) Two players away?
  16. This amazing web site should have it. http://www.theunticket.com/usave-it/
  17. I was always told that if the University or Denton PD bust an event, and they find out that 3 or more people are from a certain organization, they can hold the organization iteself liable. I was told that it was to prevent circumventing hazing rules... "No officer, we aren't Blah Blah Blah Fraternity hazing these freshman... We're just a bunch of guys making these freshman drink a lot blindfolded.. Wow what a coincidence, I guess we are all part of Blah Blah Blah fraternity now that you mention it."
  18. I'm going to enjoy hating them! It will be a closer rivalry than WKU. I'm trying with all my heart to move my WKU hatred to UTSA. Even though we haven't played them yet, there's plenty to build a rivalry over: -Same state -Same conference -They seem to be like the youngest sibling: get everything they want way before we -the older sibling- ever did -They actually won some games this year (doesn't matter who they played, they got wins) -Our stadiums are on the same Highway (basically) I'm quite excited. And if they are as negligible as some people think, then it will be a pretty fun (for UNT) rivalry for the next few years. I'm going to throw UTSA into the category of my personally most hated teams (along with Green Bay Packers, WKU, Chicago Bears, New York Yankees, Detroit Red Wings, SMU, the Spurs, and the Lakers).
  19. Sounds like the punter debate is going to need its own thread.
  20. Yea, I thought A&M would be looking for a home game since they played at SMU last year. In a perfect world, we'd turn this into the first part of a home at home with A&M! We'll just go to their place first. And this shouldn't cost A&M anything at all. In addition, tons of A&M fans (maybe even some extra NT fans too) would show up to generate some $$ from ticket sales.
  21. When referring to MTSU on the board, I think MUTS works. When referring to MTSU in real life, I think most use Middle. I think you all do too. Discussion over.
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