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  1. Am I missing something here boys? Not seeing much talk about the sheer magnitude of this game for us long suffering faithful. Yes, I realize that this years Hogs represent no powerhouse. However, I look at this as a major stage and an opportunity to finally gain a bit of respect and recognition. If you just look at recent years where we played a number of non-conference body bag games on the road, along with some match ups with teams that featured more prestigious histories or at least schools that the average fan is aware of, the Mean Green have fallen woefully short. Florida 32/0, Iowa 62/16, Georgia 45/21, Texas 38/7, Indiana 49/24, LSU 45/14, Iowa 31/14 and #15 Kansas St a respectable 35/21 Last I looked a couple of days ago, we were listed as 7.5 point dogs. I don't expect this to be easy by any means- but to go into an SEC environment with what I expect will be a decent crowd, and come away with a victory, sporting a 3-0 record would be monumental for this program. (will not make or break our season, but I just think in the context of recent history, it could be a major step) But then again, maybe I am over-reacting. Either way, cannot wait until Saturday!
  2. UPDATE: (Thanks for all the info everyone- I got in touch with the UNT ticket office and we are good to go!) Sorry for the stupid question: I want tickets to the SMU game, but cannot seem to find any info when I go to the UNT ticket office page. I assumed there would be a block of tickets available in a Mean Green section. The only thing I can find on the site are home game ticket selections. I am sure I am just overlooking a link - can someone help an old guy out and post a link? (or at least tell me where to order?) Thanks!
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/09/27/get-to-know-zachary-orr/
  4. All the gloom and doom on these coaching hire decisions threads/posts is really quite hilarious. The reality is why would an established coordinator from a major successful program want to come into the nightmare that has been UNT football for most of our recent history? There was an article in today's USA today that outlined how the power conference program's assistant coaches are making a ton of money now- and how it is becoming more and more difficult for the lesser programs to hire away assistants to become HC in places like ours! It used to be easy, but the money and security has become too large at the top. The article listed about 5 recent examples (Seth included) where smaller programs were able to land an HC from those ranks. If we have a young head coach with a background in a specific system, then it makes total sense that he would go with coaches that are familiar with that system either as players, coaches or both. (and that he trusts based on the time he was associated with them) I understand that there is a bit of rolling the dice here, but if you want to feel better with a safer, older OC to bring in who has his own system, count me out. If you are taking a chance with the young HC, then I say surround him with as many guys that have worked within that frame work before. I agree with most posters that when you take this younger hiring approach, if we are lucky and we see success, we are really hoping to get what, 2 or 3 seasons out of this regime? At the moment, UNT is the perfect environment for a new system to come in, find success, and then move on to greener pastures. At least if this happens, a system will be in place and it will be much easier to make a transition at that point. I realize this approach cannot win any fear arguments: these guys don't have the track records yet that will ensure success. But one must realize that if they did, the last place they would be headed right now would be to join the Mean Green.
  5. Quote from another post: UNT ranked No. 123 out of 124 teams nationally heading into last night’s game in passing offense with an average of 61.5 yards a game. All I can say is "Wow." After spending about 20 apathetic years, I came back into the fold about 4 or 5 seasons ago and have enthusiatically embraced finally moving in the right direction. I find it very alarming that for probably the last several years, one of the greatest sources of angst among the faithful is regarding that all important position of QB. It is beyond sad that our program is still searching for someone,anyone to step up. DT finally performed adequately his final year... even exceptional at times, but certainly not of the caliber of someone that might win games with his ability, rather than just performing at a level of playing that will not make mistakes and lose games for you. How can your coaching staff and recruiting dept. not hit on a couple of guys that can be groomed along the way with actual playing time so that when their time comes, they are ready to step up and perform? I am not looking for a top of the line blue chipper- our program is not of the level to achieve that. I cannot fathom what I have witnessed the last 3 games. I hope I am wrong, but I pray we get to a least see what DW has to offer. My gut tells me that the only way that happens next week is if Greer has 4 or 5 series where we don't move the ball. I hate to say it but the only way we may have a chance is if we somehow find ourselves down by 14 early! If its a close game and the defense is keeping us in it, my fear is that we get more of the same. I hope I am wrong. Maybe DW is not the answer, but from what I have seen so far he deserves the chance.
  6. Is there any planned Austin pre-game UNT bar gathering for Sat afternoon? I will be attending the game solo and don't want to drink alone! I will be about an hour away from Austin on business trip that weekend but hope to arrive Sat. by mid-afternoon. On earlier posts, I noticed a planned Fri night event, but have not seen anything for Sat. If there is nothing planned, once the car is parked, I guess I will just stumble into the first mean green tailgating scene I can find.
  7. I have been patiently waiting until today to purchase my ticket for the UT game. Everything I saw up to this point said general public tickets would be available July 1. I was really suprised when I went online and after searching around realized there was no way to make this transaction happen on our UNT ticket site. So I called the ticket office. The guy I spoke with was very nice, but he informed me that since I was not a season ticket holder or club member, tickets were not available. I literally had to read the schedule chart directly on their site over the phone, and after he checked a few things determined that this would in fact be ok. However, their computer system was down, so all he could do was to take my credit card info over the phone- and said the transaction would be done later. Overall, this was not an upleasant experience- but the whole thing felt very "small school program" to me. Certainly not what I would expect, based on how far we have come in recent years. It really seems like it would not take much tech savvy to have this transaction handled online- including seat selections, payment and confirmation. He told me he would call me back and let me know when the transaction went through later- but never heard a thing today. He did not even ask for my mailing address- I had to suggest that towards the end of the call once he said that tickets would be mailed out in August. I was a season ticket holder the first year of Apogee, but have no idea if my contact info is still in the system. Sorry to vent, not a big deal, but hope they can raise the bar a bit for the benefit of future growth! (EDIT UPDATE 7/2) Just talked with Eddie at the ticket office and got everything resolved- I think they had my purchase under a different account. Thanks to everyone for responding. From those in the know, it sounds like setting up things for credit card processing is sometimes not as easy as one would think!
  8. I work as a video editor- so I tend to have elevated standards sometimes for watching projects like this. I went into it without much expectation, not knowing if it was locally produced, if they had a budget, etc. But from episode one I have been really impressed with the entire production! This is a really well made vehicle for the program, and could prove to be very effective as PR and recruiting is concerned. I don't know how anyone could come away from watching this, and not be proud of the Mean Green. Coach Mac comes across with an energy and focus that I was not aware of from just watching him on the sideline and in brief interviews- as does the entire coaching staff. I even enjoyed seeing the personal side of team activities, such as the dinners that the OL coach and his wife give to their boys- really proud to be a UNT fan and alum! I will be in the stands Thursday and loving every moment that this mid season "BIG GAME" has to offer.
  9. Thank you for stating a few facts regarding the Ohio program. After drowning my disappointment in beer last night, I visited the board to see what the general thoughts were. Of course overwhelmingly negative. I am not up on smaller programs- so I did a little digging and discovered what Ohio has done for the last 3 years, including a 7-0 season start in 2012 that featured a win against Penn St last year and also a top 25 ranking. No they are not a powerhouse, but for us to go up there in front of a decent crowd in a place where they have few losses, and basically battle them for 4 quarters is nothing to sweep under the rug. Our defense had 2 opportunites to make a stop on those final 2 drives to give us a little clock time and some field position, and they could not make a play. Tetleltton throws up a duck and a prayer on 3rd down, and somehow their guy comes up with a diving catch. Even with all that, we still got the ball, down 6 with a chance. No I am not satisfied with moral victories- but for our program to arise out of a deep hole, a little patience people. And yes, I am convinced that having a mobile QB that can at least extend plays, pick up a first down every now and then with his legs could make a difference in 2 or 3 wins per season.
  10. Where do you live/family: North Richland Hills Degree/Year attended/graduated UNT: 1998, TV/Film Favorite NT Sports Memory: One semester, I used to sometimes skip an evening class to attend BB games- I would always sneak in a couple of beers in the inner pockets of my coat. I remember the Depaul game (mid to late 80s?) when they were ranked 1st or 2nd in the nation at the time... Mark Aguire hit 50 points (I think in the 1st half) Amazingly, we were actually in the game late- I think within about 3 or 4 points in the last couple of minutes, but ended up losing. Best football memory was the infamous UT game I attended in Austin in the late 80s when that touchdown in the corner was ruled out of bounds. I guess it is rather sad that my 2 memorable games in both sports were losses- but I do have hope for the future with the current direction!
  11. OK, I have to say it... there were moments in that first half surrounded by that awesome environment that actually felt magical. Looking across the field to that student section (and all around the endzone and wing area) to see a sea of green waving rally towels and making noise was really surreal. We followed the cash parking signs and were routed past the back-side of fouts at 4:55pm, back around to the other side of fouts only to discover that no cash parking was left. We eventually found a lot off Maple, but did not arrive at our seats until 6:30pm, a full 90 minutes later! However we did experience a nice benefit in that we entered on the student side (in a huge crowd of also late arrivals) and had to walk the entire way around the stadium to get to our section. But since we were able to walk in the aisle in between the lower and upper decks the entire way, we were treated to an unbelievable first impression of the stadium and the game from about every possible angle, and enjoyed great sights and sounds throughout the ordeal, including witnessing the first touchdown. (& although I hated missing the kickoff, I understand parking and routes will need to be worked out over time- I just loved seeing that many people in green, trying to get parked, walking great distances, even seeing a few people holding up signs looking for tickets. (for a UNT game!!!) The fact that our defense made several big stops of that high-powered offense was great to see. For example, giving them the ball on our own 16 and holding them to 3 plays and a field goal, also making the 4th down stand around midfield, are a couple that come to mind. I realize this was a talented opponent, with a 5th year QB(or 6th year? I think in addition to the injury year, he may also have red-shirted) has a strong arm, and was in Heisman contention just 2 years ago... so I know what our guys were up against. I think we ran on pure adrenaline and emotion for the first 2 quarters. My only complaint, aside from the very long traffic jam we encountered attempting to park, was that I had the misfortune of having to listen to a fellow Mean Green "fan" sitting behind me the entire game (please God, don't let him be a season ticket holder)make continuous negative comments from the very beginning all the way through to the end. Even when he was trying to cheer it was done with sarcastic undertones: "This will be the only lead we will have all year", and "Can we PLEASE make a first down?" etc. I am by nature, very non-confrontational, but if I am lucky enough to arrive earlier next time & have a few cold ones prior to kickoff, I don't think I will be as patient!
  12. Ok, I will admit I do not have 5 or 10 years of living and dying with this program like many of yall in this forum, so I certainly understand the frustration and shock of what we all had to endure Thursday night. I was right there with you with expectations. I graduated from UNT in 88 and the last Mean Green game I attended was the infamous loss at UT- I was sitting on that end zone side, and yes, we got robbed! For the last 20 years I have only kept up with the program from afar, checking scores every now and then. I will also admit I drank the Dodge Koolaid early on and started paying a bit more attention, in vain, for a couple of seasons, only to be crushed once again. Many people in this forum, upon witnessing the carnage against FIU, are choosing to take the stand that this is basically "business as usual", nothing has changed, only losing and more frustration is ahead with no light at the end of the tunnel, are being very short-sighted. However, our new stadium can and will change all this- given some time. In my opinion it all starts with the talent on the field, and that will take a few years. I have no idea really how good FIU is but it was easy to see the difference between the athletic ability between the 2 teams from the very start. Put yourselves in the shoes of a talented HS recruit from Texas or surrounding areas. If you get offers from a few larger programs, out of state, along with an offer from UNT, in the past it would have been nothing to consider- you would go with the more established school. However now with Apogee (and hopefully fans in the seats) you may very well go with the Mean Green just so your extended family can attend games. And, just as important, your odds of getting on the field as a Fr. or Soph. at your chosen position at UNT, rather than watching the action until your Jr. or Sr. seasons if you went with one of the bigger alternatives. I also feel this effect will snowball, as more talent is attracted to UNT, more wins result, better scheduling and attention, etc., leading to even higher levels of talent. How long will this process take? None of us can know, but I guess what I am trying to say is: go ahead vent your frustrations and failed expectations. I feel your pain! However lets take a deep breath, give Mac and Apogee some time to get this ship headed in the right direction. Show up at our home games, and get loud! Hopefully as the season progresses, we will see student participation increase at a level this program has never before experienced. I firmly believe we will see progress as the season moves forward. We have all seen programs turn around. Our new stadium will provide the catalyst. IT WILL HAPPEN HERE!
  13. What an incredible motivator Dan is. His enthusiasm is contagious- I am not expecting miracles but cannot imagine a better hire for the program at this point. Cannot wait for Sept10th!
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