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  1. image.png.a2da1dcca409fa8d2728d0276c849fe7.png

    This watching party will be a little unique.  Since the weather should be great, Rudy’s has agreed to let us open the overhead doors which will double our seating capacity as we incorporate the patio space.  Don’t forget to register at the UNT swag table for the door prizes. 

    Pro-tip:  Buy your beer from the Country Store inside rather than waiting in the food line. 
    Event link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2995219600742297/?ref=newsfeed

    UNT Alumni: Collin County link:  https://www.facebook.com/UNTAlumniCollinCo


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  2. 1 minute ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

    Is it?  When deciding between a fumble and an incomplete pass, officials look at whether the QBs arm is moving forward.  If not, it's a fumble.

    Honestly though, that was one of the most bizarre plays I've ever seen.

    Forward is toward the opposing teams end zone and doesn’t have anything to do with the direction the quarterback is facing.

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  3. 29 minutes ago, keith said:

    I thought we already submitted our application.  Isn’t the sequence that we first submit our “application” for membership (the 2-3 sentence letter).  Then the AAC responds with an invitation to join along with the specific terms of membership (entrance fees, timing, etc.).  Then we reply with our acceptance of the terms and invitation to join.   The final step is the formal “rubber stamp” vote. 

    So, Application -> Invitation -> Acceptance -> Vote. 

    cartman cops GIF by South Park

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  4. 10 hours ago, untcampbell said:

    Because aspiring to be something more than you are is verboten? 

    When we were in the Sunbelt, I wanted to be in the CUSA. When we were there, I wanted to be in the MWC. When we might be in the AAC, I want to be in the MWC. And then the SWC, and the Big 12. Aspiring to be better than you are is a good thing.

    No offense.



    9 hours ago, THOR said:

    totally agree with you, but stupid, made up labels are just that, stupid

    When we wanted in CUSA, we didn’t brand things as though we were in CUSA.  It’s like the guys that aspire to be professional athletes telling the girls in the bar that they ARE professional athletes.  +1 to @THOR.

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  5. 3 hours ago, wardly said:

    The AAC is already in the DFW market with a top 25 foot ball team and does not need us as we bring nothing new to the table. My hope is the MWC but have seen nothing in print to indicate that they are interested in UNT.

    Maybe SMU needs a travel partner.   Maybe all this UNT conference alignment talk comes to an end this week. 


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  6. 19 minutes ago, DeepGreen said:

    Hey, don't we still have those nifty all black uniforms with the white numbers?

    Sold ‘em off.  I have one in my closet.  

    Need to remake these and outline SOW with white on the helmets. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, ADLER said:

    We made a big deal about the 1967 Throwback Costumes for the 2018 Louisiana Tech game when we unveiled the Mean Joe statue. We lost. And our fate has been dismal since while wearing combinations of 70's throwbacks, 67 throwbacks, bad luck black, and the dreaded dishwater duds of 'spitgate' fame.

    Get back to OUR REAL UNIFORMS and the Mean Green will start winning again. We always play best in our uniforms that were worn at Arkansas and at Iowa. I'd be tempted to start wearing those for home games as well.

    Ranking all 12 uniform combinations the Mean Green wore this season – North  Texas Daily

    Start scoring more points than we hold the oppositions to.  Then, on only then, we will start winning again.  Whose with me?

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