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  1. sure...but the politicians themselves really only share in the blame...we've allowed this system to exist and the narrowing of wealth to the top has only exacerbated it and ensured any push back to the center will be extreme, painful and difficult. if someone offered you 5-6 figures to talk for an hour about The Stand against Rice, I doubt you'd pass on principle.
  2. the Obamas have a net worth of around $40M...considering time spent as a lawyer, 20+ years of governmental positions, post-office pensions, post-office speaking engagement fees, book deals and a deal with Netflix, that number doesn't seem unreasonable.
  3. he must've gotten ripped off. he could've just bought Martha's Vineyard for that figure.
  4. no...that's a really big leap. what it does mean, to take directly from these very anecdotal examples...is that just because we don't have sweat shops that we shouldn't lobby for a living wage it means that just because we don't have tenements that we shouldn't push for fairer housing practices it means just because people aren't shooting up on your neighbors stoop with a bent spoon and syringe that we shouldn't hold drug companies accountable for masking the dependency their opiates create it means that just because cities were dangerous in the 70s that we shouldn't at least discuss gun culture in the wake of countless mass shootings it means that just because a picture of Pittsburgh in the 70s was cloudy as AF that we should ignore global climate change and ya...it means that just because there's not poop on your corner that everything is great. most of all, you don't get to support going back to a better time and making america great again while also pointing out how much it sucked. this is a shitty opinion piece with zero numbers/evidence/argument. you liked it because it kinda vaguely tried to portray a less extreme/less dramatic vision which in truth never actually existed. it criticized both parties, so it must be balanced right? nah...it said nothing and did it poorly.
  5. "god forbid anyone, especially a 22-year old with good hands, look out for what they deem to be best for their future." - guy sat at the same cubicle desk for 25 years out of loyalty
  6. the "things used to be/could subsequently be worse" argument for why people shouldn't want better over all is a bad argument.
  7. could've had another, had he chose to finish in a different manner...
  8. right? I have no idea what he's doing with that comma after "heaven" either.
  9. so we're talking with the number one cop in Argyle...number one cop...the commissioner...chief of police, Emmitt01?
  10. had it for a few seconds. maybe jiggle the AUX chord? turn it off, wait ten seconds, then back on? I'm out of ideas
  11. pretty sure they're just picking up the school's feed, right? but maybe ask ESPN for today's $.16 worth of sports coverage to be pro-rated on your next bill
  12. the last Baby Boomers were born in 1964. you think no one under the age of 55 owns a home?
  13. but posting on a fan board...that you have time for. get over yourself.,
  14. just for fun...could anyone in this strength and conditioning thread run a 5K tomorrow? +1 Ray for sub-30min.
  15. in this more modern game (college lags behind NBA, but point stands)...I really wish we'd stop viewing this as a meaningful metric. a team of 6'4" wings can actively control the perimeter and deny entry to damn near anyone. not to say Zach shouldn't have been better around the rim with his touches.
  16. agreed. would like to see him work in minutes, but it's probably gotta be off the ball at this point. he's gonna have to get some of DJ's minutes, if this is going to be our style all year.
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