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  1. We made those 2 free throws. We need to keep making them and not throw away points tonight.
  2. 62-30 MG with 3:56. UMES had a foul out about a minute ago. Worst we have is Alcindor with 3.
  3. 15:23 left. 36-23 MG. Lots of kicked balls tonight. (Waits for comments from the peanut gallery)
  4. One of the refs missed a foul call where a UMES player shoved DJ into another MG player (I missed who) and the two fell on the court. During the official TO, that ref stalked over to McCasland and had a very animated discussion that took up half of the TO. I was getting concerned that the ref was gonna do... something. I'm not sure what, but he didn't look happy with Coach.
  5. 19-8 MG with 7:51 in 1H. UMES keeps tossing the ball out of bounds. 4 or 5 times this half already.
  6. Okay, we have perked up. 17-4 MG with 11:51 in the 1H.
  7. 15:58 in the 1H, 7-4 MG. Play has been oddly sloppy so far.
  8. 17 seconds in and we take a time out. Coach didn't like something. No score.
  9. I would like very much for this to happen.
  10. And it's holiday season/wind-down of the semester. They'll start showing up later and making a lot of noise.
  11. 7:43 in the 1H. 38-19 MG. MG 3's-- 7 Commerce 3's-- 2
  12. 26-13 MG with 11:50 in the 1H. Mark T just came in. I like his hustle on the court so far.
  13. We've brought the 3s so far. 13-2 MG at 17:01 in the 1H.
  14. I see that banner. Looks good. Anybody else here?
  15. Any Intel on when they'll be back? I may.
  16. Haw. I'm still here. I do need a haircut, though.
  17. Apparently, it was established during this game.
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