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  1. Yep. They asked people to comment on FB what some names for this "rivalry" could be. That was one of the 4 that made the final cut for the vote.
  2. Angry Birds Bowl was kinda clever. But yeah, forcing a name, and then they're talking about "Then we gotta get a trophy! What do they play for?" is just trying too darn hard.
  3. They really are. The Green Runner Challenge. Blech.
  4. "Send us some suggestions for {the name of} this young rivalry." 😑
  5. This Stadium on Facebook thing is a new one on me. GMG!!
  6. Yep. Which is A problem, but certainly not THE problem.
  7. Dear Lord. Who agreed to that?!? ***Edit: SORRY. I incorrectly interpreted what he meant. Apologies.
  8. Looks like my hubby picked a bad week to quit drinking.
  9. Very frustrating last few minutes. Dude slammed right into our guy and somehow that's a jump ball?
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