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  1. 97 Aught 3 is full of shit!
  2. Now that the 2021 schedule is out, does anyone know if tailgating like we know it will be back? Also, did UNT allow RV fans to tailgate in the RV spots last year?
  3. https://www.crosstimbersgazette.com/2019/12/18/argyle-selects-new-police-chief/
  4. Congratulations! I remember you leading The Talons when you were a student at North Texas. I live in the Flower Mound side of Canyon Falls now, but I'll have to stop by someday to say hello.
  5. Mean Green Village was a golf course.
  6. Found an old Denton County Mapsco from 1999. If you didn’t have this you were lost. A few things have changed on the campus.
  7. Looks awesome, but where’s the beautiful drone video? 😝
  8. I drive past it every day to and from work and this week the roof material is being installed. Sorry I have no pics at 70 mph on 35W.
  9. Jerry Moore was a long freaking time ago. I mean a long time!
  10. Nice. Next time be sure to check out the pictures on the wall in the foyers main entrance. There’s 2 pictures of my grandfather when he worked for Nemecek Brothers in downtown West. The pick was taken back in the ‘30’s. Slovaceks now has the rights to the Nemeceks sausage recipe. They do sell it in the meat market.
  11. Yep, I was there and viewing the replay of that game today still make me SICK! I sat basically on the opposite end zone and I could clearly see the game ending TD was not a catch. The UT fans around me were astonished by the ref calls. I remember the '88 team beat Texas Tech and Rice both SW Conference teams that year. As bad as losing to Texas was that year, losing to Marshall 7-0 in the 1st round of NCAA playoffs hurt even more. The '88 team was one heck of a team.
  12. OMG! This is the second day in a row that news coming from the University is making me shout from the rooftop! Again, things have changed for the better! What will tomorrow bring?
  13. Yes, Happy Birthday Crow Man!
  14. Wow, how things have changed! It used to take 20 years to replace the turf, at least at Fouts Field that's what it took, but now it takes only 7 years to replace it.
  15. Reports are coming in that Jacksonville State University was hit by a tornado tonight.
  16. I was there the whole week of Thanksgiving. It was a little warmer than normal and now the wildfires are still going a little north of the city. There several great restaurants on Harbor Island or Shelter Island. Go check it out! Go Mean Green!
  17. My wife and I will be in Mid Town Manhattan New York City during the New Orleans Bowl, so does anyone recommend a great sports bar to watch the game there? We have a place in mind already to watch it, but we'd like to know if anyone has a better recommendation.
  18. This will be the first bowl game I've missed since the 2000 game. My wife and I planned a long weekend in Manhatten for Christmas months ago, that's why I was hoping for the HOD Bowl. We've got tickets to the Rockettes and several Broadway plays. So go to NO and have fun! I'll miss it and I haven't been back to NO since 2004, so I'm interested in if it's changed a bit.
  19. I voted for the Heart of Dallas bowl. Playing a bowl game after Christmas & before New Years is a great for national exposure & practice time.
  20. MEH! It needs some environmental or natural sound or SFX from the game added to give it some real life!
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