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  1. Anyone have tickets (3) for the 1:00 game tomorrow? Been awhile... if not can I just buy there or have to do online? Appreciate the insight
  2. November 1st I said...I know from whence I speak...now I’m looking forward to who The Mean Green hire and will support him 100% as well
  3. As I previously mentioned.. Happy to see this getting close...for K-State we are getting a heck of a coach... for North Texas I have no doubt sucess will continue and I look forward to witnessing both. RUMOR: KSU'S SNYDER CLOSE TO STEPPING DOWN; LITTRELL A TOP TARGET (11/29: 5:30 P.M. CT) (Photo: Reese Strickland, USA TODAY Sports) 247Sports Take: Tim Fitzgerald of 247Sports' GoPowercat.com is reporting in a VIP board post that legendary coach Bill Snyder is likely to step down from his post at Kansas State by week's end. Kansas State's power brass is targeting No
  4. At K-State....Bill Snyder and AD Gene Taylor are meeting today.... as I mentioned previously... Seth and K-State are very close
  5. Yes... but his buyout at season’s end is only 3 mill (which as we know is chump change in today’s market)
  6. I haven’t posted in along time but I’m going to put this right here. My family is also a long time K-State season ticket holder and Manhattan is my hometown. Anyone who knows me knows my story... we adopted North Texas when Apogee opened and love North Texas. I’ll tell you right now this is true and wouldn’t be surprised if things materialize quickly Seth Littrell's agent has been in Manhattan twice recently in the last few weeks, including within the last 7 days.
  7. The Atlanta Falcons model on concession pricing shows otherwise. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22212592/atlanta-falcons-drop-prices-make-more-money-mercedes-benz-stadium-concessions Yes, at this point it does relate to ticket and/or required donations. No way should current season ticket holders be asked to pay more for their same seats. Tickets prices as a whole in areas of our stadium that aren’t typical (if ever) occupied should have a lower price point. We need butts in the stands regardless of price paid. These said butts will spend money on concessions and maybe
  8. At this point in our program kids 8th grade and younger should always be free. Start them young...$$$ spent on concessions and apparel.
  9. Anyone heard anything about them this year? We have enjoyed them the last few years. I know I could ask John but wanted to check here for the heck of it. Thanks for any insight
  10. Sorry Mark..I gotta drop out as Ayden had a baseball tourney rescheduled to the 1st. Hate to miss it but we will make a donation for this great fundraiser.
  11. He was a lead assistant for Bill Self at Kansas for 10 years so I'm sure he may have a few Texas HS contacts and more importantly now days, AAU contacts.
  12. The FGCU coach, who made a base salary of about $235,000 this season and has a buyout of only about $150,000 on a contract with two years remaining. As to what we have to offer...who knows...but I believe he should be the #1 guy we contact.
  13. Wren needs to make only one phone call.
  14. Amen....this needs to be sent to whomever is chosen as our AD.
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