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  1. Would you have rather him had a live segment on ESPN entitled "The Decision"? ha. Like in the car commercial, "Doesn't matter how ya get here, folks. Just get here!" I'm more than excited about this acquisition. I was on the TJ Taylor fanwagon when he left OU. He's here now, and will be for 3 years. This addition has given us a great problem; How will the minutes be distributed. I don't care who gets what minutes, as long as we are going in there night-in and night-out and beating SBC schools by double digits. And with our depth and talent, that's not farfetched at all. I think it really says a lot about our program and how much we've come up. I talked with Dominique Johnson yesterday, and he said we're better this year than VCU. And even though I'm biased, it's hard to disagree. GMG.
  2. I work at a business where a lot of community workers (I.e. teachers) come into. Today, two Denton Ryan teachers came in. one of which taught Scotty Young. The other knows him "well". Both said that he is leaning more on UNT than anywhere else to transfer to. they both said that "he wants to come back home." this is the third time I've heard that Scotty "wants to come back home." The first time was a year ago from his grandfather in the athletic office. this kid could be a game changer. let's cross our fingers that these teachers were right.
  3. could be wrong, but right there at the beginning of the introduction of Jordan Williams, looks like I see Alzee and Jacob. somebody please confirm, or deny that. also, pretty impressive to see THAT many UNT players on there. just shows how much we've come up. and Jarion Henry was on there, too. we were close to signing him as well. that off the backboard alley-oop to J-Will can't help but make you wonder what kind of magic they would've cooked up if they were both in Mean Green this year. anyways, GREAT video. GMG *side note. Anybody know about that Jerran Young guy from McClennan CC every needing an NCAA school to go to? I know of a pretty good one in Denton, Texas. **edit that, he's a verbal to Nebraska.
  4. I know I'm late, but I'm a busy Pre-Med student and I just started my new job at PointBank. Been swamped! Anyways, better late than never! Today, Tuesday, November 22, 2011, the Mean Green Extreme take on the UT-Arlington Mavericks/Blazers at Texas Hall in Arlington, Texas at 7:00 P.M. Our Mean Green are coming off a loss against the Red Raider in what was a growing experience for many of our young players, including Chris Jones who erupted with 31 points. CJ was acknowledged nationally for his performance by Fran Fraschilla. UT-Arlington is 2-0 with wins over East Texas Baptist University 99-64 and Louisiana Tech 68-61, both of which were at home in Arlington. UT-Arlington has 5 of 6 returning starters from last year when UNT beat them in a nail-biter. This will be a good test for our young bucks! LET'S HEAR EM'! Win by 5 Most points: Chris Jones Pick to Click (P2C): Chris Jones Biggest play: Foul and one by Kedrick Hogans GMG! Beat the (UTA) Mavericks!
  5. not a walk, it was definitely two steps. watched it in slow-mo. great euro-step c.j.
  6. talk about a hometown roll. this is the definition of hometown advantage.
  7. remember guys, Tech has 8 players. meaning they have 3 bench players. we're EXTREMELY deep in comparison. I have a feeling we run the piss out of them, gassing people like Nurse.
  8. On Wednesday, the Mean Green Dream Team head to the United Spirit Arena (terrible name) in Lubbock, Texas to square off against the Red Raider Rash of Texas Tech. The Red Raiders (1-0, 0-0) are coming off a win against Sun Belt's very own Troy Trojans (1-1, 0-0), 90-85. In this game, the Red Raiders posted big points from Ty Nurse who had 29 points (9-13 FG, 6-9 3FG). This will be a rematch of last year's game at the Super Pit, when UNT beat the Red Raiders 92-83 in what has become one of the most thrilling victories in Super Pit history. The rushing of the court, White's big three pointer and the almost SOLD OUT STUDENT SECTION immortalized this game in the North Texas Athletic history books. Both teams go into this game with a 1-0 record, just like last season. We travel to the flat, boring, and unappealing scenery of Lubbock, Texas tomorrow, so LET'S GET THOSE PREDICTIONS GOING! -Win by 9 -Most points: Jordan Williams -Pick to Click (P2C): Jacob Holmen -Biggest Play: Big Trey Ball by Jordan Williams to put us up late. GMG! Beat the RAIDER RASH!
  9. haha Alonzo Owens is a friend from High School! it has been corrected. GMG
  10. The Journey to the Tourney starts Friday, 7:00 P.M, at the Super Pit as the Mean Green Dream Team host the St. Gregory Cavaliers (1-1, 0-0), an NAIA member of the Sooner Athletic Conference. After the first showing on Wednesday in their exhibition against Oklahoma City Stars, a 67-54 win, the Mean Green revealed their incredible athleticism and ability as well as some areas of improvements. Offensively it's apparent we have the talent to score, but our defense needs to get better. My opinion is some of the youth on the team doesn't quite grasp the importance of defense, and how different the game speed is than that of high school. However, I believe that Coach Jones will make sure they're ready for St. Gregory's. And do NOT forget, Roger Franklin will be in the lineup!! That being said, let's hear YOUR predictions for the game on Friday against the Cavaliers of St. Gregory! - Win by 13 - Standout Player: Roger Franklin - Pick to Click (P2C): Chris Jones - Most Points: Jacob Holmen - Big Shot/Dunk: Missed 3-Pointer, Put back by Alonzo Edwards GMG! Beat St. Greg's!
  11. Journey to the Tourney starts today, that means it's predictions time. But since it is an exhibition, let's get more detailed than just an over/under or point spread. Who do you think will stand out? Who will score most points? Who will have biggest shot/dunk? Who's your pick to click? LET'S HEAR EM'! My predictions: - Win by 15 - Stand Out: Chris Jones - Most Points: Jordan Williams - Biggest Shot/Dunk: Kedrick Hogans - Pick to Click (P2C): Jordan Williams GMG! Beat OCU!
  12. I was at a conference with Coach Mac, RV, and the coaching staff. When I asked what to expect with our new Nike jerseys, Coach Mac replied with, "a little bit of throwback NT inspiration." Can't wait to see what Mac and the coaches have drawn up!
  13. All this talk of new Nike jerseys seems great. We're sponsored by Wilson. That's second to worst behind being sponsored by Russell like WKU. I don't feel to confident making fun of WKU at the Sun Belt Tournament and saying, "Hey WKU, where'd you get those Russell jerseys? Thrift Store?!" And then realize we're not much better. What if we didn't have the usual Nike uniforms that look dumb like KU? Or Texas? Something classy, something Nike, something Green. That'd be great, in my opinion.
  14. I talked to RV at a convention last week. I asked him about the new Nike sponsorship, and he confirmed. I asked him about the new uniforms, and he said they're still sending sketches and ideas back and forth to Nike about what they might look like for next year. SPOILER ALERT. and he told me to look for some "old school" elements about our uniform. I don't know what they means or what that could look, because I've only been at UNT for 2 years. but for the old alumni, maybe you could help a youngster out. as far as new emblems? RV told me he has no idea what it could be. he told me that "that's a McCarney issue." apparently he, and his wife, are single handly thinking up a new emblem possibility. also, new Nike gear for us fans will be available in August at the NEW PRO SHOP at the NEW STADIUM. ps. we're keeping the Kelly Green.
  15. not sure if you were at the game but actually to be honest the d was actually improved a little.. not much but rebounding, and some of those "hustle" stats were improved... thats what i liked most tonight.. our guys fought and actually showed they cared for the first time in weeks.. people on floor, people extending d causing steals etc.. ps - very shocked no one has commented yet on the zone defense and press.. did yal like it?
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