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  1. Izzy oddly was not mentioned at all today. Just cade and mason. with that being said, this is probably the best QB competition and depth since I started following in 2008. Dodge had Vizza, Riley, DT leftover for Mac. Vizza, Riley, Brock, Dajon, Smith all transferred out. Mac never recruited a quality QB, sometimes a class without a single one which still blows my mind. To finally have stability at QB and legit competition is a breath of fresh air.
  2. same coach, same results. Let me know when the season is over or if Benford is finally fired.
  3. Fine seems to have finally settled in. Making SMART confident throws
  4. Almost Benford-esque of a hire? great offensive skins, long time ast., no HC?, just named top Ast in country, no defense..............
  5. good God Is this a joke?
  7. Lets do some hot rails & miller lite's then call up SMU and ask them :sorcerer: :sorcerer:
  8. They really need to screen these peeps who go to africa and come back into the country.
  9. kelvan Sampson is back in coaching? Over/under 2 years until UH is on probation.
  10. They play a revamped Maryland team next week so a loss will knock them down a peg. Coleman is a man child and will be a tough task to keep out of the end zone if healthy
  11. surprised since they struggled bad against Indiana Sate and Bowling Green
  12. For any Alums or North Texas Fans in Austin (West Austin Area) I will have the game on tomorrow at Chisos Grill located in the Hill Country Galleria. Bee Cave, TX www.ChisosGrill.com or PM me for more info Sorry I haven't been on here lately but would love to host some Mean Green in the middle of UT country. Go Mean Green!
  13. the lipstick on the pig finally wore off
  14. Only one returning starter on defense and starting RB is now out for season. Most likely will finish 2nd or 3rd in District.
  15. Should of paid their athletes more $$$. At least they can go back to killing hookers #CJK5H
  16. Stop the nightmare Put us out of our misere Euthanasia
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