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  1. I have some Strongbow and then when that goes probably some Coors Light. I'm not sure I have enough to drink for this game. I may find myself switching back and forth between this game and the FSU-OU game
  2. Oh nice, thanks! I'll keep an eye out for that!
  3. Come watch our volleyball team take on Texas State tonight!
  4. Oh I definitely took advantage of the shuttle last year and it was the best time I've ever had at a sporting event here. I plan to take the shuttle to Hot Springs again this year if they do it. I'd like to go to either the Tech or Texas game but I'm not sure which one. We probably have a better chance against Tech but I still have a little bit of time to decide.
  5. No I don't think so, it's supposed to be finished in December.
  6. Jealous! The only game I can probably make is UTA, everything else is too far (broke college student)
  7. I was hoping for the LSU game to be as crazy as the Texas Tech game but I don't think that's gonna happen
  8. Wooooooooooot! Thank you! I like the 7 home games in a row
  9. I doubt it will change any time soon if at all It's the same in College Station on game day. You might as well not even think about picking up your phone. (AT&T anyway)
  10. How sweet payback was in the SBC Tournament. The feeling was right up there with Texas Tech last year. The amount of noise being talked by their women's basketball team was ridiculous.
  11. I know.. My class times work out to where I COULD do it, but I'm not sure that I want to put myself through it lol
  12. Texas Tech on Wed. Nov. 16th in Lubbock
  13. Sam Houston State on Sat. Dec 10th at the Super Pit
  14. http://www.uhcougars.com/sports/m-footbl/recaps/091111aaf.html HOUSTON HEAD COACH Kevin Sumlin "We're not very happy with the way we started. It was the first game on the road which is concerning." "The energy of the crowd was good and a little more than we expected." "Great energy in that stadium tonight, and we didn't respond well." HOUSTON SENIOR QUARTERBACK Case Keenum "You have to give North Texas a lot of credit. When they got things going in the first half they were tough to beat. They've got a good team over there" "We just didn't deal with the pressure and atmosphere very well in the first half."
  15. Sigh.. I knew I should have sprung for Direct TV instead of settling for the free cable that came with my apartment!
  16. Where can I watch this game?
  17. I've seen them at the bookstore next to Chicken Express, the bookstore on campus and even Voertman's at the beginning of the semester
  18. I'm disappointed that there isn't any official information though Maybe there is and I just couldn't find it lol
  19. I know that I had to scan my ID to get the ticket in the first place, are they going to Scan it again at the gate or just look at it or how is that working?
  20. Does anyone have any information/details about the march?
  21. I think this is the video that was shown at the movie night at the beginning of the evening. http://www.experiencethenewmeangreen.com/
  22. Yeah I noticed that too.. Instantly clicked on Central Region only to realize that it said South
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