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  1. I'm a bit too far South (Arlington) to really get to enjoy the station. Coverage is always spotty and trying to catch games on the radio is a painful experience. Hopefully the new format will help grow the station and they can cover more of DFW. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, UNTexas said:

    I flew to El Paso once, got a hotel, spent the weekend there and watched NT get blown out. It was an annoying waste of time and money. I won’t do it again when I know they will get destroyed. 

    This is basically my experience except I drove to the New Orleans bowl against Troy. Decided I wasn’t taking another trip like that again. Definitely an annoying waste of both time and money. That decision has paid off as the very next year, the New Mexico Bowl against Utah State managed to somehow be even worse. Hell its up in the air if I’m even driving back up to Denton this season. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    Well I sat around trying to edit it…. If only the internet actually worked in the stadium. You would think a stadium named after an internet/wifi company would have better reception…. After that post nothing from the internet haha. 

    Holy crap the internet in the stadium is god awful. I did find that switching my phone from LTE to 4G helped last time I was there... Also, why in the hell are you still there??? 🤣

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