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  1. There are many of you on this forum who are very knowledgable of the SBC as a whole so I'd like your opinion. With all of the coaching changes, facility improvements, the WAC starting to die, etc. how much stronger will the Sun Belt be in the next two to three years than it has in the past five? Is the Sun Belt starting to become as good as or better than CUSA in the sense of respect? This is not a "We need regional rivals - JOIN CUSA!" or a "How we get in the MWC" thread. I'd just like to know what you guys think about the improving quality of the the Sun Belt and how it will compare to other conferences in the near future.
  2. This would be unfortunate. I really hope he stays at UNT.
  3. Coach McCarney's latest tweet: "The pieces are coming together. GMG!" Welcome coach Bowen!
  4. You can't hold one season at WKU against this guy. McCarney knows what he's doing, I seriously doubt that he would hire a DC that he didn't think highly of.
  5. He looks good. With him at QB, Riley at WR/Wildcat, Thompson as back up, and a freshman QB in training we would have a lot of options. I'd like to see Granger's arm paired with Stradford's speed.
  6. Clinton Granger Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1J2NY1z4ww
  7. That's disappointing to hear. What was discussed at the reception? Question and answer summary?
  8. Links to a couple articles: USA TODAY ESPN The Palm Beach Post WBTV Orlando Sentinel
  9. I couldn't be more excited about the Dan McCarney hire and am super stoked that Canales is staying! Time to lock the gate for the off season and get to work. They have big recruits to sign, philosophies to implement, a coaching staff to hire, a stadium to fill, and wins to rack up. Great things are coming. GO MEAN GREEN!
  10. I don't want to hear too much fluff, but I would like to hear genuine excitement and that he is happy to be here as well as ready to be a HC again. I would also like to hear his game-plan for the program. What needs immediate attention, what are his philosophies on the game, where does he want the program to be in two years, etc. Basically, I want to hear that he really wants this job and has already thought about how he's going to get started.
  11. Emmitt, A TCU and UNT rivalry in the BE would be amazing. The metroplex would be crazy on those weekends. Think the conference would actually consider this and try to put a big cap on the media markert? Other than our recent record, our program is probably more appealing and profitable than SMU.
  12. I think most of it stems from the eras before Canales took over. We had a number of terrible years where the team wasn't performing and the coaches weren't too involved with the community. So suddenly when someone in the position cared, instilled discipline in the team, and got the players and community on his side - it made a big impression. It probably looks really looney from an outsiders perspective, but for us it was a lot of hope and positive change.
  13. That would be epic. I'm not counting on it by any means though. One of the Iowa guys said to keep an eye on Chris Ash.
  14. Wow, had no idea that he recruited a quarter of your roster from Texas. This is good news. I'm hoping he continues to recruit Florida as well...I'm getting more and more excited.
  15. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know! I'm particularly excited about points 1, 3, 4, and 6. I saw a video with him talking about the way he grades and ranks his players that I found very interesting. Apparently he posts it in the locker room so all of the players know exactly where they stand and what they need to improve upon if they want to play more. I think that is a great system to have in place if he continues to use it. No favorites, just facts and hard work.
  16. There is no doubt that Canales did a superb job and improved the team in a short amount of time. Sometimes it's best to tear down and rebuild a burnt house instead of trying to renovate a charred structure.
  17. This, along with the stadium and new facilities, is a huge statement by UNT.
  18. I understand what you're saying. But at the same time, I think the massive structure across I-35 that opens next year will compensate for some of that "boost." Yes, it will be a short lived boost of interest, but I think the new stadium will bring about as much boost and buzz as the name of any coach. Therefore I think if he wins a couple of games in the beginning and harnesses all of the momentum being built up (literally), we will be just fine. Let's face it, the AD saw a huge reset button in all of this. They made a firm fist and hit the button hard. It's a great opportunity and one that we desperately need after our recent history.
  19. I, like most of you, was very impressed with Chico’s coaching during his interim position. After all he has done for the program in such a short amount of time, it’s hard to not like the guy and pull for him. Following the game yesterday against a quality opponent, it’s hard to not wonder what it would be like if he was the HC here. However, that doesn’t mean Dan McCarney is a “bad” or “boring” hire by any means. Yes, Chico is great and he will do well as a HC, but to claim that this is another botched hire before the guy even gets here and shows what he can do is absolutely ludicrous. Think about this from an administration stand point: 1) We needed a coach with previous head coaching experience. Check. 2) We needed someone who has taken a down program and turned it around. Check. 3) We needed someone who has experience winning against elite teams so that when we play them we can properly prepare and start winning more OOC games. Check. 4) Most wanted a defense minded coach because “it all starts with defense.” Check. 5) We needed someone who can recruit. Check. 6) If Dodge didn’t work out, we needed to “clean house” and get a new coach to open the new stadium. Check. 7) We needed someone with a lot of coaching ties to bring it a fully competent and extremely effective staff. Check. 8) We needed someone who installs discipline, competition, energy, and a hard nose mentality in their teams. Check. 9) We needed someone who will build a community around the program and get involved with the city of Denton. Check (per cyrocks). Now, the only thing that we can’t put a check mark by as far as the “things that UNT needed in a new head coach” is the splash hire demand. But quite frankly, I think that is a bogus argument. You don’t need a name to get butts in the seats. You need a good team that produces wins! People will not show up year in and year out just to hear the coach’s name. Dodge was a splash hire, a proven name in Texas football, and created a lot of buzz. Look where that went when the team didn’t produce wins under his direction. We weren’t selling out Fouts in year 3 simply because the Dodge name was on the sideline, were we? I really liked what Canales did and was actually hoping that he got the contract to be our next head coach. However, I think McCarney is going to be a quality hire for us. The hire is still fresh, but for the love of Scrappy, don’t shoot the guy before he even arrives. Welcome him, support him, and show him what the Mean Green Nation is all about. The more we support him and the more he becomes a part of the Mean Green Nation, the more he will want to win for us. Welcome Coach McCarney! We look forward to your arrival! Go Mean Green!
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