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  1. Not too worried about the rebounding stats. We gave a big game coming up, no need to play too risky to an opponent we were up big against. Why risk a an injury going up full force for an exhibition game?
  2. Speaking of which does anyone have old pics of UNT BB uniforms?
  3. I like the tops, the shorts not so much. This to me is simple and elegant without being boring. FSU's new ones Other ones I like are Syracuse, Marquette, UCLA, Oklahoma St. will have nice ones this year. Ours just lacks the detail that some top teams get. I know its hard to stand out in BB without going overboard though. Still I was hoping our uniforms would be the the Hyper Fit line that Nike has, Just like I wish our Football uniforms were Pro Combat ones.
  4. Hmmm... anyone else find these a little familiar? The lack of design in ours and theirs is pretty sad. I guarantee that if we start doing really well and get national attention they will release a special edition redesign of our uniforms.
  5. Its the jobs of the moderators to take care of it. Banter happens but this has completely taken over and derailed this thread, it should all be moved. Tell you what, lets see what Harry says and go with his rules. @Harry What do you say about this?
  6. I want to be credited for bringing the term and idea of "transitive properties" in to the GMG forum.
  7. Sure you can, there is a different forum for non-football posts. Maybe you should go and talk about which city is better there to your heart's content, and keep it off a football thread in the FOOTBALL forum. Yeah it sure is hard for some people who don't know how to follow the rules.
  8. So where is everyone arguing for Thompson now? I thought he just had a rough game against a great LSU team? Eat it chumps. (referring to the people who were douches, not the ones who argued civilly)
  9. How pathetic. Bringing up game day atmosphere, t shirt sales, comparing cities and wins in other sports. Seriously? About a football game? What does that have to do with anything? Are you so desperate to grab onto anything to to make an argument? That has nothing to do with the game that they completely dominated us in. STFU and just admit that we got our asses handed to us. You would think that grown men would know how to take a loss. WE GOT F***ING WORKED!!
  10. I had already suggested a white out in a previous thread. Seeing as how there are people talking about it its at least worth a look at by the Athletic dept. Plenty of teams do colored games, and they are a big success. Anyone who argues that its just copying other schools should also think that we should't play football at all. After all we didn't originally create the game so why should we copy another school right?
  11. Not true on the bolded. There are too many variables to be accurate. Us scoring those field goals could have forced Troy to make points off of offense, which could have been some big plays, or it couldn't have. We don't know, only thing that is certain is what actually happened. Talking hypotheticals is useless. I agree that the defense blew a few things here and there, there is always room for improvement unless we attain perfection and stop them on every down and don't allow points. The defense did enough to keep us in the game, to me they held up their end, by giving good field position, 3 and outs, etc. The offense had the chances to pull us ahead and didn't. I can only really crucify the defense for the 2nd touchdown that was a pass to a wide open receiver.
  12. I have said it since week one. Thompson is not a good QB. He lacks accuracy, decision making, and poise in the pocket. I give the guy tremendous credit for last week vs Kstate. He deserves every bit of it, but this was just another bad showing. Without a good QB we will go no where. So where is everyone now who was saying I knew nothing about football?
  13. I guess that you didn't get that the shirts would say UNT on them, not just white shirts people already own? No one said we would stop selling green shirts at the store. People are acting like it is a revolution here, its only for one game. So Missouri, Colorado, Georgia, West Virginia, etc. are high school now? Let me contact them to let them know the news. If they are high school what are we? Peewee League?
  14. Good points, thats if we sold out this game that is 30,000 new UNT shirts out there, and with a small fee for each one the athletic department could end up making some extra cash that could go to many things. Including a scholarship fund for the cheerleaders. Which would in turn (I hope) bring a better product that people have been complaining about, more cheers, better organization etc.
  15. I think your on to something here. Names: Mean White Night Albino Squirrel Night Think of the possibilities!!!! On a serious note, white does have tradition in our school, "Cheer for the Green and White!" and "Singing glory to the green, singing glory to the white."I think a lot of the people who are against it are because it is not a current tradition. If it had been around for the lat 20-30 years it would be something people love and a staple of our school. Traditions have to start somewhere. Do people not like the Eagle bust at Apogee? Isn't that too much like Howard's Rock at Clemson? If we never did anything new we would still be North Texas State, or North Texas Normal College. Stop being stubborn you old geezers
  16. Actually I think it could help people wear green to other games more. Athletic department would have to do a good job of telling people about this special game but stress that green should be worn at all other games.
  17. Athletic department is doing a decent job of telling people to wear green. But agreed that they should keep pushing that. What many teams do for these games is already have shirts on the chairs, and people just put the shirts on.
  18. I would agree but the guy is a Junior, with FBS experience. He isn't a wide eyed freshman or redshirt, by now he should be refining himself.
  19. I think so too. The students would definitely come out, also because of the many white out parties that follow the game etc.
  20. I don't know if anyone has connections to the athletic department or RV but it would be a great tradition to start IMO. Making an event at every game is a good way to get people to come out. -Home Coming -Family Weekend -White out Plus it looks really impressive. I know other teams do similar things like West Virginia does the Gold Rush night in the 2nd pic. . Of course green should be encouraged for every other football game.
  21. People grilled me on the other thread for last week's game for saying Thompson was mediocre. He just doesn't look poised and calm enough to make good decisions. He is not our answer if he can't greatly improve his accuracy.
  22. I expect the team to play smart with what we have. I'm not asking for a break out Boise St. season, but I am expecting good fundamentals like good tackling, good passing, good coverage, smart playmaking, etc. Many things I did point out in other posts. IMO we have sorely lacked what seems to be the basics to be a good team, maybe not the most athletic, but a well coached and disciplined team. LSU is very good, but the defense played about as well, lots of work to be done for sure but they went out and made some very good plays. On the other side, why is it that besides the two TD plays and two other drives we were struggling to put up double digit yards. So our QB couldn't put some short, quick passes for some yards? And why the stubbornness from who ever was making the calls try and pound the ball in and not use the method that worked to score? Anyway that was just one game, but for now that is all we can go off of and I think the offense hasn't improved as much as the defense. Lets see how they do the rest of the year.
  23. I just thought it was funny someone took the time to go through each post is all. Neg away.
  24. LOL at the person who keeps neg repping me. I don't care about reputation. Why don't you show your face and post an argument against my points coward.
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