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  1. These refs suck ass. I couldn't believe the call to take away the bucket Perry scored.
  2. Naughty link for those that don't have the channel. https://www.sawlive.tv/embedm/stream/ZmcDI5TGFiWVoxcTgyYXJHeFdvYTJmemRscVczbXJvOHV0WTFWNHFOQ2RxSlZYbzltaQ__/bGxlaHJaeWUyNVpiYzl6Tm5hcHNpblRaMGFLcWxGUjRxYUxMM0dkYWN0dW16OXVmaj
  3. Looking forward to the game tonight and hoping Abu comes out looking like the last game. Go Mean Green!
  4. Whoever fixed the thread title thank you.
  5. I for one would be in favor of you starting a new thread or at least changing this one to the standard format.
  6. People already forget how the CCG vs UTSA ended at the half. Instead of running the clock out we tried to move it down the field, only to have UTSA get it back and score.
  7. I for one am glad to close the chapter on the SL era of football. This game exemplified what has been wrong these last few years. It also reinforces that getting rid of SL was the right choice. It's time to go a different direction and move forward.
  8. Agreed. He looks like a beast and has a smooth shot, if we can get 5-6 points a game out of him we'd be in a really good place. Would like to see him more as well as Christian Moore, who's looked great the few minutes we've seen him.
  9. This and the GCU/UTA will really help our team on away games in conference. You need to build up that tough away game mentality, and even better when you can build up your confidence with wins.
  10. Agree it should stay in the middle. Troy didn't seem to have a problem putting their scoreboard above their athletic center.
  11. I'm hoping something is announced soon. We really need to get this project going to be competitive in recruiting.
  12. None of us were in the room, so purely speculating the other candidates seem to have less enticement to come here. Namely money and waiting for a bigger job. Maybe they weren't excited to build a program up. Morris was hungry for the job. As anyone who has hired, if someone bursts into an interview and eats everyone else's lunch, why wouldn't they get the job?
  13. I'd guess any conversation with GR went the same way too. Dykes makes $6m, so we could guess GR makes 1-1.5m? If we offered him $2m TCU would absolutely be able to match and keep the best assistant in the country.
  14. You responded like you were that poster, which is why I was asking if you were this Gordo dude. I was referring to him, not you in my previous post, so I was confused as to why you responded like it was directed at you. This board has had people who don't agree, but as long as you present your pov with actual substance and back your arguments with a well thought out response people will listen. Just look at his posts on this thread, can you really take that guy seriously? He brings nothing of value to this board.
  15. He's just a troll. How is it not clear that he's just trying to push people's buttons. Ignore him just like his parents have.
  16. Wait, are you saying that's you? You made a sock account to defend yourself? Don't go RV and say someone hacked your account and that was a mistake. 😂
  17. If you open your mouth with over-reactionary, school disparaging, and immature posts you better be willing to take what's coming your way.
  18. I'd think that Riley and Gillespie are getting serious looks otherwise this announcement would be done by now. It's always delicate when a coach is still in a bowl game, much less the playoffs. Fuente doesn't have a job so if it was him they would want to get him on the recruiting trail asap, so my educated guess is the other two are real candidates.
  19. Why didn't you guys try to keep him at HC? Seems strange. Then again, maybe he wasn't interested. He seems to be doing pretty good now.
  20. You'd think people would have enough sense to not overreact until something official is made. Get a hold of yourselves people.
  21. What's he making at TCU? I know it's a private school so they don't release their numbers, just wondering if anyone knew.
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