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  1. Very good win. Let's hope this team is finally showing its' true colors after the injuries and bouts of the flu. Perry is shinning through and Eady finally had a good game. Of the transfers he was the only one who hadn't had a stand out game. Ousmane still needs to make his mark on these games, I would like to see Sissoko get more minutes to help out at the post. 

    Not a lot to complain about though, great game. 

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  2. 17 hours ago, southsideguy said:

    Coach Mac said in the post game that Abu had some injuries to his wrist earlier and he was getting over and flu for about a week.  He also said Abu is down 10 lbs. That might be the reason he is off.  I wish he would dunk some balls with authority. 

    All 17 players played in the game.  One guy I could not find on the program.  I found his number on the program but no way he was 7', he was more like 6' and doubt if he was from Haiti.


    That's brings some perspective to things. My wife was saying the same thing about the flu, that sometimes the effects linger for a week or two, even if it's out of your system. Well hopefully he can get some rest and be back to 100%. Thanks for the info. 

  3. 1 minute ago, NT80 said:

    They will start to bail once the PAC media rights low estimates come in, about half of the Big12's expected new $$.  

    That too. If there are any real options to leave, teams will. Maybe the left overs like WSU, and OSU rebuild the PAC12 by just absorbing the MWC.

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  4. 7 hours ago, GrayEagle said:

    Well, Oresco also liked us, trusted Wren, and made the first move.  It is what it is.  I would have been okay to have been in either, AAC or MWC, but I'm happier with where we landed.  The AAC has the potential to recover from what we had with Cincinnati, UCF and Houston if we get better coaching/recruiting.  There is also the possibility that the Mountain West loses San Diego State, Boise State, and/or UNLV to the Pac 12, which will definitely reduce their power and prestige.



    I was on the MWC train because I didn't think there would be a chance to get to the AAC with SMU there. Not only thinking the wouldn't want us, but also that the AAC wouldn't want to overlap markets. AAC is definitely the better move, and I'm glad we ended up where we did.

    The Pac12 is in a really interesting place, I feel like they are all eagle puking at the thought of having anyone outside of maybe SDSU join. I honestly see that as the last option and they will try either staying at 10 or maybe forming some alliance with the ACC before grabbing any MWC schools. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Matt from A700 said:

    If Abou knew where he was on the court and didn't fumble every pass he could easily be averaging 20ppg. He should have dominated Southern Nazarene and Paul Quinn.

    Year 1 to year 2 was a massive improvement. I guess I thought he would come out looking like a monster this year. I'm hoping some of that is still the new guys learning how each player likes to play and how to best facilitate a teammate. 

  6. Good showing, the guys are starting to ease in, but they still need more time to really get to know each other. Even the vets are having to deal with large rotations which is new for us. Martinez has been the standout of the new transfers, he looks ready to score from any part of the court. I was wondering why we didn't see Sissoko out there more in the past games. He looked silky smooth when he got the ball, IMO he needs more minutes shared with Ousmane. Having 2 viable big men would be huge. Speaking of Abu, I don't know if he is just in a funk or what, but he doesn't look like the player from last year. His hooks and shots have been off, I know he was the leading scorer tonight so maybe it's just me, but he looks like he's lacking confidence? Good game to help the team build on their chemistry. Huntsberry needs to guard the ball better, we can't have so many turnovers, but his shooting has looked good. Good game overall. 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, NT80 said:

    There is no longer an NCAA requirement to have divisions to sponsor a championship game, so many conferences are doing away with divisions. 

    Some upper conferences were/are debating if a championship game helps or hurts playoff chances.  Would TCU stay #4 if they didn't play K-State in a Big12 championship game?   Ohio State and Michigan may very well be #2 and #3 but playing each other will probably knock one out of the CFP.  End of season losses are worse than beginning of season losses.

    The expanded playoff will go a long way in fixing some of those issues IMO. 

  8. 40 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    This is what the Big 12 has been doing for a few years now. Enhances the strength of schedule due to limiting games against weak OOC opponents and creates the narrative of a true champion being crowned. Conferences with divisions have the question of whether or not the champion received a favorable cross-divisional draw. Not that it's helped smaller P5 programs such as TCU this year but that's the idea. I like it but ultimately none of it matters if the committees keep looking at brand name over record. If TCU was UT or OU, they'd be top 3 maybe top 2 with little questions asked.

    Hopefully the AAC adopts the same 9 game format in the future. 

  9. 43 minutes ago, wardly said:

    Rice and Charlotte could have moved to the Belt or stayed put. Also from what I read there will no longer be separate East/West or North/South divisions on the majority of conferences beginning next year.Television likes the BIG 12 model where the 2 best teams in the conference play at the end of the season .

    Interesting. I thought they were keeping the divisions model when we made the move. I kind of also like what the Pac12 did and do 9 conference games. Having 1 less OOC game makes them more valuable and we can hopefully get some good matchups/a more premium price tag if we go play the Alabamas/Ohio States of college football. Plus it would hopefully get rid of the FCS scheduling, those do nothing for us as fans.

  10. 2 hours ago, Side.Show.Joe said:

    Thompson really liked UNT. I believe the MWC was ready to make a move into Texas and the AAC wasn't looking for competition. 

    I know it will never come out, but I'd really like to know if there were talks and how far those talks went. MWC would have been the next best move if the AAC wasn't available. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Outside our Green world many were saying the only reason we were invited was to have a team in the DFW area if SMU was to leave (I think many thought we would be going to the MWC). Maybe we should focus a little more on how we can step up our game and not question why others were invited. 

    I feel like there was some truth to the MWC rumors. If true the AAC made a preemptive move to block the AAC from getting into TX/the central time zone. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, keith said:

    That's odd.  I thought we were in this position because we are currently tied for the 2nd best conference record and hold tie-breakers over WKU who is also sitting at 4-2 and FAU who is one game back.  Why must every ounce of success we have be minimized or explained away as a fluke?  Most pre-season predictions slotted us as middle to lower half of the pack in conference play.  WKU and FAU along with UAB were all supposed to finish above us.  Seems like we have exceeded most predictions this year or have we just been lucky and everyone else unlucky?  We've played under the same circumstances as everyone else in conference.  I wonder if WKU, FAU or UAB wish they were lucky like us.


    Because this situation wouldn't be happening last year, next year, or any other year UTSA has a higher record than us since they will be in our division. This year teams left unexpectedly and forced CUSA to have no divisions, creating the circumstance to keep us in the title race. Any other year and Saturday is the last game and we end up playing for either a 7-5 or 6-6 record. How is that not luck?

    I did't say we won games by luck, we got ourselves there. But this scenario is absolutely a lucky break for UNT. 

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  13. 8 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    Lets see how many more fire LIttrell threads that can be started before the end of the season.  

    Littrell's NT fate will be decided by their play in the final three games.  

    I don't get this constant mantra of anti-Littrell propaganda in a season that could still end up with a conference championship. 



    This year needed to have a good level of improvement to warrant an extension, UNT's play on the field did not show that. Does this year really feel like a CCG run? 6-5 with 2 conference losses? We are there by circumstance and luck that there are no divisions this year.

    Since the beginning of the year I said we had no choice but to let the season play out, let SL make his case as to why he deserves another extension. For me personally it was 8-4, so as soon as that 5th loss to UAB happened it was done for me. I understand you can't get rid of a coach that still has a chance to get you to a championship, so now we are forced to wait and see again.  The only way he saves his job is to win the CCG. 



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  14. You can tell the guys still need to be coached into what Mac wants. It's understandable since we have so many new guys out there and they only have 3 actual games to try to work out the kinks. Having Perry and Jones back was a huge plus, you can tell they really helped anchor the team. Neither one of them is 100% so I expect them to step it up with more time and minutes. 

    Hopefully the guys start to build that chemistry and gel into a single unit like Mac likes as they get more games under their belts. 

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  15. 6 hours ago, GrandGreen said:

    That was their plan to save ships for more players that might go to the portal at a latter date.  I don't think there was a strict time to enter the portal as there is now. 


    I think it's pretty clear they were hoping some surprise names would be left out by the bigger schools and UNT would swoop in and snag them. It didn't work out, and if you go back to that time people were pretty unhappy with recruiting to put it lightly.

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  16. 13 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Oregon would gladly take their place in a heartbeat. I think the regents are hoping to "force" them to invite Cal also.

    If anything it would only make UCLA lose their invite. There's no way UCLA would have any leverage into forcing the Big10, and maybe that's what the regents would want. 


    6 minutes ago, C Rod said:

    That's what I thought but apparently the Regents have authority over UCLA. They can block UCLA which would ultimately lead to a long and messy fight in the California court system. If they do allow UCLA to leave, they could also force UCLA to reimburse Cal Berkley for the loss of future TV revenue. Ouch.

    Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show. 


    Even the article mentions it as unlikely, but I guess technically possible. I'd think if they did block the move UCLA would then be able to sue the Regents over lost revenue as well so it gets very messy, and I doubt either side wants a long legal battle. I think it still goes through, but we will see. 

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