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  1. I do think we have some deficiencies over last year, especially in the 5 spot. I want Sissoko to have a huge breakout as much as everybody else, but Allen needs to be the starter and let Sissoko build up his confidence with bench minutes. We are really missing those consistent 8-10 points from a post that seal games away, and let you build leads. Buggs and Noland need to be a little more consistent. Even with that said we have been in games, in the last moments we have missed layups and shot ourselves in the foot. I don't know if that's pressure/mental lapses/coaching/, etc., but if we can at least force the other team to beat us that would be a huge improvement. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

    A.  Caponi cannot be fired this year as an assistant with one year left on his contract.  We don't have the money.

    B.  Morris certainly cannot be fired next year with 3 years left on his contract.  We don't have the money.

    It's the UNT way I guess, not enough money to erase our mistakes. If he starts the same way next year I would hope Morris/the admin would have the astuteness to demote him after a few games and cut his salary until his contract is over. 

  3. If Caponi stays and they have the same poor results next year I honestly think Morris should be fired as well. If he couldn't bring the right choice the first time, and let them stay around an extra year to waste it, why would we trust him with the next hire? 

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  4. 5 hours ago, outoftown said:

    Yep, very interested to see how much the conference will get from SMU. And what UNTs share will be.

    Also I wonder how much of the Cincy, UCF, and UH money the other schools will get. I'm not sure if the AAC is distributing that money or making a conference fund for other uses. 

    I found this


    But it's hard to know how much to total numbers are. 

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  5. JMU has the most important thing it takes to run an athletic department. The right people/administration in the department. The success of both sports shows they are smart and informed decision makers, something we have been lacking in for decades. Outside of all of the sporting decisions the AD handles promotion, advertisement, fundraising, donations, logistics, community outreach, fan engagement, marketing, budgeting, etc. Without that strong foundation every coach will struggle to succeed here. 

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  6. The legacy AAC schools get $7M a year, and that is paid out at the end of the year around May or June. 

    The new teams however get a half share, so $3.5M, but it is unclear if we get the full amount or if the AAC entrance fee will come out of it for a couple of years. Once the payout is given someone can use a FOIA to see the numbers. Over the course of the contract that number will ramp up so that we are receiving a full share by 2031. No one knows the specifics at this point on that as far as I know. 

    Also that will just be the media payout, it does not include CFP, NCAA credits, and any potential exit fee money. I'll be interested when all of the amounts become public. 

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  7. I refuse to make any guesses on maybes and ifs. That's how people delude themselves into thinking we are going to be completely different with no evidence, and how we hold onto people here too long. We had a team this year that was very poor on defense, but also had flubs on offense that could have won us games. I don't need Morris and the others to talk about how we will be better next year, go out and show me you are better. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Travis said:

    Our band plays the most annoying song everytime the other team gets a first down as if they are mocking us. Like they play this fierce stand up d type song when we just give up a new set of downs. I can’t be the only one that keeps seeing this right? 

    I'm so confused with the choice of what to play and when. Do they just rotate through a list of songs to play without caring what down or game situation it is? Sloppy, unorganized, and unfocused all year. Fire that director. 

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  9. 5 hours ago, KingDL1 said:

    I don't read it that way, I could be wrong.  I see it as they will do what they need to fill the holes and build a stronger team. 

    Many of us have thought he underutilized the portal this year, from that post it looks like next year will be about the same as this year. We had 10 transfers last year, which is why I was saying don't expect a transfer heavy team next year. 

  10. 2 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    This is the hindsight is the 20/20 headscratcher. Also, didn't we leave some scholarship slots unfilled? I am very interested to see how Morris handles year two and his planning/strategy changes.

    According to this post in another thread the same as year 1.  So those hoping we go heavy in the portal will be disappointed, assuming that is true. 



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  11. 10 minutes ago, Glory to the Green said:

    I don’t know that 5 OL and 5 DL are necessarily needed. We have some talent on both sides of the ball, but a boost in size and depth is definitely needed. I also think a full offseason with Kegan’s is going to be very important for our teams as well. 

    Agreed. I just want a line that can consistently protect Rogers. If Caponi is back next year he needs the personnel to run the 3-3-5, because we've looked awful and frankly lost this year. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, DentonLurker said:

    So if they think a high school recruit gives us a better chance of winning games than a portal player, you would defer to the portal just to check a box? Portal doesn’t necessarily equal better, in my opinion.

    No, if a HS recruit is the willing to come here and make an impact that would be great. The only thing I question is can UNT recruit the type of HS players that can make an immediate impact? Morris doesn't have the luxury of a long development cycle, he needs to turn this around quickly.

    What I am talking about is quality transfers and Jucos that are ready to play. Linemen that have legit lineman size, we've all complained about us being undersized all year.  We've seen what SMU, UTSA, Memphis, etc., can do with the portal. It's a tool that can be a great benefit, it's not the end-all be-all, but I hope we maximize what we are able to get from it. We've seen nearly a full season of Morris' team, I think it's clear there are some major overhauls needed. 

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  13. 18 hours ago, DentonLurker said:

    I don’t really see why quantity would matter at all. I just want them to go get athletes that make this team better. I don’t care where they come from.

    Using this year as a measuring stick there needs to be a major overhaul, especially on defense. 10 players divided by both sides doesn't seem to suggest they think a lot needs to be changed. We've already criticized this staff for not hitting the portal hard enough this year, let's hope they don't repeat the same thing next year. 

  14. Nice dominant win. Good to see the bench get some minutes, though we didn't score the last 4:30 minutes after the Sissiko dunk. I would have liked to see some bench rotations the last 10 minutes to see how some of these guys do with the starters, but I'm glad they got as much as they did. Edwards is going to be a special player. 

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