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  1. On 4/9/2024 at 10:34 AM, Censored by Laurie said:

    I'm actually in the camp now that we're gonna see a few of these players back next season. it's only good business to test the portal waters and possibly leverage Hodge/UNT for as good a deal as possible

    calling it now...Noland and Jones will be back next season. Scott maybe not...he has NBA metrics and upside and a year at a P5 could enhance his overall pro stock. 

    Maybe it helps Hodge's relationship with these guys too. Like "he looks out for me the person" 

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  2. On 4/8/2024 at 4:02 PM, Cooley said:

    If SMU offered you $200,000 per year to come post on their fan board (Poneyfans.com) versus GoMeanGreen.com would you? What if LSU or someone else tops that by $50k the following year? In the business world, have you ever been offered substantially more to leave your employer? Or did you stay "loyal" to your company that may have hired you right out of college? It's unfortunate but these are the questions the kids have to make today. Playing and/or starting seems to be secondary. I think I would go get that paycheck my final year of eligibility.   

    Coaches do this all the time..... 

    Whatever situation helps my family the most (and myself) is what I'm doing 


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  3. 43 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    None of these have been reported by the school or the player, yet.  The response I got to bringing this up was that this usually occurs when the players may be testing the waters but would be welcome back.  Guess I am showing my age, but if I were the coach, once you decide to enter the portal you are done here.  Another poster messaged me with the same feeling.  Zero commitment today.  All about what I can get for me, period.

    Same thing works in the professional world. Surely you'd understand to see what value you can get for yourself 

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  4. 59 minutes ago, BigWillie said:

    Maybe Drez, but I am still a TP fan. I am on the side of taking a quarter of a million dollars as a college student.

    believe drez wanted to play in front of his family.... can't fault aguy for that

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  5. On 3/2/2024 at 1:22 AM, Cooley said:

    Tristan Thompson went into the HOF in 2020. I suspect that all the names being listed will eventually go into the UNT Hall of Fame. Damn shame but this is what it has become over the past few years. Coaches with losing records, players that played here 1 or 2 years, average players etc.  

    Perry/Hamlet may have only played here 1 or 2 years but they also elevated the program to heights not seen ever

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  6. On 1/28/2024 at 1:34 AM, GrandGreen said:

    Some of you make me wonder.

    He has two options (really he has many more).

    One, to honor his commitment and play for NT.

    Two, to go play for his dad.

    IMO, I don't think anyone can find fault with either decision. 


    Heck, do you think Riley Dodge regrets backing out of playing WR at Texas to play for his dad here? (God those were awful days) 

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  7. 22 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    When people say college sports don't matter to a university.

    "Since Nick Saban arrived in 2007, Alabama's enrollment has increased from 25,000 students to 40,000 students.

    That's a 60% jump compared to a 10% national average.

    But the *type* of student matters much more.

    Alabama went from the majority of its student body consisting of in-state students to the majority now being from out-of-state.

    This is important because those students pay 3x more in annual tuition  — $32,000 vs. $11,000 — and it means Alabama increased its annual revenue by hundreds of millions under Nick Saban."




    They say athletics is a window to the university 

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  8. 1 hour ago, aztecskin said:

    @MeanGreenTexan I get what you mean but I think he did a solid job here. The first 60% of his tenure is already an outmoded way of recruiting. If he goes on to do something better it will be because of what he learned here as a head coach. 

    Made great hires early on but lack of adjustments, missed development, and poor OC hires post Harrell kind of doomed him. 

    A nice change of pace from Mac and Dickey, just wish he was out selling the program more when he was here

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  9. 33 minutes ago, Cougar King said:

    WVU was about to fire Dana. Dana is friends with Fertitta and had coached here before. 


    Fertitta got his feelings hurt by Herman and Sumlin leaving, so he wanted coaches who would stay forever. Hence why we ended up with Applewhite and Holgerson. 

    Both Lincoln Riley and Lane Kiffin were ready to take the job when Applewhite was hired but Fertitta's stupid contract scared them off.

    What was the contract?

    ill say this, Fertitta and co definitely got the basketball hire right. 

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  10. 39 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    There's no way he would take that job.  He's had plenty of time to see that program up-close to know better.   It'd be a home run hire for UTEP though.  .500 football and continuous bowl eligibility would be huge for them.

    How much is he making as an analyst? Bet he's waiting out a P5 OC gig.

  11. 25 minutes ago, golfingomez said:

    interesting to watch, I was very confused from the beginning of Holgorsen's move to Houston, i thought he had a decent gig in West Va.

    It was also interesting to see the move from Houston's part, considering their pretty decent track record working with up and coming coaches. 

    With a buyout like they have (now seems small thanks to our friends in College Station), it will be interesting to see what kind of coach they bring in next.

    Holgo had a background in Texas with his time at Tech. I think Houston paid more too. 

    Also the Houston president said "We fire people at 8-4".... and Holgo only hit that once. 



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