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  1. 2013 Goal Line Stand on Halloween against Rice and The Drive against UTSA in 2017 would beg to differ.
  2. Not true. Graduated in 2017 and love Sub Hub. Still eat there often, those guys are the best.
  3. Chad Morris was 14-22 at SMU and Arkansas hired him away. Seth Littrell is 21-16 right now.
  4. The 2013 HOD team was built by Todd Dodge. I can't believe more people are jumping on the fact that he mentioned Mean Joe as a possible replacement for Seth Littrell.
  5. If anyone has 2 extra tickets they would like to get rid of for free I would appreciate it greatly!
  6. So your coaching advice would be to go into a season with backups who have gotten no reps in the fall, none of them?
  7. I just don't see how you can make proclamations like this. You say that there is not enough statistical data on any of the 3 QBs to prove anything right now, and in the next sentence you say we will go 6-6 if Greer or McNulty are given the starting job. I understand that we haven't had a real athletic dual threat QB in our recent history and it would be really exciting if we had one. So I'm just wondering if that is what is fueling your confidence in DW or do you know something more that the rest of us don't? And HS game highlights don't count, most average to above average HS players can come up with enough good plays in a season to put a highlight tape together.
  8. Not involved with SMU at all anymore. Just Shake Joint, Diamond Talk, and 10-3 Tickers I believe
  9. I agree with this except for the BWW thing. Something unique to Denton should replace that dump. Not a large chain establishment. Preferably an establishment that John Williams is a part of in some form or fashion.
  10. Right, which is the reason I was wondering why you would tell somebody to compare them by listing the number of NFL players they have coached. That's like me telling someone to list the NFL players coached by McCarney and compare that to the NFL players coached by the new cornerbacks coach we hired.
  11. Not sure how you can compare a guy who has been a D-1 coach at larger schools since 1982 to the two guys that just left. Noah Joseph has been a D-1 coach since 2003 and his two previous schools were Eastern Illinois and Montana State. And Ryan Walters has been a D-1 coach since 2011.
  12. I thought Tech and Kliff Kingsbury were both huge failures who ran off their good QBs and won't be able to get any good players to come play in Lubbock?
  13. Personally, I makes me more excited every time he mentions the desolate state this program was in when he arrived. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't see it as him trying to temper our current excitement level at all. For me it is the opposite of tempering the excitement. It reminds me of how far this program has come in such a short time, and then my football pants get excited thinking about how much farther the program can go in the very near future.
  14. Man I have always felt bad for you guys (North and South), and all of the other GISD schools for that matter. We were the only school in that district who had a real home stadium where our locker rooms and fieldhouse were located and practices were held. Then again, we were also the only school in the district with the state championships so I guess it kinda makes sense. Williams Stadium might not be as fancy as some in the area but they did recently install a new vidja board and it will always be the HS stadium of choice for this particular Garland Owl
  15. Spike Dykes’ record during his 14 years at Tech: 82-67 Mike Leach’s record during his 10 years at Tech: 84-43 According to you, the only metric for comparing these two is their record against the horns. Dykes went 7-7 against a program that was 95-68 during his time at Tech Leach went 2-7 against a program that was 128-27 during his time at Tech. Which included the upset of the then #1 ranked mighty horns. I’m not sure why you mentioned 2010-2013 when Leach wasn’t at Tech and Kingsbury was only there for the most recent year in which he was coaching a team made up of mostly players brought in by the failed (or as you might say stinky boogerbutt dumbhead stupidface) Tommy Tuberville. I’ll agree that Leach has yet to field a good defense. However, the fact that his defenses have been so bad only further proves how good his offenses have been. In case you forgot, he had a winning season in each of the 10 seasons he was at Tech. So in conclusion, you’re wrong. Because sports.
  16. Didn't see any statements of dominance from anyone. However, you did call a guy who (during his tenure in Lubbock) was one of sixteen active coaches to have never had a losing (or a .500) season and one of nine out of that group with at least 5 seasons coached a buttclown. His offense led the NCAA in passing yardage four years in a row so it would seem more than a few defensive coordinators were baffooned by said buttclown. And the other guy you claimed was nothing but an ass and a buttclown helped him set those offensive records as a player, and went 8-5 in his first season as a HC at 34 years old while upsetting the #14 team in the country by two touchdowns in their bowl game. So I'm going to assume that you have some type of personal hate towards Leach/Kingsbury and/or Tech in general, because otherwise your post would make absolutely no sense at all.
  17. Some great sports talk here. Kingsbury only beat the #14 team in the country by two touchdowns in a bowl game in his first year as a head coach. He'll never be successful! He's too young and he talks and dresses different than the other head coaches. They should have kept that guy who ripped the headset off a GA during a game and left those recruits at a restaurant like a guy on a bad blind date, that's how a real big time head coach handles his business!
  18. Correction, Kliff started the best QB (Webb) in the bowl game upset of ASU and the other 2 got butt hurt and quit.
  19. About 500 is what I was thinking as well. That's $7500-10,000 in ticket sales (@15-20 bucks each) if they're buying cheap seats and $3500 in beer sales (@7 bucks each) if each of those 500 only purchases 1 beer. Now maybe those factors cost more than that amount, which in my opinion is low because I'm sure more than one beer per person will be purchased. However, as I said before, I am just thinking of putting more butts in seats and if it could put 500 more butts in seats and not be a loss of money, then I view it as a good because it would be 500 more than we would have otherwise.
  20. Of course, everybody on this board (myself included) will be at every game that we possibly can whether there is beer for sale or not. Hell, even when there is beer for sale I will probably still utilize a flask. However, if we are talking about trying to pack the stajium I think that having beer for sale will entice the folks who don't want to get there early and tailgate in order to drink. I don't think this would entice anybody to drive from outside Denton to see a game just because Apogee starts selling beer. I'm talking about people who are in Denton but are somewhat indifferent to Mean Green football. I'm also talking about tailgaters who are recent alums or older students who might have gone to a few games at Fouts because they could go out at halftime time to refuel and come back in which is not allowed at Apogee. And while this might sound like I'm just trying to fill the stajium with out of control drunks, consider the way that tailgaters who want to mix alcohol with Mean Green football and can't afford club level seats. They spend a few hours outside of Apogee fortifying themselves with enough alcohol to last 3+ hours (which is almost always too much) and end up appearing belligerent by kickoff. Again, I think this is just another selling point for those who don't care as much about the football game as we do.
  21. I agree that beer at sporting events is way overpriced. That being said, have you ever attended a sporting event where the price of the beer was deterring the majority of people from purchasing it? Not to mention one of the groups we are trying to bring in the stadium are the folks who tailgate but don't attend. I believe that group would have no problem paying for overpriced beer because they are already too drunk to care.
  22. I am glad he didn't come here but even if he had I don't know that he would have won the starting job here. He was an average passer who tried to force the ball to Amaro no matter how many defenders were covering him and he almost always stared down the receiver he wanted to throw to from the snap of the ball. He was definitely was not a good runner. He ran like he thought he was Johnny Football, but was far slower and much less athletic. The only reason Tech seemed to fall off after he got injured was the fact that their schedule got significantly tougher. They would have lost those games with him healthy. Again, Kliff Kingsbury may not ever field a decent defense, but he knows how to evaluate quarterbacks and he didn't think this kid was worthy of a scholarship yet.
  23. Absolutely. The other two quarterbacks had caught up to him by the time he came back from injury. He felt entitled. Call me crazy, but I trust Kingsbury's evaluation of QB talent a lot more than Baker Mayfield and if he was as good as he thought he was Kliff would've got him a scholarship already. Kliff will not have trouble getting quarterbacks to come to Lubbock, Mayfield will have trouble getting reps in Norman and definitely a scholarship. Although it did take them a while to realize that Knight was much better than Bell so who knows.
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