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  1. 2013 Goal Line Stand on Halloween against Rice and The Drive against UTSA in 2017 would beg to differ.
  2. Not true. Graduated in 2017 and love Sub Hub. Still eat there often, those guys are the best.
  3. Chad Morris was 14-22 at SMU and Arkansas hired him away. Seth Littrell is 21-16 right now.
  4. The 2013 HOD team was built by Todd Dodge. I can't believe more people are jumping on the fact that he mentioned Mean Joe as a possible replacement for Seth Littrell.
  5. If anyone has 2 extra tickets they would like to get rid of for free I would appreciate it greatly!
  6. So your coaching advice would be to go into a season with backups who have gotten no reps in the fall, none of them?
  7. I just don't see how you can make proclamations like this. You say that there is not enough statistical data on any of the 3 QBs to prove anything right now, and in the next sentence you say we will go 6-6 if Greer or McNulty are given the starting job. I understand that we haven't had a real athletic dual threat QB in our recent history and it would be really exciting if we had one. So I'm just wondering if that is what is fueling your confidence in DW or do you know something more that the rest of us don't? And HS game highlights don't count, most average to above average HS players can come up with enough good plays in a season to put a highlight tape together.
  8. Not involved with SMU at all anymore. Just Shake Joint, Diamond Talk, and 10-3 Tickers I believe
  9. I agree with this except for the BWW thing. Something unique to Denton should replace that dump. Not a large chain establishment. Preferably an establishment that John Williams is a part of in some form or fashion.
  10. Right, which is the reason I was wondering why you would tell somebody to compare them by listing the number of NFL players they have coached. That's like me telling someone to list the NFL players coached by McCarney and compare that to the NFL players coached by the new cornerbacks coach we hired.
  11. Not sure how you can compare a guy who has been a D-1 coach at larger schools since 1982 to the two guys that just left. Noah Joseph has been a D-1 coach since 2003 and his two previous schools were Eastern Illinois and Montana State. And Ryan Walters has been a D-1 coach since 2011.
  12. I thought Tech and Kliff Kingsbury were both huge failures who ran off their good QBs and won't be able to get any good players to come play in Lubbock?
  13. Personally, I makes me more excited every time he mentions the desolate state this program was in when he arrived. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't see it as him trying to temper our current excitement level at all. For me it is the opposite of tempering the excitement. It reminds me of how far this program has come in such a short time, and then my football pants get excited thinking about how much farther the program can go in the very near future.
  14. Man I have always felt bad for you guys (North and South), and all of the other GISD schools for that matter. We were the only school in that district who had a real home stadium where our locker rooms and fieldhouse were located and practices were held. Then again, we were also the only school in the district with the state championships so I guess it kinda makes sense. Williams Stadium might not be as fancy as some in the area but they did recently install a new vidja board and it will always be the HS stadium of choice for this particular Garland Owl
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