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  1. Abbe is a good kid, probably not too bright when it comes to personal choices. He drinks some...like most college kids. The thing is, if you knew him personally, you'd laugh this off and move forward. He's not a mean guy beating up frat rats or offending women...very likeable. Maybe not the PC answer you're looking for, but it is what it is. Mac will take care of this and he most likely won't ask us for our opinion of his process.
  2. He's been here all season, rents, the guys on the team say he's the real deal, fast with a great arm.
  3. The banquet was good; very positive. The seniors got to go out feeling valued and the rest of the team has something to look forward to with this coaching staff. Must have been 500-600 people there and there were some great awards and good speeches. RV was a bit dramatic, but in the days before knowing everything instantaneously, drama and bluster is what you got at a FB banquet. The O-line was duly recognized for its top ranking in the country in sacks allowed; Simmonds said this was the best group of starting linemen he's ever coached and he repeated it after he got off stage; Orr was celebrated with trophys and accolades for his year (1 of 2 standing ovations) and Whitfield was honored for his talent and potential to be one of the best. Feeley and Phillips were recognized for playing hurt and inspiring the younger guys and Fortenberry was toasted as the King of the line. Y'Barbo's stats were amazing...I don't know if I've ever heard of a Guard with 70 knock-downs in a season...only at the Outland Trophy awards. The senior speech was great and got the other standing O. All in all, a pretty good night; kids had fun; it moved right along and it was comfortable.
  4. Used to have a friend that when asked by a policemen, "what're you boys doing?" he would always say; " Drinkin & Fightin!". It was never true, but always sounded cool and usually stopped the cop in his tracks. Normally I don't say this, but I think you should stop drinkin & fightin because you don't have a clue. Any of you! Of course, you're entitled to your opinion, however freakin lame.
  5. Trice is a good run defender...Not great at defending the pass. Good tackler, but throws himself around way too much. Gambler, but doesn't win but about 50% of the time. This D-backfield needs upgrading as much or more than any part of the team.
  6. Most of the low dollar schools do. Mac will take 4 years to bring this program back because that is who he is. He is a consummate self promoter and politician in front of the cameras and he works on the little things underneath while you are dazzled by the coach speak. It's a very good and proven turn-around management style. The good news and the bad news are essentially the same...the program will come back under Mac. Good news = program back Bad news = 4/5 years to do it. copy and paste this into a word file, save it on your computer and check it in 2 years.
  7. The data is interesting...I always thought that despite the great pass blocking, we got hit hard on running plays that took a long time to develop. This tells me I'm right from the tackles for a loss. I am thinking, and not for the first time, that the play calling at critical times had a lot to do with this because the defenses knew we were going to go to those plays in those situations (I loved the Y'Barbo pull, but as a D-Coordinator, I would just put a LB in his hip pocket as he pulled and BOOM, tackle for a loss) And, they put anywhere from 5 to 8 players in the box. Sometimes it looked like the whole D was in the box and we ran the silly play anyway. I never once saw our QB check off and I saw plenty of opportunity to really blow the D away with an easy change of plays, especially in the red zone. All in all, I'd say our Offense was way too predictable and our playmakers weren't strong enough to make up for that disadvantage.
  8. O-Line, Whitfield, Jimmerson, Harris...All nice surprises. Biggest question for next year besides QB? Center! I hear there's a good one that redshirted this year, but he'll have to learn to call plays as well as Fort did. Forgot his name.
  9. I'd like to listen to the last Mac at Rudy's BBQ show. Does anyone know if this is recorded somewhere? The radio stations don't offer archived shows of Mac.
  10. Just paying attention to all of the 2 & 3 stars in Texas will do the trick for recruiting. As we have seen on all of our competitor's teams, there are a ton of undeveloped players available in Texas that the big boys overlook every year. Lefty was great at recognizing and recruiting them. UNT has a ton of scholarship to give out this year; use them wisely, but use them all.
  11. Tackling technique has been degrading for the past 10/12 years (probably because everone wants to hit with their head to get on Sports Center), but you know who tackled extremely well against us? Arkansas State...those guys hit like they meant it and the wrapped up. Some coach is really doing a great job there.
  12. He was the big trash talker on their side.
  13. This story shall the good man teach his son; And NT Senior Day shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remember'd; We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition: And gentlemen in Texas now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon NT Senior Day.
  14. Powers & Feeley block down, then Feeley slides to block the deep LB as Ybarbo and Johnson pull and pick up the rushing LB and kick out the filling LB respectively...Result: A nifty 85 yard TD run by Byrd. Watch the blocking by the O-Line...NEVER BETTER! This post has been promoted to an article
  15. Powers & Feeley block down, then Feeley slides to block the deep LB as Ybarbo and Johnson pull and pick up the rushing LB and kick out the filling LB respectively...Result: A nifty 85 yard TD run by Byrd. Watch the blocking by the O-Line...NEVER BETTER!
  16. Quality DBs would help this team tremendously. Might be the only fix needed on the D. The O needs a QB that can adjust and think on his feet. I like DT from a talent standpoint, but he can't adjust to situations. I have never seen him look off a route. Vizza developed happy feet because his lines weren't very good, Dodge couldn't take the punishment and DT can't go through a progression, even to level two. So, two fixes...DBs that can cover and a QB that can adjust = a much better team. In the CUSA and we're gonna need it.
  17. Nice interview; Zack got a lot of info out in this short interview. Interesting guy!
  18. This team is just not prepared to play at the start of the game. We have a defensive backfield that can't cover anyone until after the half when they've been told what's going on. We have a QB that starts slow and is terrible when he can't build momentum. On top of that, the coaching staff can't seem to change in any way during the first half or when the QB is having trouble. I'd say Mac is more stubborn that bad.
  19. Actually play calling does contribute to the other team scoring by putting the ball in their hands every three plays. Our D couldn't stop this team's O on our best day, but the O has to keep the ball outta their hands more often and for longer periods of time. And, even Mack Brown can make a change at QB due to ineffectiveness of the starter, why can't we?
  20. David Ash was benched by one of the most conservative coaches in history and Case McCoy came in and won it for Texas. No one knows what that means next week, but Texas won a game they could have easily lost without a change.
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