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  1. To The Tasty Greek: You, sir, are an ass! If you and others on this board did only half of what Kram does for our university, this university would reach heights never before imagined! But no..........many of you on this board only want to bitch and moan! Negative click away - I, for one, have had my fill of the Ben Goodings (and there are many more like you) that reside on this board. Rhey Nolan tylermeangreen
  2. UNT does not even begin to hold a candle to the size or quality of ULL tailgates or the number of alumni that participate nor the enthusiasm generated - Not just students, ALUMNI. Their folks travel, and they travel with large numbers of motor homes.......... Some of you folks need to go a ULL game - I was there 3 years ago and was absolutely shocked - and then make your snide comments about ULL. They would be a helluva addition to C-USA!
  3. Weak comeback - You really ARE a lightweight! GMG!
  4. "I know what BS smells like"..... YOU SHOULD, you have delivered a butt-load of it - 2,011 postings in 10 months and two days is a helluva lot of BS!
  5. Are you referring to the people on this board? If not, perhaps applicable here as well. GMG!
  6. Having watched him all through his high school days, and his first couple of years at UNT, I honestly did not know if this day would ever come for Sir Calvin. Grab that Bulldog and Mean Green pride and run with it, Z-Ro! There are a lot of people who are so wanting to see you to succeed. GMG
  7. YOU.........of all people on this board........are calling some one else an idiot??????
  8. Just good ole economics: When one pays more for players, as well as tuition, one just naturally considers their product to be superior!
  9. I like and agree with most of what you have to say. HOWEVER.... I don't know if I agree with your "get their heads out of their own waxed and bleached asses" comment or not. Hell, I am an old man - All I know is that we just grabbed our asses and hung on - I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about in terms of "waxed and bleached". All I can say is it sounds damned painful!!! GMG
  10. You have a real habit of doing exactly this! Think things through - analyze and determine reality - before "throwing out".......Otherwise, your postings become absolutely worthless!
  11. I agree!!! It is hard to understand, while sitting in my recliner eating peach cobbler with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top, "how in the hell do you overthrow a wide open 6'4" receiver" against a university team with some of the best athletes/recruits in the country. sarcasm in case you missed it!
  12. LOL I loathe and despise aTm with a friggin' passion - But I know it is my problem and not a$m's. Great response !
  13. Seems to me that is your problem, not Baylor's!
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