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  1. That was great stuff. Holding it down for H-Town and UNT!
  2. College kids would never be without a cell phone for that long.
  3. Houston, hands down. At home, packed crowed, probably the best team on our schedule, in state opponent who we are striving to reach their level.
  4. You wouldn't want the chance to face a ranked UH at Apogee? We should be rooting for UH.
  5. Good stuff. Representing H-Town and UNT.
  6. What IF we had Mason Fine for a bonus season playing against Texas A&M next year... I'll hang up and listen.
  7. Great move. Can't complain about a trip to NOLA.
  8. I don't understand why CBSSports would not have over games since the preceding game is a blow out.M Make those fans have to log on to watch the game, not the two sets of fans about to watch a new game.
  9. My first game of year for me and I'm bringing a group of 6. Weather looks perfect, it's homecoming and we have a fun team. I think our attendance will be solid tomorrow.
  10. We gotta dominate on all three phases to dominate their A. Men.
  11. I think they definitely will. Unless it rains...
  12. Wouldn't the UNT beatdown of Arkansas be considered a "non-competitive game" on paper?
  13. Digging the positive weather and jersey vibes today.
  14. I offered Houston as the example because they most resemble our situation. I think Houston's ceiling is our ceiling (i.e., if B12 doesn't want UH they certainly will not want a much improved UNT). I'm a fan of both UH (law) and UNT (undergrad). My dream scenario is both UH/UNT somehow land in a P6 next conference realignment. UNT is really starting to shape up well to be in the discussion.
  15. I think the next realistic level for us would be being on par with University of Houston. Basically a P5 level school in a G5 conference. Consistent winning records, bowl games, big recruits, solid TV for games, attendance around 35K-42K, periodic moments of being ranked, big wins over highly ranked opponents, NY6 game, etc.. You get the point.
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